Create reasons to feel proud about who you are

How to be proud about yourself How to feel proud about yourself

 In this article you will learn

  • -9 points checklist - are you proud of who you are
  • -60 reasons to be proud of yourself right now – as you are today

Self-pride is not possible – unless you know, accept and love yourself with all your weaknesses, flaws, mistakes etc. – unconditionally and completely.

If you have low self-worth – creating pride for self can be a very-very tough battle within yourself - till you are able to face and demolish all your inner-demons.

All of us have some dark secrets and all of us have done something that we are not proud of.

But our past – should not be the reason we suffer from low self-esteem and lack pride in self.

It is very easy to feel proud of your family and others and is very healthy to feel happy, proud and joy for others.

But it becomes uphill task to see yourself as a person you are proud of.

Lack of pride in self - is one of the major cause of feeling de-motivated, uninspired, energy-less and being confused about your goals.

Being proud for the efforts, enthusiasm and energy you have put to make your and the lives of your loved ones - can be the best celebration of your life and yourself.

When you tell yourself internally as well as others – verbally – that what you have accomplished is insignificant – and may feel subconsciously that youdon't deserve to be loved, to be happy, to have wonderful relationship, be fit and healthy – then everything in life including your closest relationships get impacted negatively.

Everyone has something to be proud of but many of us feel and are scared - that it would look bad and seen as boastful – to show pride in self.

Feeling pride about self is about recognizing your worth and it is nothing to feel guilty about.

I know many people who are accomplished and have qualities that make them great human being– but many of them have deep emotional insecurities and as a result very low self-esteem.

9 points checklist - are you proud of who you are - please answer these honestly - how many of you

  • 1.Spend a lot of time finding and looking at your faults, weaknesses, flaws and imperfections
  • 2.Feel that you are not good enough
  • 3.Can identify the negatives in fraction of second to take your moods to a low but forget easily all that you are blessed with
  • 4.Even if you have accomplished 99% - your focus is mainly on the 1% not done
  • 5.Even if you have done your best and given our 100% at that time – you still are unable to rejoice – for some tiny insignificant unnoticeable reason
  • 6.Criticizing and berating yourselves for your mistakes and failures – most of the time
  • 7.Fell that you are inadequate
  • 8.Have difficulty in accepting praise and appreciation
  • 9.You feel unnerved and uncomfortable– if say – called on the stage for getting award

Please understand that this is the total waste of the wonderful, the beautiful the lovable you.

Instead of reflecting upon these baseless negativity, we should be doing the exact opposite.

We should be focusing on the reasons to be proud of who we are and what we have accomplished in our lives so far.

We need to remember all of the reasons why we are a great person who is worthy of unconditional self-love, self-respect and self-pride.

60 reasons to be proud of yourself right now – as you are today

  • 1.List all the difficulties, obstacles, challenges, crisis, setbacks, problems, odds – that you have overcome so far in life
    list all those things – where you have improved and where you have become better in handling more effectively - through the wisdom gained from all upsets that you have come through
  • 2.List all qualities and strengths that you have acquired and build into yourself to become a better person today than your past
  • 3.List all your successes and accomplishments that you have got
  • 4.List all your qualities, skills, talents [even your weaknesses] – which makes you unique
  • 5.List the people and society - where you have created meaningful impact – in the lives of other people – the positive ones
  • 6.Go through your dreams – which are larger than life – although you have not yet achieved them – you are taking actions and moving towards them
  • 7.Start treating yourself - like you want your kids to be treated by others
  • 8.Give yourself permission to be proud
  • 9.Think about our struggles in life and acknowledge that you are resilient
  • 10.Forgive yourself – wherever you have hurt others and you have regrets as in these relationship – you can't make it up – as these people have gone forever
  • 11.But make sure that you will try your best to make-up for the hurt you have caused others – if it is possible. Then after you have done it you have a real big reason to feel proud of yourself
  • 12.Even if you have done some really questionable things in your life – as long as you don't continue to do that – no point in beating yourself over and over
  • 13.When our kids are at certain age – they think of us as role-model – identify those qualities and start living these qualities
  • 14.Exercise to keep your body healthy
  • 15.Be proud of people closest to you – also let them know that why you are proud of them giving specific reasons
  • 16.Be kind to others
  • 17.Appreciate and give genuine compliment to all your loved ones
  • 18.Recognizing our and our loved-one's achievements improves our self-image and adds to our feelings of self-worth.
  • 19.Take control of your own self-worth - stop looking and seeking validation from others
  • 20.Triumphs happens every day in our lives - small victories are more important to celebrate
  • 21.Many of our accomplishments might not be always visible to others – but we need to recognize them ourselves first
  • 22.And yes you can get drunk [with joy] and rejoice on your large accomplishments
  • 23.Spend time with yourself and meditating to know your true self and your strengths are.
  • 24.Fearlessly use your strengths to impact your life and that of others
  • 25.Be humble - be generous
  • 26.Be grateful - stop comparing
  • 27.Be proud of all these following things
  • I.A job that you love
  • II.Your sense of style
  • III.Your friends
  • IV.Your family
  • V.Your values
  • VI.Your past – irrespective of whether it was good, bad or ugly, - you came through it
  • VII.Your ability to raise a voice against injustice and standing up for others
  • VIII.Your body, your looks
  • 28.Have big large dreams – then divide them into small daily action-steps – focus your attention and celebration of achieving these small milestones only
  • 29.Work on what makes you excited
  • 30.Trust yourself by having faith in your ability to face, handle, deal-with and come out successfully
  • 31.Learn continuously to grow
  • 32.Take care of your body and personal appearance
  • 33.Educate yourself. Read books, enroll in a class, teach – these will eventually become reasons to achieve more and feel proud of yourself
  • 34.Avoid and get rid of negative, toxic and critical people
  • 35.Surround yourself those who love and care for you
  • 36.Learn to enjoy and feel happy in the happiness and success of others
  • 37.Stop giving excuse and blaming - and whenever you catch yourself doing it – just course-correct
  • 38.Seek different and opposing perspectives to expand your wisdom
  • 39.Experiment newer ways of doing things
  • 40.Takes risks towards taking actions for making your dreams real
  • 41.Take risks to be ridiculed at – by indulging in your passions
  • 42.Express yourself fearlessly – by being assertive
  • 43.Accept yourself – as you are – with your flaws and strengths
  • 44.Appreciate and give credit to others
  • 45.Be proud of who you are and without being concerned about how others see you or what they think of you
  • 46.Work on yourself to make you more valuable to others
  • 47.Ask yourself - why do you care what others think about you, why does it matter to you and why others get such an powerful-negative influence in how you live your life and how you value yourself - why is their opinion more important than yours?
  • 48.Continuously make yourself better by raising the bar [while enjoying] to create a better benchmark of excellence for yourself
  • 49.Create the ability to laugh at yourself – while maintaining your self-dignity and self-respect
  • 50.Be genuinely, authentically, real you - always
  • 51.Set goals those are within your area of control – never set goals based on factors you can't control
  • 52.Compete with yourself
  • 53.Learn from the best
  • 54.Practice, practice, practice – excel in everything that you do – so don't take too many projects – only focus on few
  • 55.Never give up on your hope and on yourself
  • 56.Be proud of the person you are becoming
  • 57.Never be afraid to go after what you want in life just because you think you may fail
  • 58.Don't let troubles get you down -find a reason to go forward in life
  • 59.Stop looking for love in all the wrong places
  • 60.Be proud of who you are and not ashamed of how someone else sees you

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