Essentiality of Redefining Your Future Right Now

Post Corona Covid19 Future Creation Redefine Redesign Recreate Your Future for Post Corona World

How many of you believe, feel, assume - that your life would be as it was [before this became absolute global disruption] – in the Post Novel Corona Virus Covid-19 World [when the cure is found, vaccine for future is invented and the virus gets stopped totally].

After the lockdowns, the self-isolations, social-distancing, working from home or no work at all, salary and wages cut OR no salary or wages for many people.

One thing you can be certain of – it is wide-spread misery in almost all of the third-world countries and even in the most economically strong economies people would be up against the insurmountable challenges.

Unless you are in the 1% of the group that holds world's 95%+ wealth AND also those who have well-paying secured jobs – then you may not need to worry – off course there will be impacts on you – in most aspects you can still live comfortably.

BUT – for all others – it would be nightmarishly horror story full of newer and newer miseries.

These would range from financial ruination to career and professional cessation to relationship break-ups to psychological and health issues and expenses.

Although in some people's cases – it can be a better and improved financial, professional, relationship state.

THEREFORE IT IS MANDATORY THAT WE REDEFINE, REDESIGN AND RECREATE OUR FUTURE NOW – this has to be done absolutely without any Assumptions, Presumptions, Pre-conceived and hitherto established norms and practices.

We can't even use our past experiences as our guidelines and references – because there is no precedence of this in history save few mythological tales.

All of us have to transform ourselves – from ground-zero, from scratch – in the following areas

  • 1.Our mindsets, attitude, beliefs
  • 2.Our habits
  • 3.Our expectations from life and future – as future would no longer be what it used to be
  • 4.Our taken for granted and assumed way of things
  • 5.Our niche, expertise, our skills, our knowledge, our exposure, our experiences – many of which would become irrelevant
  • 6.How we perceive ourselves, our work, our relationships etc. etc.

This blog is for those people - who are right now busy themselves in the process of identifying the BEST out of the worst and thinking about turning this unprecedented crisis into a huge opportunity - ETHICALLY.

Before we go further – let us see what will or has changed AND what remains same.


  • 1.The way you work and where you work – organizations and schools/universities have already found and are in the process of polishing [in addition to MOOC courses] – the ways to make people work from home, students learn while sitting at home. A big financial and other headache saving way
  • 2.If the above happens – the demand for actual physical office space would go down tremendously – creating a crisis in the real-estate and construction
  • 3.When work from home happens – a major business of transport and local conveyance would overnight shrink
  • 4.Hotels, airlines and all the associated work with travel industry are definitely going to take beating – as people for some time to come would travel only for most essential
  • 5.Work from home culture will also make many jobs redundant
  • 6.The manufacturing sector – because the consumption will go down – would get into cost-cutting, downsizing and automation in big ways – creating even more job losses
  • 7.When the business and industries and manufacturing take hit – the banks – from where these businesses have taken loans WOULD FOLD AND CRASH – as these industries would default in their payment
  • 8.If banks collapse – then the common man whose savings are kept in these banks – too would become financially bust and destroyed and will turn into pauper overnight
  • 9.When the people don't have money – they will only buy the most essential and most basics – then the consumption would go down AND THAT WOULD LEAD TO THE ECONOMIC BOOSTERS GETTING CHOKED – so the countries would crash too
  • 10.With all the above happening – the stress will take its toll on the – relationship, the health etc. etc.
  • 11.The expenses would shoot up for medical and allied needs ALTHOUGH the income has either become much lessor or dried up completely
  • 12.Domestic-violence/Divorce rates, suicides, breakups, crimes on the street, scams – would become all time high
  • 13.Some jobs and business would have no longer any meaning and would disappear or made redundant
  • 14. Because governments won't be able to collect taxes - both from individuals as well as corporates - governments won't have the reserves to revive the economy in many countries[remember Greece - which was bailed out by EU - but now all the countries facing problems won't support other countries]
  • 15. The social development sector - which actually depends on the donors AND NEEDS THE MAXIMUM HELP IN THESE TIMES - will face the maximum challenges as the corporates, especially in India - would either stop or restrict their contribution
  • 16. Many of the people who don't have any recourse to any time of earnings - would do desperate things
  • 17. The number of mean, selfish and cruel people would increase in the world - although there would also be people who will do unconditional and miraculous work to uplift others enduring hardships themselves
  • 18. Crooked politicians will exploit the situation - by adding to the chaos and clinging to the power AS WELL AS LOOT their countries on larger scales
  • 19. Criminally insane people would also take advantage of the situation - like they do in all the human tragedies
  • 20. Godmen - who are hiding now - will come back and claim glory for being responsible for containing and eradicating the virus
  • 21. There could be spurt in unwanted pregnancies and population escalation

