Want To Become Great – Remain Grounded & Stick To The Basics


Do You Want To Be The Best Employee/The Best Boss, The Best Father/Mother, The Best Brother/Sister, The Best Husband/Wife, A Great Communicator, A Great Entrepreneur, Having A Great Attitude, Have Fantastic Health, Have Excellent Relationship, Do You Want To Achieve Great Things In Life????????????????????????

Then Ask Yourself – If It Thrills You To Be Extra-Ordinary, Do Extra-Ordinary – Then Keep Reading.

If You Study Any Person Or Organization- Which Has Become Great => You Will Find That They Could Become Great Only By Sticking To The Basics Fundamentals + By Following The Natural Laws/Principles Of Achievement In That Aspects Of Life.

And The Reverse Is Also True – Whenever These Great People/Organization Stopped Following The Elementary Essentials Basics – They Either Vanished Or Lost They Position.

So Let Us Look At – What Basic Laws Are There To Make You Achieve What You Want To Achieve

1. Laws Of Become A Great Organization

  1. The Law Of Adding Value => This Is Probably So Basic In Every Aspect Of Life That We Need Not Even Talk About This. But But But – Even If Our Initial Success Is Due To This Law – Many Of Us Stop Focusing On This Most Important Law.
  2. Making Yourself Obsolete => People Change, Their Needs Changes – If We Are Not Constantly Reinventing & Making Our Offerings On Future Focus Ways Through Innovative Ways We Can Newer Paradigm Of Service Products That Makes Our Earlier Benefits Look Ancient => Then You Would Can Be In The Top List Of Your Client's Preference List.
  3. Giving More Than Expected => If Your Products/Services Only Meets The Basics – Then You Can Never Expect To Be Great
  4. Your Core Values => Does Your Business & People Is Only Focused On Creating A Great Experience For Your Customers Or Your Main Focus Is Financial
  5. Your Uniqueness Of Proposition => Are You A Me Too Company Or You Have A Unique Niche Occupying The Mind Of Your Customers
  6. How You Respond To Crisis/Customer's Difficulties => In Case Of Any Major Complaints – Do You Respond Promptly + Does Your Action Only Takes Care Of The Crisis Part Or You Are Seem To Be An Organization That Ensures – The Mistakes Are Not Repeated & The Actions Taken By Yourself Creates Even Better Value Additions After Each Crisis.
  7. Do You Connect ,Involve & Engage Your Customers
  8. Is Your Quality Is Consistently Great & Improving All The Time
  9. Are You An Honest Organization – That Is - Do You Deliver What You Promise
  10. Your Employees Can Not Stop Raving About Your Organization Because Of How They Are Treated
  11. Your Organization Have The Following Characteristics
  • Respect for Others
  • Care for What They Believe & in their Employees + Customers
  • Impartiality/Fairness
  • Self-Development & Learning Opportunities
  • Transparent & Open Communication – Upward/Downward/ Parallel
  • Offers Challenges To Utilize Potential
  • Pro-Active Changes Takes Place
  • Employees Are Allowed To Make Mistakes
  • Employees Are Empowered To Make Decisions
  • Employees Are Listened To
  • Employee's Concerns Are Addressed Promptly
  • Employees Knows What Is Expected Of Them & How They Are Going To Get There
  • Organization's Vision, Mission & Values Are Demonstrated By The Leaders

12. Even If The Employees Leave For Some Reasons – They Want To Come Back Or Refer Their Friends & Maintain Touch

2. The Personal Relationship Mantras

If You Look At The Basics Of Great Organizations[GIVEN ABOVE] – You Will Find Almost All The Points Are Same As In Making Of A Great Personal Relationship.

Reason Being That The Organization Are Made Great By People Both The Employees As Well As The Customers & If We Have Fantastic Relationship With These Two Segment – They Will Make Our Organization Great.

Now Let Us Look In The Personal Relationship Finesse

  1. Respecting The Person
  2. Communicating To Understand & Becoming Closer - Honestly Without Blaming => Using The "I" Sentences Rather Than "You" Sentences
  3. Being Assertive – Avoiding Aggression Or Being Submissive
  4. Taking Initiative To Resolve In Case Of Any Conflict And Mis-Understanding
  5. Focusing On Making The Other Person Feel Good About Him/Her & Making Him/Her The Happiest
  6. Like OSHO Says In Love You Have To Die – Meaning There Can Not Be EGO In The Relationship – The EGO Has To Die
  7. Asking Open-Ended Questions To Clarify & Understand
  8. Sharing The Feelings/Thoughts/Fears/Anxieties Openly And Honestly
  9. Caring
  10. Supporting & Being There For Each Other
  11. Listening Empathically
  12. Appreciation Of Other's Role & Contribution In Your Life
  13. Committeemen To Make This Relationship Work & Taking Personal Ownership & Accountability
  14. Courage To Talk About Anything – Without Being Afraid Of Sharing
  15. Accepting The Other Person & Adjusting With Their Habits/Personality/ Needs
  16. Spending Time Together Doing Activities
  17. Giving Space To Other
  18. Having Fun/Laughter Together Maybe Crying Together

3. Becoming A Great Person + A Great Employee + A Great Someone in Every Role

  1. Being Honest With Yourself - Stop Lying To Yourself
  2. Take Personal Responsibility To Make Your Life Great
  3. Stop Making Excuses
  4. Start Understanding & Loving Your Strengths
  5. Start Accepting Your Weaknesses & Working On Them To Minimize Them
  6. Being Truthful To Others – Stop Being A People Pleaser
  7. Practice Being Humble
  8. Being Proud Of Your Values
  9. Creating A Focus Of Making Yourself Better & Better Everyday
  10. Seek To Update Yourself Pro-Actively To Handle Any Change Effectively
  11. Continuous Self Development & Learning
  12. Make Your Life Values Based – Integrity, Creating Positive Difference In Others, Respecting The Diversity & Qualities Of Others
  13. Living A Purposeful Life
  14. Learning & Polishing The Life Saving Skills Like Problem Solving/ Conflict Resolution/Decision Making/Creativity
  15. Giving More Than You Get From Your Colleagues/Company/ Family/Friends/Customers/Everyone
  16. Do Not Compare Yourself With Others
  17. Dream Big & Then Devote Yourself To Taking Actions To Make This Real
  18. Count Your Blessings & Enjoy The Present
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