What To Do When Confused

What To Do When Confused

Have you ever been in situations – where all the available-options either have similar powerfully negative outcomes Or all of them are irresistibly desirable and needed BUT YOU must CHOSE ONE - BECAUSE not choosing is not even a choice.

These are called Catch-22 situations – in these there are catches and riders and conditions that makes us completely action/decision-paralyzed.

All of us will have to face Catch-22 situations in our professional life as well as in our relationships and other aspects of our lives – many-many times.

Sometimes seeking outside perspective helps - BUT – in most cases it is you who has to decide, act and also face the consequences.

Although we can always exercise the alternative of not doing anything – but choosing not doing anything, may have serious ramifications later and maybe the long-term impact could be disastrous.

In our present day worldour lives and the environment is changing so fast – that most of us understand the acronym VUCA[at least I did not hear this word 10 years back].

The normal world of today's day to day life is full of Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous disruptions.

Add to this the Murphy's law – and you have a sure-shot recipe for STRESS, Diseases, Conflicts etc etc.

YET, The best part is that if we can see beyond our immediate anxieties, fears and shock AND if we can learn how to deal with this type of life more effectively – THESE situations COULD ACTUALLY PROVIDE GREAT OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH SUCCESS AND POSITIVE TRANSFORMATION.

You have to understand that confusion is part of our growth process. When we have more and more responsibilities in any aspects of life – we need to take tougher decisions and actions – even if it terrifies us.

If we become adept in taking better decisions* and problem solving* and risk taking* etc. –our quality of life will transform into a very meaningful one.

Confusion and chaos really are the prerequisite for us to have breakthrough experiences.

15 reasons on Why we feel confused, overwhelmed and mentally-emotionally paralyzed

[Additionally, please also Read my blog on how deal with inner conflict* as well for further inputs – along with all the *marked ones in success unlimited mantra]

  • 1.We see the whole situation in totality – which makes us totally sh*t scared and dazed - with its own uncertainties, its own unknown factors, our past experiences as well as exposures
  • 2.We are unable to break it down to the next immediate actions that we must take
  • 3.We take too much time thinking over it and too less time in taking action [in most cases we are magnifying the facts into a big monster]
  • 4.We buy-in what the Nay-Sayers around us are telling
  • 5.We become so immersed in our situation that we get into what is known as "Frog in the well syndrome"
  • 6.We just lose touch with the fact – that irrespective of whatever might have happened – we are going to be very much living and alive and kicking in future – AND – that this situation too has to pass
  • 7.We might have made ourselves believe – that we don't have any resources, any information, any solution or so on – YET IT MAY NOT BE SO – we are only feeling these BECAUSE WE HAVE PUT OURSELVES IN AN Un-RESOURCEFUL MENTAL AND EMOTION STATE – as Confusion can make us feel powerless, anxious, stressed along with many other harmful emotions
  • 8.We are not clear as to what we really want – we get confused with what we need for our real good with what is the societal perception of what is good for us
  • 9.Real as it seems, the confusion is an illusion. You nearly always know what you want to do—but you have too much thinking about it all to just go with what you deep-down know
  • 10.Our #core-values* may not be known to us
  • 11.We might not have clarified our priorities*
  • 12.We don't want to risk* and fail*
  • 13.We might not have exercised all the choices/options/alternatives/possibilities/solutions – and are stuck with one perspective
  • 14.We may not know how to solve/overcome a part of the problem*
  • 15.We are looking for guaranteed ways of doing something that is insured with success – THERE IS NOTHING THAT IS GUARANTEED IN LIFE – except that all of us will die.

