Want To Become Great – Remain Grounded & Stick To The Basics


In this article you will learn

  • -12 laws to become a great organization
  • -24 personal relationship mantras to make your relationships GREAT
  • -20 rules to become a great person and become a great person in every role that you play

Stick to the basics if you want to be a great person or great organization

Do you want to be the best employee, the best boss, the best father, the best mother, the best brother, the best sister, the best husband, the best wife, a great communicator, a great entrepreneur, having a great positive attitude, have fantastic health, have excellent relationship, do you want to achieve great things in life????????????????????????

Does it make you thrilled - to be extra-ordinary and do something extra-ordinary.

Well if you study any person who has become great or any organization- which has become global icon - you will find that all of them became great only by sticking to the basics fundamentals laws of success, growth, achievements and relationships

Yes there are such laws – and most of us are aware about them – and few of us have also used it time to time and have been rewarded positively also – BUT we don't use them consciously

And if you go through the history – you would also find that - the reverse is also true – whenever these great people-organization stopped following those elementary essentials basics – they either vanished or lost they position.

So let us look at – what basic laws are there to an organization great

12 laws of become a great organization

1.The law of adding value - this is probably so basic in every aspect of life that we need not even talk about this. But but but – even if our initial success is due to this law – many of us stop focusing on this most mandatory law.

2.Making yourself obsolete - people change, their needs changes – if we are not constantly reinventing and making our offerings – which are future-focused - through innovative ways we can never be in the top recall-list of your client's looks first if and when they have a new need or challenge.

3.Giving more than expected - if your products-services only meets the basics – then you can never expect to be great – YOUR VALUE PROPOSITION HAVE TO BE JAW DROPPING

4.Your core values - are your people and business ARE focused on creating a great unparalleled experience for your customers or your main focus is financial

5.Your uniqueness of proposition - are you a me too company or you have a unique niche occupying the mind of your customers

6.How you respond to crisis and customer's issues and their major complaints – do you respond promptly + does your action only takes care of the crisis part or you act to ensures and seem to the customer– and ensure that the mistakes are not repeated and the actions taken by yourself creates even better value addition to the customers - after each crisis.

7.Do you connect with, involve and engage your customers

8.Is your quality of offering is consistently great and improving all the time

9.Are you an honest organization – that is - do you deliver what you promise

10.Your employees can not stop raving about your organization because of how they are treated

11.Your organization have the following characteristics

  1. Respect for others
  2. Care for what they believe and in their employees + customers
  3. Impartiality-fairness
  4. Self-development and learning opportunities
  5. Transparent and open communication – upward-downward- parallel
  6. Offers challenges to utilize potential
  7. Pro-active changes takes place
  8. Employees are allowed to make mistakes
  9. Employees are empowered to make decisions
  10. Employees are listened to
  11. Employee's concerns are addressed promptly
  12. Employees knows what is expected of them and how they are going to get there
  13. Organization's vision, mission and values are demonstrated by the leaders

12. Even if the employees leave for some reasons – they want to come back or refer their friends and maintain touch

24 personal relationship mantras

You will find almost all above laws can also be used in developing and building a wonderful personal relationship – socially, professionally as well as with our closest people.

Reason being that the organization are made great by people both the employees as well as the customers and if we have fantastic relationship with these two segment – they will make our organization great.

Now let us look at 24 personal relationship mantras

1.Unconditional Respecting of people without any bias

2.Communicating with the only sole purpose to understand them better

3.Expressing yourself honestly and openly

4.Avoid blaming - Using the "I" sentences to express how you feelrather than "you" sentences – which often have inbuilt blame

5.Being assertive – avoiding aggression or being submissive

6.Taking initiative to resolve every conflict and misunderstanding

7.Focusing on making the other person feel good about him or her and making him or her the happiest

8.Like OSHO says in love you have to die – meaning there cannot be any EGO in the relationship – there is no place of EGO in relationship

9.Asking open-ended questions to clarify and understand

10.Sharing your feelings-thoughts-fears-anxieties openly and honestly

11.Caring for self

12.Caring for others

13.Supporting and being there for each other

14.Listening empathically

15.Acknowledge, appreciate and recognize other people's role and contribution in your life

16.Commitment to make the relationship work and taking personal ownership and accountability

17.Courage to talk about anything – without being afraid of sharing

18.Accepting the other person and adjusting with their habits-personality- needs

19.Spending time together doing activities

20.Having fun-laughter together

21.Just being there – at the time of their need

22.Standing up for them – when it is needed

23.Giving space to other person – for their growth

24.Apologizing when made mistake or hurt others – and making it up

20 rules to become a great person and a great person in every role that you play

1.Be honest with yourself - stop lying to yourself

2.Take personal responsibility to make your improve your life through continuous learning, unlearning and relearning

3.Stop making excuses and blaming others – for anything that has your role in it

4.Start knowing, understanding and accepting yourself

5.Know, love and maximize your strengths

6.Start accepting your weaknesses and working on them to minimize them

7.Being truthful and honest with others

8.Stop being a people pleaser

9.Be respectable

10.Practice being humble and respect everyone – child to celebrities

11.Know your core values – practice them and Be proud of your values

12.Creating a focus of making yourself better and better everyday

13.Be excited about changes and be ready pro-actively to handle any change effectively

14.Make your life values based – focusing on integrity and creating positive difference in others, respecting the diversity and qualities of others

15.Identify goals in every role of your life – create meaning and live a purposeful life – take actions towards your goals daily

16.Polish your the life-saving skills like problem solving- conflict resolution-decision making, creativity

17.Giving more than you get from your colleagues-company- family-friends-customers-everyone

18.Never compare yourself with others

19.Dream big and then devote yourself to taking actions to make this real

20. Count your blessings and enjoy the present

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