How to maintain hope in your life when everything is bleak

Maintaining Hope When You Want to Give Up What to do if hopelessness gets us into despair, gloomy and despondent mood

In this article we will learn

  • -64 Tips on How to Keep Hope alive and the Requirements for Living with Hope

How to maintain hope in life - What to do if hopelessness gets us into despair, gloomy and despondent mood

Having hope is having a feeling – that - our situation is going to change for better and what we are expecting will happen OR that what we are scared of - will not happen.

We get the feeling of hope - when we are weak or when we are amidst crisis.

There are two types of Hope – passive and action-triggering one.

In passive hope - we think of miracles happening without putting enough efforts, perseverance and time – to create the change that we want and need.

Passive-Hope can make us feel better for a short while – and – we will be back to the state of despair if we do not act OR the situation does not change automatically.

It is not possible to switch on and off - The positive action inducing HOPE - on demand - until - we have practiced through a tough regime – on HOW TO HANDLE UNEXPECTED – like the disaster management teams or the armed forces or the fire fighters and commandos do.

If we have trained ourselves to acquire this skill - Hope would trigger the response of exploring various options, possibilities and alternatives AND then taking actions - whenever we face massive disruption in our life

Hope and despair – both lead us to success, growth and betterment.

Action is the antidote to despair- our efforts can rekindle and recharge our hopes.

When we use hope as a platform to make you to take positive actions – it benefits us the most.

