Acquire massive advantages by being honest with yourself

The greatest gift to yourself - be honest with yourself The advantage of being honest with yourself

In this article we will learn

  • 21 facts to illustrate - both sides of the deal that comes with self-honesty
  • 19 Benefits of being honest with yourself
  • -2 basics clarifications about being honest
  • 30 ways we can practice self-honesty and make it a natural part of your life and existence

We should feel truly lucky and blessed – if we have someone who is our most sincere well-wisher and kicks our ass regularly to make us see the real us.

You can be honest with the world - but as long as you are not honest with yourself – it has less value.

21 facts to illustrate - both sides of the deal that comes with self-honesty

  • 1.Once we make being honest with ourselves – a totally non-negotiable and part of our nature – we don't have any need to fake anything – and as a result there-of – we will have courage to share and open-up with ourselves as well as with others – without faking anything and have a very-very less degree of stress.
  • 2.When we practice self-honesty - All those people who are in our closest relationship-circle – would know where they stand with us.
  • 3.Trust and respect will define most of our important relationships.
  • 4.Communication, sharing, being vulnerable open and honesty - is often first step and the trigger - to start finding solutions.
  • 5.Having said these – you will also have to accept the fact that - not everyone will feel comfortable with you and accept you.
  • 6.Especially - When you are assertively claiming your rights and express your disagreements with the opinion of others and firmly standing on your ground, fight for your beliefs, values and what is right.
  • 7.It is alright to lose these relationships [if they are external ones] – as in any case they don't add any value – if being your true self – makes them feel uncomfortable and bad.
  • 8.Because your intention is always to clarify and not to hurt and make others feel bad.
  • 9.We MUST create a healthy balance to be sensitive and empathic to others feelings.
  • 10.This can happen when our focus is only going for continuous self-development, self-growth and self-development – by working on our issues.
  • 11.This happens when we sincerely explore, learn, identify, know and accept who we are and apologize when we goof-up.
  • 12.Identify all the people who pull you down and the toxic-ones and get them out of your life.
  • 13.Then you can pay full attention to nurture all those people - who deserve your time and energy as well as honesty.
  • 14.Even among these people - not everyone will appreciate your honesty but – you will have meaningful and sincere relationships in most area of your life.
  • 15.Being honest with those who hurt you - is mandatory - if you say nothing and shrug it off there's a danger you will carry the bitterness around with you and will poison all your other relationships especially your closest ones.
  • 16.We need to let go of suppressing our negativities to simmer inside with impotent-rage because it is the most destructive for you and all those who love you and whom you love and care for.
  • 17.Self-honesty is hard because - looking at ourselves objectively could be very painful, shameful and embarrassing.
  • 18.Once we are comfortable being ourselves – the next stage is to change our ways and life situations that are not working any more for us.
  • 19.During this process of metamorphosis - we may experience cognitive dissonance – which could be defined as severe emotional and mental fears which stresses us to a very high degree.
  • 20.If we have many hidden ghosts [mistakes, failures, regrets, and embarrassing truths] – we need inner-healing and will happen only by bringing the skeletons out of the cupboard.
  • 21.We have to pay good attention and take extreme care to avoid deceiving ourselves – which takes place – by our consciously distorting and tinting our perceptions to hide facing reality [then we use justifications, blames and excuses to makes us feel good].

19 Benefits of being honest with yourself

  • 1.You will be proud of who you are – when you accept yourself as you are - by looking at both weaknesses and strengths objectively and with full honesty
  • 2.You will experience a sense of liberation and freedom
  • 3.Your life will much less fears and anxieties
  • 4.What others think of you – won't bother you at all
  • 5.Your complete bouquet of Self-worth, self-value, self-pride, self-love, self-esteem, self-confidence – will get tremendous boost
  • 6.Self-honesty will make your close relationships healthier and meaningful
  • 7.Your life will feel more beautiful and blissful
  • 8.Because you are yourself – and you know what you want – your passion to excel will increase exponentially
  • 9.You will become respectable when you practice self-honesty – as you can never be honest with others if you are not honest with yourself Telling the truth when tempted to lie helps improve our mental, emotional and physical health
  • 10.Honesty is one of the key components to character and is generally the most admired qualities of all successful and happy people
  • 11.We become more emotionally intelligent and more emotionally mature with very high degree of integrity
  • 12.Honesty helps us find the answers we have been searching for Honesty is crucial to a healthy relationship with ourselves and others
  • 13.It can help us resolve longstanding issues and find forgiveness and deepen our relationships with the people who are around us
  • 14.Self-honesty has direct impact on our energy-levels, to less colds, to less fatigue, to less depression, to less stress and to less anxiety.
  • 15.Honest people can relax better and easily - naturally
  • 16.Feel better because we practice being assertive
  • 17.Less occasions of being and feeling overwhelmed
  • 18.By being direct and straight forward – we don't suffer from guilt-pangs and regrets
  • 19.In short-run – knowing about our lacunas may make few of us flinch with pain – but – in long-term this actually may start releasing endorphins – by making us emotionally healthier

