How to Live an Interesting Life


Don't We all want to live a life full of meaning, joy, and fulfillment – does this happen and is it easy.

It could be the most difficult thing to identify THAT ONE THING – which is THE PURPOSE of your Life and which MAKES You COME ALIVE and which GIVES A SENSE OF FULFILLMENT and Meaning in our lives.

There is no fixed solution, process or answer to finding it.

And neither it is guaranteed that once you find it – same purpose and meaning will remain exciting throughout your life.

This can happen very early in life and yet you could be far from discovering it even in your twilight years.

The few who manage to have a life which is both exciting [because you are living for what you love] and terrifying [terrifying because you are attempting unknown, uncertain] – ARE THE PEOPLE LIVING THEIR LIVES MEANINGFULLY.

Finding our passions, defining our purpose, and balancing all the other important and unavoidable aspects of a qualitatively rich life - takes conscious efforts and tough work.

Through few very powerful, Do-it-yourself and hands-on exercises given in this article - you can discover your life's purpose and achieve your dreams [all the * marked ones mean there is a separate Do-it-yourself blog on this topic in our blog section in Success Unlimited Mantra].

These exercises, habits and practices - can also aid anyone dealing with the stresses of daily life and can also guide you through times of adversity.

Many of the challenges we face in today are VUCA multi-dimensional issues.

Only When we are fully involved and giving our 100%* in any endeavor that connects and gladdens our hearts and which that makes us come alive – our abilities ARE sharpened to help us navigate the challenges and discover pathways of breakthrough – and also can define the purpose and meaning of our life to us.

What is the difference between meaningfulness and happiness.

Although, considerable overlaps and correlations exists between these two – still there are powerful distinctions as well

1.You can be happy if your basic needs are met and you are also succeeding in achieving what you want – then you would be happy

2.Happiness is only for the moment you are in. That is why you can be happy in one moment and unhappy in the next

3.Happiness is associated with getting and taking – at times Seeking happiness may actually backfire as the more people value it, the more likely they are to be disappointed when they fail to achieve it

4.The biggest paradox in choosing between Happiness and meaningfulness is this - meaningful lives would involve stress and facing tougher challenges- and as a result temporarily lower happiness

5.Then why should we pursue meaningfulness - if it it's more challenging, requires more of you, and can actually make you less happy

6.Because if you know about the process of metamorphosis [transforming larva into butterfly] – it painful, uncomfortable, challenging, and stressful – but it creates long-lasting meaning

66 Steps to Discover Your Purpose and Live an Interesting, Exciting and Meaningful life

1.Ask Yourself - What Gets You Out of Bed in the Morning, What is Your 'Reason for Being, what makes you feel living life fully

2.Find Out - What is your IGIKAI - What you Love (your passion), What the World Needs (your mission), What you are Great at (your vocation), What you can get Paid for (your profession), What Causes do you believe in

3.Following your bliss - Ask what makes you come alive and do that -Because our world actually really needs is people who have come alive

4.Help others - A critical dimension of purpose and finding meaning in life is contributing to others. Helping others has to happen through identifying, using and sharpening your superpowers and strengths - to serve others

5.Stay active never even think of retiring

6.Surround yourself with good people

7.Chose goals* those are challenging* and helps you master skills and strengths and help you grow

8.You goals should give you the feelings of freedom and liberation boosts your well-being and gives you more energy than it takes away,

9.Test it by living it out - because Like any aspiration introspection alone is not good enough

10.Make continuous adjustments along the way to continue to grow

11.Build your support system - Cultivate a relationship with someone who has made a similar career transition

12.Understand and accept that Not every moment of every day will be blissful

13.Be focused on creating excellence* in every walk of life

14.Prioritize* and get those things out of your life – which are neither important nor essential – to create time for meaningful pursuits

15.Simplify* your life to amplify

16.Disrupt* your life and routine with purpose

17.Turn off the TV and put on music

18.Make love before going to work

19.Rearrange or redecorate

20. Watch or PLAY a competitive, fast-paced sporting event like tennis, basketball, or racing where the energy and excitement of the sport is contagious

21.Connect with exciting, enthusiastic and full of energy people

22. Plan an adventure trip, under experts

23. Learn something new - a new language, a new skill, a hobby

24. Go to the bookstore, library and browse

25. Visit a local gallery or museum

26. Test drive a sports car/bike – you need not buy it

27.Surprise your loved ones

28. Cook an unusual recipe

29. Adopt a pet

30. Try a random act of kindness

31.Experiment* - Don't wait to try something, to initiate, to take action

32. Go for something that you are scared of – make Fear, Fear You*

33. Face the possibility of Getting rejected, Looking stupid, being embarrassed – just do it

34. Indulge Your Inner Child

35. Be Different*

36. Be Yourself*

37.Stop making excuses*

38. Make Something Interesting with your hand

39. Wander Down Memory Lane through hard copies of old Photographs

40. Play and Spend Time with Children

41.Do something with your non-dominating hands

42. End your relationship – with toxic* people

43. Learn to solve problems*

44. Try your hand in Humor*

45. Rekindle Old Flames – get in touch with people you lost touch, but with whom you had good

46. Stop worrying about what others think about you

47.Understand and identify those great moments which does not need money – and do them

48. Master a future skill*

49. Breathe the morning fresh air

50. Get disconnected from all gadgets

51.Spend time with yourself*

52. Greet and smile at strangers

53. Travel alone

54. Declutter and get organized

55.Groom yourself, Eat Healthy, Meditate, Sleep Well, Exercise

56. Relax and do absolutely nothing

57.Learn the Most Important Soft-Skills

58. Be flexible* and always Welcome changes* and be prepared for disruptions*

59. Learn to Focus*

60. Express Yourself

61.Pursue Your Passions*

62. Reframe* How You See Your Life

63. Find a Balance Between Seeking Happiness and Meaning

64. Practice Values - Choose Integrity

65. Make a Difference In Small Ways

66. Think of Leaving a Legacy* – make your life a masterpiece*

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