64 Tips on How to Keep Hope alive and the Requirements for Living with Hope

  • 1.Nurturing our mindset to create trust and faith in yourself – so that you have the ability to take action and face any challenge and difficulty that the life can make you come across.
  • 2.It needs a disciplined mental, emotional and physical regimen
  • 3.We also have to learn to discern between what is within our control and what is not – and then take actions on what we can AND stop bothering about what we can't
  • 4.We also have to practice the NLP method of reframing – our interpretations of what happened – in powerful resourceful and empowering ways
  • 5.Managing our thoughts, feelings and emotions needs hard work, commitment, patience and practice
  • 6.Hope has to become part of our daily living and like breathing – then only it will become an invaluable source of inspiration, power and anchor- during grilling phases of life
  • 7.For this we need to work on the worst-case scenario – then find how we will solve, overcome and handle these situation – and then keep improving continuously by practicing in real time
  • 8.We have to become a happy and grateful person – but – don't have to be content with status-quo – and be always on look-out for making improvements
  • 9.Hope survives and thrives in having a heightened sense of curiosity – this curiosity propels creativity and actions and improvisations
  • 10. Do your best and giving 100% always - to make the most of every situation
  • 11. Have ever increasing references of lessons learned and ways to do better next time
  • 12. Always helping others become better and also helping them overcome their problems
  • 13. Hope has to be continuously nurtured through acquiring newer skills, knowledge, expertise, exposure AND practicing handling difficult situation and hardships
  • 14. Over a period of time these practice makes it natural for us to recall and apply in the setbacks
  • 15. Our past conditioning can also be unlearned and this new mindset can be made ours
  • 16. Using introspection to meditate the solutions and visualizing the future visioning the big picture – also reinforces Hope
  • 17. Whenever you feel unnerved – go through what hurdles and obstacles you had overcome in the past – discover your strengths that you might have undervalued
  • 18. Making a list of Resources available and resources needed – PLUS – doing the best from what you have will give you the required push of enthusiasm and energy
  • 19. By putting ourselves in pro-active solving tough problems can develop Your Coping Skills
  • 20. We also need to fine-tune our mechanism for dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, burnouts, fears etc. etc. – because if we lack the ability and skills and the right tools to manage these – feelings of hopelessness and helplessness would be the direct consequence at the face of adversity
  • 21. Take actions which is directed towards the outcome and solutions and goals that we have at this time – however small - a Positive constructive action can boost our hope to a very great extent
  • 22. When we help others and actually manage to generate hope in them – in return it acts as an inspiration for us only
  • 23. Surround Yourself with Positive action oriented and accomplished People
  • 24. Just avoid the toxic and people who pull you down at any cost
  • 25. Focus on solutions and the actions needed to solve this specific problem - to Empower Yourself
  • 26. Understand that not all our efforts will create the outcomes that we want
  • 27. Learn to be comfortable with making mistakes and failing
  • 28. But always ensure – that you are back in the battlefield ASAP
  • 29. Understand that it is also possible that A hopeless situation might yet turn out into a blessing in disguise and that something of great importance in future may emerge from a seemingly unthinkable situation
  • 30. Stop fighting with your feelings and why things are the way they are right now
  • 31. Understand the term – learned helplessness – this happens – when we give up trying in let us say in our growing up years. Later it turns into our personal sanctum where we going anytime we find the situation too hot to handle
  • 32. Many of us feel hopeless – because of this - learned helplessness
  • 33. If you think you have this habit of giving up and playing victim – take help o get out of this before it destroys all that you want in your life and lose all that you value and want
  • 34. Others around you would be confused and puzzled by your apathy and hopelessness – especially why can't you go out and make friends, leave someone who is abusive or just exercise – but this can turn into serious psychological disorder
  • 35. When you think that taking any action is useless – your blaming yourself and having regrets or your seeming inability to manage life – and You accept whatever happens as beyond your control – you need immediate expert help
  • 36. Because this despondency sets you up for even deeper fall into an unfathomable abyss
  • 37. Look for people who were in your situation and have come back to life with a zeal – enroll them as mentors or in your support group
  • 38. Consider all the amazing things you've done in your life
  • 39. Take a break - Spend time in nature – then come back and solve your problem
  • 40. In the post corona time people whose circumstances haven't changed that much also have to deal with newer and unprecedented challenges – still as uncomfortable and painful it may feel - pushing ourselves is the only way out
  • 41. If you find it really hard to feel hopeful in your current predicament – just accept and acknowledging this
  • 42. Whatever is possible – don't lose the focus from taking care of yourself
  • 43. Learn to identify and possibly reframe negative thought patterns.
  • 44. Remember - Things have gone wrong in your life – but you still have control over some things in your life
  • 45. Reassess the Situation – when you are calmer – as many times it may give you newer rays of light and hope - Be Honest with Yourself
  • 46. Make Adjustment in the goals that you have keeping the current situation in mind
  • 47. Shift your expectations -Recognize that you can change your life at any point
  • 48. Look for meaning in the most challenging moments
  • 49. Learn to Meditate which suits your temperament and personality – meditation is like medication – very-very personalized
  • 50. Turn off Game Of Thrones or any other passive activity that you are doing sitting with mind idling – shake your butt-off
  • 51. Find multiple perspective and few alternative solutions to your problems
  • 52. Remember that no one knows the outcome of actions – you can only take actions with reasonable planning – so just do it
  • 53. Many times How Losing All Hope Can actually liberate you from shackles which were holding you from growing
  • 54. Also when we hope [while being ignorant of the real situation or when we avoid facing he facts] - Hope can be downright dangerous - when it compels you fight a battle you can't win
  • 55. Learn to let Go and forgive others AND yourself
  • 56. Express Your Feelings – share them on internet - Get it out of your head - Find and join a Community
  • 57. Connect to a Bigger Picture and a Larger Purpose of Yours
  • 58. Do Something Radically Different
  • 59. Seek Divine Help by praying
  • 60. Focus on progress - Despite the grave problems in the world – movement towards change has to happen - even though challenges are insurmountable
  • 61. Sensor negative news as much as you can - Seek positive news
  • 62. REMEMBER - Even if we follow the all the suggestions given here - there will be times when will face hopeless – we need to persist with - making a positive difference to the life of others as well as changing ours - despite our lack of hope
  • 63. Whether or not we are hopeful, we can discipline ourselves to do what we can.
  • 64. We have to create a mindset – whenever we are feeling low – of having a self-talk that Right now – even though I am not exactly full of hope - But I am going to take action – any action to get myself out of this jam.

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