30 ways Create Triumph from Your Adversity


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30 Ways on How To Turn Your Troubles, Adversities and Troubles - Into Amazing Triumphs

Creating triumph from adversity

Show me a person who has not faced any adversity in life and I will Show you The God.

Even the Gods - when they were in Human Forms –too had to undergo various hardships – check any religion.

Take any person who is phenomenally successful – and you will find a person who has failed numerous times[but has bounced back each time] – these people have definitely failed many times more than the average human beings.

Take any relationship – which is very strong and you will find they too had to weather many storms - But they did their 100%, had faith in each other, did not give up on the other, kept doing the right things of relationship etc. etc.

Then there are people whose life is – filled with sufferings of life-long BUT they became The Light-House for us – like say Dr. Stephan Hawkins, Helen Keller, Lance Armstrong etc. etc.

Then there are businesses which were created by people – who - when they faced a dire situation managed to create an empire Like KFC.

The fact is each time there is a major crisis in our life – it is a signal – for us to change, transform and shift to newer paradigm of Mindset, Attitude, Beliefs, Dreams, pursuits, to acquire new learnings and skills.

We had a poultry farm – which actually failed miserably, because we did not do the basics right. But I learned something which actually signifies why such a large number of population is not achieving what they want and can actually do it.

We used to get few hours old chicks transported for 12-15 hours without food and water – so that they can survive the journey.

Whenever they arrived - we would put them under bright light with food and water 24X7.

These chicks run almost non-stop and continuously – in many batches one of the chick will slip and fall – and you can notice that other chicks would keep running and stampede this chick – once fallen the chick will never try to get up and will lie without struggling and give up completely and ultimately die.

You will find that whenever you have not got the result that you wanted – this chick phenomenon would be at work – be it academic, be it business, be it relationships, be it health, be it happiness, be it finances, be it anything.

Like someone said - I can take failings in my stride BUT cannot take not trying again and again –after I have failed

The Good news is that – every time you are struggling with the situation, circumstances, failures, inner turmoil – this is the time to redecorate, revamp, redo, rethink your beliefs, thoughts and actions - As this could be the biggest opportunity knocking at your door – the bigger the adversity – the greater the opportunity.

The Bad News – If you don't change – then you may get bulldozed out of even existence and the world would pass you by.

30 Ways on How To Turn Your Troubles, Adversities and Troubles - Into Amazing Triumphs

  • 1.Change your perspective – to Remember that every problem has a solution - All we need to do is to find it and then implementing it and then improvise if needed
  • 2.Not to give up on life and finding better ways -Keep moving always – even the harshest crisis are never a dead end – unless we are dead – then it won't matter to us anyways
  • 3.Breaking big problems into smaller tasks and Taking the most imperative actions in small steps now
  • 4.Using setbacks to create future processes to ensure that we are able to manage things better in future
  • 5.Having a larger than life picture and focusing on that
  • 6.Finding and Seizing the opportunity – which this adverse condition presents – this will off-course happen when you are calm enough to think objectively
  • 7.Looking for better and wiser solutions
  • 8.Focusing on AND Valuing the progress and not waiting for the perfect anything to happen
  • 9.Using these current set of problems for your own personal development
  • 10.Asking ourselves continuously - What is troubling you right now and How can you overcome it and what I need to do differently to find the solutions
  • 11.Train your mind to Always Think of the hidden possibilities, options and solutions and advantages
  • 12.Identify what you need to give-up and need to make compromise with – after disasters – in the current scenario all of us had made many-many small and big adjustments in every walk of our life
  • 13.Understand that Only you are responsible for bouncing back and recreating your life
  • 14.Understand the difference – when to fight and when to give-up and when to move on
  • 15.Ask yourself – what qualities, competence, emotions you need to handle, overcome this state of affair effectively
  • 16.Identify what action you need to take for acquiring these qualities
  • 17.Find out whom can you enroll in your support group to help you in your and connect with these people and seek their support and help
  • 18.Seeking outside perspective and solutions - Many of get into the frog in the well syndrome and cannot see the light out of tunnel and we become slave to our own dogma of hopelessness assuming that there is no way out syndrome
  • 19.Please understand the bigger the challenge you are facing – the larger change you have to create within you and the longer time it is going to take -You have to have faith in yourself
  • 20.Even though you might be doing it already – but if not – on the face of any great situation – you need to find the Best Practices of the people who faced similar or bigger hardship than yourself and how they managed to succeed in spite of that. You have to cultivate the habits of Reading and Listening to these People
  • 21.The trick is involving yourself into the action implementation, reviewing, improvisation of Action and continuously upgrading yourself – in a cyclic mode – this step will take care of your anxieties
  • 22.Take accountability for all your actions and results. Failures do not make you failure but only shows that your method is wrong so change it and move on – let go of the failures by taking futuristic actions
  • 23.You have to be completely honest and truthful to yourself for taking ownership and you have to have very strong set of positive core values
  • 24.You also have to take risk – risk of failure, risk of rejection, risk of ridicule - But if you take actions – then it will only make your life Grand in every respect.
  • 25.Remember the Turtle – who only moves when he sticks his neck out. Meaning that you have to get out, break your comfort zone.
  • 26.You have to create these strong beliefs through affirmations as well as accepting the following
  • I.All The Problems are Opportunities
  • II.You can temporary avoid the problems but by avoiding they would create even more dangerous situation for you. Like if you do not complete the TB medicines then it make come back in a life threatening for
  • III.There is no short to success, happiness, peace, relationships. They are the consequence of your taking the correct path, steps and actions all the time 100%
  • IV.All Problems are your – so all the action has to be taken by yourself – you can not blame. Of course you can blame but it will never give you any result
  • V.All new results desired by you need all new you. You cannot outsource the qualities needed by you to anybody else
  • VI.You are going to survive and thrive because of this crisis in your life – just keep focusing on how can you turn this problem into advantage and what actions you need to take

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