12 basics clarifications about being honest

  • 1.There are two possible ways not to tell the truth – by not providing the information that you have AND by giving false information.
  • 2.Excessive sharing of personal information with everyone is unhealthy and is not about making us more honest
  • 3.We don't have to explain and tell everyone everything
  • 4.Context is the baseline – we need to analyze whether people need the information that we have AND whether it will add positive value to us and to them
  • 5.We don't have to share – those things that someone has confided in you and asked you not to share
  • 6.Sometimes it is better not to say something – if it has got no value for anyone
  • 7.We also need to be able to remain silent if the information – will create chaos, problems and stress
  • 8.We have to actually decide if is it right to provide false information or lie – on case to case basis based on our values and its value-addition factors
  • 9.Avoiding hurting others takes precedence over - Truthfulness - Truthfulness and tact must go hand in hand
  • 10.There certainly will be few circumstances in which lying may be necessary – again it has to be purely on merits and impact
  • 11.We have to find the balance - neither overplaying nor underplaying either our virtues or our weaknesses
  • 12.The opposite of honesty is deception or lying - Lying to yourself is the worst thing you can do to yourself

30 ways we can practice self-honesty and make it a natural part of your life and existence

  1. 20.Create your Me-time and your own sanctum-sanctorum to relax, introspect and meditate – so that slowly you are able to hear your inner voice.
  2. 21.Have a support system as practicing self-honesty is very-very tough and we need to have people whom we trust and who have our best interests at heart – especially for painful reality checks
  3. 22.All the areas of our life – where we have very high levels of dissatisfaction – we need to reassess with brutal honesty – on what are not working and what we need to change AND whether we should for complete fresh start
  4. 23.Understand that no matter how much we are able cover it up for the world - we will always be what we are at the core
  5. 24.We can change our life - dramatically - only by practicing the following
  6. I.Creating and having the desire to change ourselves
  7. II.The courage to take tough decision
  8. III.Taking actions – whatever is needed
  9. IV.Using discipline to practice the new habits and behaviors we need to inculcate for the changes that we want and chosen
  10. V.The determination to persist until we get the results that we desire
  11. 25.The choices are only ours to make – but we need to start somewhere – so start small – BUT start
  12. 26.We need to pick one area of our life that needs urgent improvement
  13. 27.Divide the big-change into small-small incremental improvement milestones
  14. 28.Create timeline and schedule – small action steps into everyday life
  15. 29.Trying to do too much at one time can backfire and may become so overwhelming that may make us give-up totally AND also may burn us out
  16. 30.Therefore commit to taking actions consistently by giving your 100% every time
  17. 31.We have to become flexible to pivot – when things don't work -because our failure to adapt, try new things, experiment with new methods, techniques, people, and choices will ONLY stop from achieving what we can
  18. 32.It is especially important because things which worked today might not work tomorrow
  19. 33.We have to be totally clear – in what we want AND WHY WE Want – therefore do Why-Why exercise – till you get the answer which is very motivating and inspiring. Instead of just having a gal of losing fat – to look better - to feel good about myself – to be more assertive and confident - to get what I want out of life
  20. 34.Explore and identify what are things within you – which are holding you back
  21. 35.Try to see things from the other person's point of view
  22. 36.Visualize yourself in the future – while you are meditating – create the pictures with qualities and type of life
  23. 37.Admit it when you make mistakes
  24. 38.Pay attention to your feelings
  25. 39.Stop over analyzing and overthinking – get outside perspective
  26. 40.Accept what you don't know – and it that is important go and learn
  27. 41.Detecting your self-deception – become aware – pay attention to your thought patterns to know when you are lying to yourself
  28. 42.Notice your emotion – when we react emotionally to something or someone - it is because we are being reminded of something painful, raw, or unresolved in our lives – these will give us most valuable clues for finding our true-self - In these areas
  29. 43.Identify when you struggle most to admit the truth – the situation and people both
  30. 44.Notice your thoughts – if you notice your thinking is extreme or irrational – challenge your assumptions
  31. 45.Notice your behavior if you feel it is not what you are– ask yourself why you are behaving like this - What you do not want to admit to yourself
  32. 46.Be dependable - Follow through on your commitments.
  33. 47.Don't commit to anything that you cannot honor
  34. 48.Being honest to yourself also mean – knowing when to avoid conflict - when to address conflict and when to create conflict
  35. 49.Use honesty to encourage - not criticize.
  36. 50.Use your honesty to build others up rather than pulling others down

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