How to Sort-Out Your Life

How to Untangle the Mess in Our Life How to Sort Out Mess in Your Life

Our Life is like our mobile headset or our wardrobe or our professional-table or our laptop/desktop – every time you untangle/sort it out/organize it – you need to do it again and then again.

One time decluttering never works – irrespective of how much efforts you take later to maintain it – sooner or later it gets messed-up again.

If you fail to declutter or organize or sort-out the mess that you have on regular basis - you will find yourself overwhelmed with so much clutter and so much backlog that either you would feel like giving-up or may have a temporary breakdown.

Many times, you would experience everything going wrong all at once [like the beautiful and faithful proverb "Trouble never comes alone"] – no matter how diligently you plan.

Life upsets all of us more often than not – to deal with these shocks and disappointments which materializes out of blue in most cases - we should have the resolve and a method, a checklist, a process or ways to start afresh to beat the odds and live-out our life fully – and making our life even larger.

It would very irritating and sound totally useless-hollow-advice [if it is given by anyone to you – which others do all the time] – like I always hear – Calm-down, cool-down, you will get over it, it is not that serious etc. etc.[when you are going through a real shocker].

These processes, methods and mindset – can't happen when you are going through a crises – this has to be developed exactly like the military-way of peacetime practice, preparation and upskilling.

This article is about creating a mindset and methods to handle and practice them in every day daily life so much so that when life shakes you up – you get into this mode naturally after the initial panic phase is over.

When you feel that things are not alright and are experiencing a general unhappiness or restlessness and even feeling frustrated or feeling void [in any/many areas of your life ] – and – especially when you feel things should change, even though you may not realize which ones] - are sure signs that your life is in mess – and that you need to take actions immediately to untangle it – because the more you delay – the more complex, the more overwhelming, the more depressive they are going to get.

Sometimes in life we do lose our way or we stop living to our full potential and we are stuck in the rut of stagnation and don't seem to be able to make any real progress no matter what we do.

And the life does surely kick our ass time to time by completely stunning us through - Divorce, health issues, loss of loved one, failed business, financial difficulties, loneliness, depression, stress, career and professional rut or any conflict, crises emergencies.

Everyone has their own unique set of problems – but if you see the people who are known as role-models – you will realize that there aren't many things out there that we can't overcome.

42 ways on How to untangle and get out of mess

  • 1.Get moving – change physical space to create some emotional change
  • 2.Do nothing for some time – when you are in the shock period
  • 3.Do something totally unexpected
  • 4.Experiment and Try Something New
  • 5.Prioritize your to-do-action list based on the Urgent-Important [ and not-urgent, not important matrix] – ditch all those which are not urgent and important
  • 6.Clear the clutter – organize – one area at a time [this you may find it difficult or even impossible – but if you don't do it at all – the things which seems like nightmare may feel like picnic]
  • 7.Do the toughest Yet most important thing first
  • 8.Do the thing that is essential – but you are postponing it because of your fears
  • 9.Introduce small Changes in your routine – that creates positive impact and outcomes
  • 10. Work on developing a habit of discipline in every area of your life
  • 11. Take break to celebrate your smallest victors or accomplishment of each milestones
  • 12. Choose to keep only those people in your life – who inspire you and add value to you – by making you do better than you would on your own
  • 13. Focus only on taking actions those are taking you towards your goals
  • 14. Learn to solve the problems creatively
  • 15. Simplify your life
  • 16. Stick with the basics of happiness, success and relationship
  • 17. Face and accept your situation – then resolve to move on by taking all necessary actions
  • 18. Remember that what you're going through is just your current situation and it will pass - but this does not define your life – it is just a passing phase
  • 19. Stepped up your physical fitness routine
  • 20. Learn to meditate
  • 21. Create a balance of healthy and unhealthy food
  • 22. Don't plan or expect to do all the stuff given in this article all at one – as that would be the reason why our resolutions fail
  • 23. Find out how you can turn your frustrations, failures, pain, loss and suffering into something great
  • 24. Never get into postmortem mode to ask yourself – singularly useless and most harmful questions of self-blame - Why did I screw things up, Why does life treats me so unfair and why all the bad shit happen to me all the time etc. etc.
  • 25. Instead – get into the mindset of how can I change it into positive, how can I ensure that it does not get repeated again etc. etc. Plus what all I can do right now
  • 26. Be the person who lifts others up by helping them get what they want in life
  • 27. Your ability to help others, through your experience and courage… your ability to connect and inspire, in your own unique way would become your greatest gift to the world AND will certainly help you grow
  • 28. Surround yourself with people who support and empower you – create a community of like-minded individuals where you can help lift each other
  • 29. Read, watch and listen to stuff that inspires, encourages, touches and moves you to take powerful actions
  • 30. Learn when to give up – and when to persevere
  • 31. If you are in doubt – just take actions to move Forward – that is the only correct course of action
  • 32. Understand that only thing that you have to fix – is giving your best and intent for improving – taking action right now – rest just does not matter
  • 33. You have to take charge of your life – no one else is responsible
  • 34. Your pain will only end – when you get sick of feeling pain and decide to take action to minimize, mitigate and eliminate
  • 35. Start operating from your area of influence and control – stop giving a damn about those you can't do anything
  • 36. Untangle Your Emotional Knots
  • 37. Set Healthy Boundaries around you
  • 38. Identify your core values and stick with them
  • 39. Avoid the temptation to skip ahead to the next step too fast – every outcome has a defined steps and stages – short-cuts can't help in long term, in fact it will make it worse
  • 40. Learn to say NO – it is perfectly alright say no to what you don't want
  • 41. Establish your sacrosanct Morning ritual – to make you energized and enthusiastic for the day
  • 42. Remember to focus on your self-care
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