Why and How to Create Your Sacred Space


What is a sacred space?is it a physical space? Why do We need a Sacred Space? And how do we create our own sacred space?

A sacred space is our very-own Personal and Secret sanctum-sanctorum to recharge our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical energies and to rejuvenate us.

This is the space where we find ourselves and get in touch with our real-self - objectively without any facade.

It is a place where we go in drained, hopeless and lost – and then come back with the resolve to bounce-back.

All of us have our own share of hell, struggles, pain, failures, crises and setbacks [ although we also have our triumphs, our victories, our Aha points].

Physical-space definitely is an essential element for Our sacred-space - BUT – it could also be created internally.

In this article I will be focusing mainly on how to create our internal sacred-space –so that – irrespective of place you are in – you can step into it [off-course as long as there are - no diverting your attention physically as well as mentally].

You will understand the 18 benefits of creating our own sacred-space and 30 steps to create physical and mental sacred-space.

Sacred space has nothing to do with religious practice – simply because it is a spiritual ritual, spiritual exercise, spiritual practice and spiritual habit.

As Spiritualism just have no connection with any religion – whatsoever.

For all of us our sacred-space is within us – all of us can create, find and nurture it without needing any external materials/things.

Yes, it is possible to connect with ourselves, without any external aid – although initially we may need the assistance of few easily available tools around us.

Why should you create a sacred space? – it is because we are living in the world where we get Stress imposed on us [without our seeking it actively ] – it is already there in plenty.

In today's life situations are changing at lightening speed - faster than we can learn and adapt to changesour sacred space offers us a 'pause' from all the madness out there

Life is quite challenging and the basic demands of daily living can often drain our valuable energy, making us feel out-of-balance and disconnected from deeper parts of ourselves.

To realign yourself with your own-self - it's essential to slow down and quiet your mental noise on a daily basis.

While many of us step outside of our routine by say - taking a walk, gardening, or playing an instrument – all of us may not be able to so ALL THE TIME.

That is why it is mandatory for us to create our Internal Sacred-Space along with the physical haven.

18 Benefits of creating our sacred-space are

1.It gives us a setting where we can bring out our grievances, complaints, pains, embarrassments, shames and guilts and disappointments

2.It gives us an effective tool to vent out our frustrations, our sadness, our fears, our angers

3.It allows us to focus and concentrate to find life altering solutions

4.At the least it helps explore the possibilities

5.It can create insights, solutions, creativity and impulses – those which makes us focus on finding a better way by concentrating on actions to be taken

6.It can provide us great calm and understanding.

7.This space nourishment our mental, emotional and spiritual elements

8.It also builds discipline within us

9.If we manage to spend time consistently in our sacred space - all of us may discover that your life gets filled-up with LIFE and fills our mind and heart with inspiration, enthusiasm, vitality and a purpose to live life meaningfully

10.It also allows us to harness our positive energies when we are joyous and happy

11.It helps us build and maintain a strong soul with stamina

12.Our inner spiritual guide recognizes our unique spiritual energy

13.Going within ourselves is exactly like dating the supposedly most loved person – that is us.

14.It is like dating someone in real-time - If your suitor shows caring attitude and give you respect, attention and devotion – we do respond in kind

15.Opposite is also true - When we don't have our sacred space - we would experience fatigue – we spend so much time and energy in dealing with other people's negative energies and this blocks our energy channels

16.It helps us in getting touch with Our higher-self – which doesn't know pain and we can learn to tune with the positive the vibrational frequency of our higher self

17.In this space we can learn to dispose - all our bad vibes, energies, beliefs18.Creating beautiful, calming physical surroundings can help us to connect with our better selves and enter a profoundly relaxed-yet-alert state of min

30 Steps on How to Create our Own Physical as well as Mental Sacred-Space

1.START BY Exploring Your Own Whys as To WHY You Need Your Sacred-space


3.Create a space for meditation and prayer or for quiet reflection and/or Find serenity and/or to get in touch with your real-self and/or Visualize to make your dreams crystal clear and/or nurture yourself and/or get de-stressed etc etc

4.Identify and make WHAT is available - WHAT makes you feel good - Choose what tastes, sounds, smells, looks and feels good to you + Choose objects that give you energy + inspire you or help you get into the ritual of your meditation, yoga, prayer or other sacred practice

5.Find a place where you will be Undisturbed, uninterrupted for an extended period of time

6.Places where you can find Your Physical Sacred Space - Your garden or park near you, Sea-shore if it is near you, Atop a mountain – if it is near you, Forest meadow, Old library, Art Gallery, House of Worship

7.Experiment through using any physical boundary your sacred space feel more contained, relaxing and personal

8.Creating a sacred space can be something you do once in your lifetime or every day, alone or with loved ones for - Endings and beginnings of any kind and/or Anniversaries and special occasions and/or To celebrate a relationship or a success and/or To clarify an important decision or change

9.You can create your sacred space - Where you can see it /whether it's a single object/an arrangement or altar - if not an entire room, then a corner of a room /In a secluded area /In the garden / out of doors in nature

10.You can include items those inspires you – like Mementos / your own Talismans/symbols of peace and safety/ Art pieces /Photographs of loved ones and special places/ Stones and shells that hold memories of special moments / Candles and incense / Plants, flowers and other living things / Favorite calming music or ambient music /Sacred texts or words of wisdom

11.Clear the space from all the clutter

12.Use your sacred space to ask for divine guidance through connecting with your inner wisdom and the universe

13.Your sacred space should make you feel calm just by walking into it

14.Make you can sitting place comfortable enough for at least 30 minutes – temperature-wise, airy, lighted, clean and clear

15.Play your choice de-stressing music it at low volume

16.Fill your space with those items/visuals that have meaning

17.Walking in nature

Creating Internal Mental Sacred-Space

18.De-clutter Your Mental Space – By visualizing yourself sitting in a place that either have memories of profound peace OR just imagine it and visualize it till it becomes real

19.Pay attention to all the sounds, smells, feelings in every part of your body, the thoughts which are moving constantly

20. Just pay attention and become aware

21.After few days of disciplined sitting practice – you need to focus on what is the reason you are sitting in your sacred-space

22. Start with small goals

23. Making the Ordinary every day experience by reflecting AND minding meaning

24. YOU – Yourself are sacred space – as Your body houses your soul, and your soul is sacred

25. Express Yourself & Activate Your Sensuality!

26. Rediscovering Sacred Space by spending time in Nature – regularly time to time

27.Dedicate 20-30 minutes a day to sit in your space either first thing in the morning or last thing in your day before bed OR any time when there will be no interruptions

28. Shut off all electronics and leave them in another room

29. Incorporate small rituals such as lighting a candle to place written intentions or prayers for yourself and loved ones

30. It's important to keep in mind that there is no right or wrong way to create or use your sacred space; just do what feels right to you

Using your beautiful sanctuary is the best gift you can give to yourself every day.

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