How to Believe in Yourself Again

How to Believe in Yourself Again

In today's world more and more people are having increasingly reducing belief in themselves.

This lack of belief becomes even more acute – when we go through - major setbacks, crisis, failures or any other life shock and shaking events.

Because we do not have enough of Emotional-Security - we fall victim to the vicious cycle of negative thoughts becoming beliefs leading to even larger degree of insecurities impacting our self-esteem, self-wort, self-confidence etc etc to ever-lower levels

Often it is due to societal and parental conditioning and the VUCA economic and other fluctuating conditions.

Studies and research have shown that - most of the millennials as well as earlier generations suffer from Fear of Missing Out[read my blog on how to control this] along with many other psychological dis-orders.

As with all mental, emotional and psychological dis-orders and issues => many can be resolved by ourselves and some would need expert help.

Here I am giving 78 DIY tips to help yourself get back into a fully self-empowering resourceful-emotional-state.

The worst part is that all those who are suffering from any form of maladies are either in

  • 1.Denial mode
  • 2.Totally ignorant about the causes of their stress and hence living miserably
  • 3.Seek materialistic possessions to mitigate and a quick-shot cure
  • 4.Won't seek help – maybe because of Taboo or EGO
  • 5.Are not aware that there are help available
  • 6.Don't know whom to approach for help