What opportunities the confusion provides us

  • 1.We evolve, grow and expand – if we were always 100 percent certain about every decision we make – we would never be our better self
  • 2.When we feel confused - it is a sign that our mind is expanding
  • 3.It is a sign that we are allowing your heart, mind, body and soul to make room for something that wasn't there before
  • 4.It also shows our area of development to accomplish our larger than life dreams, passions and objectives
  • 5.Being confused is really a process of opening up to a possibility of something else
  • 6.It is sign that we need to learn or get some more information

51 ways on How to overcome confusion and create a meaningful and satisfying life

  • 1.Don't try to lie to yourself that all is well OR that you know all -Accept where you are – Acknowledge and Accept the mental fog, accept the confusion and accept the feelings of being stuck
  • 2.Tell yourself that Yes You Don't Know – but will give your 100%* to find the alternative answers and solution – even if it is just the next tiny step
  • 3.Be clear in what type of long-term outcome you want from this situation
  • 4.Identify and clarify what information, knowledge, skills and resources you have
  • 5.Identify the gap
  • 6.Identify what information, knowledge, skills and resources, actions, help you need to fill the gap
  • 7.Identify what changes you need to make within yourself
  • 8.Identify where-all you need expert/external help
  • 9.Identify the best mentors you can enroll
  • 10.If you are totally at your wits end – experiment with the wildest possible thoughts
  • 11.Stick your neck out – take little risk – at the most you will fail in this attempt
  • 12.Understand that Before a new order can emerge, there'll be chaos. Similarly, whenever you are about to have a breakthrough, you will experience confusion and chaos
  • 13.Let go – here Letting go means being open to new ideas
  • 14.Understand that as long as you are taking actions towards what makes you happy – you are a winner*
  • 15.You can sometimes be a winner even when you lose*- understand the lives of miserable people[they are almost 90% of the world – they are the people who spend their life doing things they hate, to get the money they don't need, to buy things they don't want and spend their life to impress people whom they hate - These kinds of people are real losers
  • 16.Your worst moments actually can create your best ideas and ingenuity – if you just take a breath and push forward
  • 17.Practice to be assertive*
  • 18.Act the moment you know the next step - Stay away from information overdose and too much information - A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but so is too much knowledge
  • 19.Don't wait for the right moment- just act
  • 20.Slow Down And Relax and go through the worst case scenarios and plan how will you handle them if they happen - understand that We suffer more in imagination than in reality
  • 21.Learn to make your fear fear you*
  • 22.Remember we remember uncompleted or pending tasks better than completed ones
  • 23.Do Nothing - If you have become zapped – as Nothing will be lost if you don't figure out what you want to do soon And Your life won't all of a sudden get better once you find a direction. Your life will get better when you can seize the present moments before you and make the most of them
  • 24.Focus more on taking action* - to shift yourself in more resourceful state
  • 25.List out the core-values* that resonate with the person you want to become and begin practicing them
  • 26.Understand There was never and never will only One Right Answer – there are always multiple
  • 27.Make your surroundings orderly and uncluttered
  • 28.Keep away from negative influences
  • 29.Spend time in nature
  • 30.Learn how to handle stress* better
  • 31.Do one thing at a time – thee is actually no hurry
  • 32.If possible pamper yourself
  • 33.Challenge your own beliefs, perceptions and ideas
  • 34.Search for answer on where you would like to go – within
  • 35.Start competing* with yourself for a better you
  • 36.Stop comparing* yourself with others
  • 37.Be yourself*
  • 38.Assume 100% responsibility* as in the end it is always You vs yourself
  • 39.Learn to make decision more effectively*
  • 40.Avoid, remove and ignore the toxic people*
  • 41.Start Hanging out with clear, focused and positive people
  • 42.Eat healthy, unrefined foods (especially fruits and veggies, nuts those - that keep your mind sharp and alert
  • 43.Sleep well
  • 44.Maintain your routine
  • 45.Avoiding external material stimulants that cause swings in your thoughts and emotions
  • 46.Ask for help – enroll a mentor
  • 47. Crystallize your goals and Pay attention to the path, not just the end result
  • 48.Stick with only one and your most important object and goal at a time
  • 49.Explore and experiment - Read books, watch videos that inspire
  • 50.Practice Daily Meditation and exercise
  • 51.Answer these questions
  • I.What makes you happy
  • II.What do you love doing
  • III.What have been your most enjoyable achievements in life so far
  • IV.If you could do, be or have anything you wanted, what would you choose
  • V.What would you do if you knew you could not fail
  • VI.Who inspires you - What qualities do they have that you most admire

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