What changes you can expect – Positives ones

  • 1.The essential items needed for human survival would have good growth
  • 2.The products/businesses those help other organizations save money – like Robots or Apps or Software – will see extra-ordinary growth
  • 3.Few of the service industries will see unprecedented growth
  • 4.Medical and its all the allied Industries will bloom further as people will be more concern about their health
  • 5.The demand for the maintenance people – in the immediate aftermath of Post-Corona world will be all time high – like say for lumbers, electricians, mechanic of every type
  • 6.There will be demand for people who are equipped with the skills in these areas Plus people who are expert in multiple skills will be in demand
  • 7.Farming may see big growth
  • 8.In the education sector – the only course which would be in demand – those which makes either a person immediately employable OR opens avenues for him/her to earn money on their own
  • 9.The start-ups which can recognize the hidden opportunities in this human-crisis – would upscale and grow with fantastic speed
  • 10. There will be ordinary people - who will create examples by selflessly helping everyone without bias

The things that won't change - You can be fully sure few things that won't change

[all of these following have separate do-it-yourself blogs in Success Unlimited Mantra's blog section "from the heart of Subhashis" as well as in our other website relationshipandhappiness dot com]

  • 1.The basics of happiness
  • 2.The basics of success
  • 3.The basics of relationship
  • 4.The basics of growth
  • 5.The basics of peace of mind
  • 6.The importance of soft-skills
  • 7.The importance of life-skills
  • 8.The importance of planning, decision-making and problem solving
  • 9.The importance of persistence, consistency and follow-through
  • 10. The importance of Discipline and Determination
  • 11.The importance of self-care
  • 12.The importance of helping others grow
  • 13.The importance of learning the skills to handle stress, anger, frustrations etc. etc.
  • 14.The importance of learning continuously
  • 15.Importance of having and living your core-values
  • 16.Going for change pro-actively
  • 17.Developing your very-own niche
  • 18.Importance of creating value for others
  • 19.Importance of living your life with happiness
  • 20.Importance of creativity and innovations
  • 21.Importance of working towards creating peace of mind
  • 22.Ditching the need for mindless competition
  • 23.Importance of Communication – both with others and internal with yourself
  • 24.Focus on the most meaningful and ditching insignificant

Add to your list – as the aforesaid are given to catalyze your thinking

Learning to act by predicting the future. Based on the above points – if you can go for

  • 1.Deep introspections
  • 2.Your likes and dislikes
  • 3.Your strengths and weaknesses
  • 4.Your desires, drives and motivations
  • 5.You fear, concerns and doubts
  • 6.The problems that you are facing and many of the others are facing – which if solved can create a large opportunity

Then identify what

  • 1.You can do to create a value proposition for – say your clients, your employers and other people – to either make you employment-attractive or a business-proposition
  • 2.What skills you need to acquire, polish and become expert on
  • 3.What is your own unique strengths, talents and competencies that can be exchange for something valuable
  • 4.How can you help others grow in such a way that you grow too
  • 5.What challenges exists and how you would solve them

Once you have done these – then you have information on which to

  • 1.Devise a future-scope
  • 2.Create an action plan to do this till you start attaining your milestones one by one towards your new dreams
  • 3.Start-acting

This is What - which is most likely going to happen in India - On the 1st day the lock-down is removed fully 

1. Big Chest Thumping by all Politicians

2. A competition among all the people - in claiming a world-war two victory - in loudness as well as in brashness

3. A environment of national celebration of the fact that we have completed the 21/36/? days of lock-down

4. The Godmen coming out of their corona-hiding - and telling the world that they had predicted the same and have done something to save Indians - and many of us falling for them and increasing their popularity and wealth

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