Create Lasting and Powerful Impression in Your Job Interview

Create-Lasting-and Learn the Art of Creating Powerful Lasting Impressions in Your job Interviews

 18 steps on How to Impress the Interviewers in Job interview

In the last stage of any job interview – the finally shortlisted candidates will all have similar qualifications, length of experience and types of organizations worked in etc. etc.

Here we will be talking about – how make you stand out and create impactful powerful and long-lasting impressions in the mind of interviewers for fastest recall.

  • 1.Do research about the company, their culture, their challenges, their vision and future of the market they are in
  • 2.Talk to the people you would be working for, if possible
  • 3.Learn about the best practices that the global best uses
  • 4.Learn about why you are most suitable for the job, match your skills and the projects you have handled
  • 5.Research about the emerging trends and the existing and future competitions that are eroding this companies markets and walking away with their customers and
  • 6.Work on creating a practical and radically different approaches by which they can get a better market-share as well as better customer engagement
  • 7.Prepare before-hand what would be your suggestions in overcoming the challenges this organization or the industry is facing
  • 8.Research the interview questions asked frequently on the internet - then prepare your reply which is totally based on your real-time exposure by handling projects through both failures and success as well as the lessons learned
  • 9.Prepared questions what would show your interviewers that you have put in the efforts for the points 1 to 4 and that you know what you are talking about
  • 10.Get the inside scoop - see if you can get some inside information on the company and its employees.
  • 11.Check LinkedIn, Facebook, and your college alumni network to see if you know anyone who can share insider information with you
  • 12.Prepare and Share how you're a great fit for the job - for the company now and the future – in fact all your answers and questions should be based on this concept
  • 13.In spite of all your preparation - you may goof-up big time – in many job interviews
  • 14.Do not panic and give-up – but create a plan to handle yourself better next time
  • 15.Never bull-shit or give vague answers - ensure all that you share about you is backed up with facts,
  • 16.Figures and details
  • 17.Ask hard penetrating questions with respect to show that you are serious about the job, your career and future
  • 18.Use the relevant points from my blog and video – 55 points on how to create and sustain powerful 1st impressions

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