How to Create Healthy Sustainable Life

Creating Healthy Sustainable Life Wholistic Sustainable Living and Immune System

 In view of the unprecedented, disruptive and completely future changing - Novel-Corona- Virus-Covid-19 – wholistic sustainable living and fortifying our immune system in the post Corona world – have now become most immutable.

It may be difficult to imagine – but once it is over – almost everything that we do would undergo total transformation.

The world that we have become so used to it – would no longer be there.

We would have do complete overhaul of our attitude, perceptions, mindsets, habits and so on.

Few of the examples – you can expect to experience – this is only a portion of a partial list

  • A.Many of you are going to lose your job
  • B.Economy is going to collapse in many countries
  • C.Few Large and Small Businesses are going to end up in bankruptcy
  • D.No jobs or very few jobs will be available for newer generations till the economy is back at its running peak
  • E.Some businesses like travel and hospitality may not recover for very long time
  • F.Many Banks may fold
  • G.Our Physical Health will become fragile and delicate – because of weak immune system due to our living in a continuous unresourceful and negative mental emotional state
  • H.Expenses for medical emergencies will mount
  • I.Your relationship with loved ones too will come under stress of unprecedented nature
  • J.Psychological issues resulting from restrictive living in close quarters with same people for months 24X7
  • K.Most of the daily-wagers and their dependent family members would be staring at starving and death – which may create mayhem by forcing them turn into criminals just to survive [in case state does not help]

This article is about – how to create a balanced life – irrespective of what is happening in the world that is directly or indirectly affecting us and ensuring that our present and future and that of all of our loved ones – remains livable.

First let us understand the basic words used in the title of this blog.

  • I.What is sustainable – all that is – maintainable, natural, easy to understand and implement, environmentally and ecologically friendly.
  • II.What is wholistic – which encompasses – all those elements that not only good for us – physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, socially, psychologically, maybe professionally and personally – and also adds value to the world and nature in long as well as short term.
  • III.What is immune system – it is our mental, physical and emotional auto-response to fight back all the stress, crises, upsets, challenges, difficulties etc. etc.

Sounds complicated – BUT – it is about incorporating the most basic principles, concepts and practices – which has always given us everything of value like success, happiness, growth, relationship etc.

If we can get into this mode as – we are into whatever mode, mood and mindset we are currently operating from – it will help us survive and grow on a long-term basis – without getting into depression or any other types of uncurable physical and mental disorders.

So, what can we do

  • 1.Tune-up our emotional mechanism
  • 2.Become mentally totally flexible and agile
  • 3.Incorporate all types of natural and doable habits those will make us not only Fit and Fine but also boost our immune system
  • 4.Ensue that financially – we slowly create a system – which has least amount of risk in the times of high global turbulence and economic crashes AND if the times are good it can give you reasonable growth
  • 5.We nurture relationships in such a way that – it supports our health, happiness, joys, peace of mind and bliss
  • 6.We upgrade and acquire skills and equip ourselves to be a professional who is always in demand

My 175+ blogs in the website Success Unlimited Mantra and another 150+ blogs in another of my website relationshipANDhappiness – have simple do-it-yourself, easily implementable and practice tips on all the above 6 points and more.

Creating a sustainable lifestyle takes a lifelong commitment – to learning, experimenting, exploring and fine-tuning on regular basis PLUS getting rid of mindsets, habits those are the cause of stress in our lives.

42 Tips for Wholistic Sustainable Living and Immune System

This is just to get into action mode and also to trigger solutions, options, alternatives as per your situation

  • 1.Focus on the Major-Most Important aspects of life – like deriving Happiness from even the smallest thing EVEN from not having anything
  • 2.Loving life and living for yourself and your loved ones
  • 3.Loving yourself
  • 4.Moving beyond the frightening news, the frustrating politics, failing economies, religious fanaticism, climate of hate, fear and doubt
  • 5.Living in the realm of Hope-Faith-Love
  • 6.Create memories and experiences instead of materialistic hoarding – a home cooked meal, a day out in the city, going on a birthday hike, etc. – get creative
  • 7.Sleep well – this is one area I am struggling with since last 6+ years – and have not been able to find any solution – but if you can, sleep at least 7-8 hours preferably in the night
  • 8.Learn to calm your mind – through anything that works for you – I try to put my negative energies through helping others writing blogs etc. you can use meditation, visualization, self-hypnosis etc.
  • 9.Exercise, exercise, exercise – maximum that you can do which can be a combination of Walking, Swimming, Aerobic, Dance
  • 10. Laugh a lot by becoming a LOL person – watching funny movies [which are intellectually stimulating], reading jokes, observing funny incidences, learning to laugh at yourself
  • 11. Stop all addictions and substance abuse – take help if you cannot do it yourself
  • 12. Maintain healthy weight in proportion to your height
  • 13. Maintaining utmost practicable physical hyenine through washing your hands frequently
  • 14. Learn to handle stress – and if you can't – seeking professional help
  • 15. Create Healthy Eating Habits by Including the Following in Your Diet
  • I.Garlic, Lemon, Honey, Ginger, Turmeric, Low-fat-yogurt which is made at home
  • II.Citrus fruits – grapefruit, oranges, tangerines, lemons,
  • III.Red bell peppers, Broccoli,
  •  IV. Walnuts, Almonds
  • V. Papaya, Kiwi, BananaVI.Poultry, Shellfish, Oily fish like Salmon, tuna, pilchards which are rich in Omega-3 Fatty acid
  • VII.Dark chocolate
  • 16. Use bicycle take public transit
  • 17. Be more self-reliant through learning minor household repairs
  • 18. Cook healthy food at home with family participation
  • 19. Spend time in nature
  • 20. Read physical books by go to libraries
  • 21. Simplify your life - read my blog on this topic
  • 22. Stick with the basics - read my blog on this topic
  • 23. Recycle, reuse
  • 24. Use solar water heating systems, solar electricity, solar cookers
  • 25. Grow vegetables in vertical-garden method in home
  • 26. Use clothing made from natural cotton and buy clothing items made from recycled materials
  • 27. Use water filtration systems that conserve and store water naturally
  • 28. Utilize food waste for your home garden
  • 29. Create less waste
  • 30. Conserve fuel and energy as much as you can
  • 31. Keep your equipment in the most optimum running condition
  • 32. Upcycle a pair of old jeans into a cute bag - Donate what doesn't fit
  • 33. Spread awareness and encourage your family and friends to live a more sustainable life
  • 34. Create a Backyard or front-yard Wildlife Habitat
  • 35. Dispense with Disposables
  • 36. Don't waste food
  • 37. Fix it, don't throw it
  • 38. Plant some trees
  • 39. Go paperless
  • 40. Sustainable beauty - Go makeup-free for one week each month.
  • 41. Have your drink without a straw
  • 42. Help others -volunteer 
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