78 Tips on How to start believing yourself

  • 1.Challenge the experts, don't take their words/opinion for gospel – at least learn enough to and-and-seek informed-clarity
  • 2.Seek second opinion always
  • 3.Understand that ALL the negative feels have a purpose
  • 4.Learn to be assertive*
  • 5.ALLOW YOURSELF TO FEEL WHAT YOU FEEL*- without berating yourself for feeling negative or angry or Guilty or Embarrassed or Ashamed or scared or insecure or frustrated
  • 6.Being yourself *and allowing yourself to be yourself – could be the best thing you can do to yourself as well as all those you are connected with
  • 7.Find someone who believes in you - because For EVERY dream, there are hundreds of "experts" waiting in the wings to explain why that dream "CAN'T" be realized
  • 8.Start using the self-talk of "this I CAN'T DO IT YET – but let me find out what I need to learn, improve, change to enable and empower me to do it" => Instead of a generalized I can't do it
  • 9.Practice stretching beyond your current capabilities and limits* on a daily basis
  • 10.Understand the difference between REAL IMPOSSIBLE and those which are beyond you – BUT WHICH CAN BE IMPROVED WITH PRACTICE
  • I.Not aging at all
  • II.Live always without any problem at all throughout the life
  • III.Becoming immortal
  • IV.Going in the past and changing your past
  • V.Dying the way you want physically, emotionally and otherwise
  • 12.Pro-actively seek change*
  • 13.Set the bar high for yourself in the areas of your passion and Set a Long-term Vision
  • 14.Learn to Challenging your beliefs and assumptions
  • 15.Practice Challenging your endurance* inch by inch
  • 16.Only Compete with self*
  • 17.Stop comparing* yourself with others
  • 18.Focusing on improving and excellence rather than being perfect
  • 19.Choosing people to surround yourself with those who make you feel good naturally
  • 20. Find mentors and role models
  • 21.Talk to, read about, watch, and listen to people who have overcome obstacles to make it.
  • 22. You have to understand and accept that it is completely fine to try and fail and to put yourself out there and not be perfect
  • 23. Understanding that Failures, making mistakes, people not agreeing with you, everyone not liking you are all positive – NOT NEAGTIVE AS THE SOCIETY WOULD MAKE YOU BELIEVE
  • 24. Choose to Push past your comfort zone – becoming at ease with being uncomfortable
  • 25. Proactively choose to go into the realm of uncertainties and unknown
  • 26. Learn through repeated attempts
  • 27.Experiment and try-out newer ways
  • 28. Understand that - When you doubt yourself - you give power to your doubt –in spite of doubt Taking action towards your goals – in the worst scenario you will fail – but get up
  • 29. For years I stopped myself before I even tried. I did it because I was afraid – read my blog how to make fear fear* you
  • 30. Get the people who bring you down – out of your life
  • 31.Create a record of when you attempted something big at that time andyour successes - Also maintain a journal of what you have learned from your failures – DO THIS WHEN YOU ARE RELATIVELY FREE AND RELAXED
  • 32. Treat yourself well physically, mentally and emotionally
  • 33. Learn to be persistent* - Focus on trying and trying again – when the goal is worthwhile and meaningful to you
  • 34. Create opportunities* from all the setbacks
  • 35. Learn to surrender – when things are overwhelming – many times doing nothing when you don't know what to do could be best decision
  • 36. Learn to work on creating your future from the current situation – however low it may be – in fact if you are at the rock-bottom – then the only way you will go is up
  • 37.Be a life-long-learner
  • 38. Never stop and only wallow in your plight
  • 39. Sleep well, eat healthy and balance I with junk food temptations
  • 40. Play, take break
  • 41.Express your pains through various ways – blogs, Instagram, videos, talks
  • 42. Indulge in your passions – identify What makes you forget about the world around you
  • 43. Accept your emotions without judging them
  • 44. Look for change and pro-actively make changes in your life
  • 45. Be committed to take actions to bounce back
  • 46. Win in your mind first – visualize*
  • 47.Uncover the cause of temporary disbelief – lack of knowledge, earlier failed-attempt etc
  • 48. Play to your strengths*
  • 49. Build your competence* slowly and steadily
  • 50. Operate from your area of control and avoid all that is beyond your current area influence
  • 51.Identify and use your edge over others
  • 52. Succeeding at small tasks will increase your faith in your skills
  • 53. Expose yourself only to the positive media
  • 54. Dare to take calculated risks*
  • 55.Challenge and Go against accepted norms
  • 56. Ask yourself - Will all of this even matter in five years
  • 57.Ask yourself – What is the worst thing that could happen – then what can I do to minimize/avoid it
  • 58. Define your goals in achievable and measurable terms
  • 59. Set the bar lower to be consistent on those days when you feel down and out - It doesn't mean you should not do what is known as important but urgent tasks
  • 60. Acknowledge your disappointments – then work on to find solution should they happen again
  • 61.Know when to quit* and when to go-on
  • 62. Understand that Failure itself is no guarantee of success without commitment, devotion, persistence, and constant action - Just because you failed does not mean Next time you will succeed
  • 63. It is bad right now BUT You will be okay
  • 64. At times, Not getting what you want can be a blessing
  • 65. Think about what to do next
    Remember that you are not the only one who failed
  • 66. Become an objective observer*
  • 67.Remove your focus from what is missing – instead train yourself to see what you need to do and then do it
  • 68. Learn, Prepare, practice, implement and then repeat this cycle
  • 69. Accept responsibility for your own failure -Recognize when you haven't succeeded -Make sure the pieces from your failure have been sufficiently picked up
  • 70. Say no to sympathy
  • 71.Improvise and Re- strategize
  • 72.Move on
  • 73.Re-prioritizing*
  • 74.Develop and Practice good habits of mind*
  • 75.Understand that There is no such thing as an overnight success – it is always a long -long road
  • 76.Give your 100%* - Do it with passion*
  • 77.It is always You vs You - in the end anyway
  • 78. Allow yourself to cry

Additionally - The following may help too

[these are the DIY tips in separate following-topic blogs in from the heart of Subhashis in my website Success Unlimited Mantra in addition to all the *marked ones above]

  • 1.Using your frustrations to create something great
  • 2.Bouncing back from failures
  • 3.Adversity to triumph
  • 4.Beating- burnout
  • 5.Managing Your anger
  • 6.How to be yourself
  • 7.How to love yourself unconditionally
  • 8.How to stop comparing
  • 9.Increasing your self-confidence
  • 10.Managing your stress
  • 11.How to empower yourself
  • 12.Which Is Better – Discipline* or Motivation* => any day disciplined-habit beats motivation, hands-down 

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