How to Deal with Your Limitations


​If you are person who is not satisfied with mere survival BUT wants to thrive in life BIG-WAY – then this article is for you.

Most of our Limitations are Self-Created, Self-Imposed and Self-Geared and Self-Powered -and – they block us from accomplishing great-feats that we are capable of.

Otherwise there would not be people – who Triumph in Doing The Impossible, in spite of having totally-paralyzing circumstances and who had everything going against them, physically, mentally, financially, socially etc

Some names that comes to mind are Stephan Hawkins, Nick Vujicick, Arunima Sinha – you can actually create a list of people who achieve impossible AND this list would be in millions in numbers.

And then there are, many who defied the established wisdom –– watch Dr. Bhagwati-Oza in my YouTube Video Interview Video "Impossible-Achiever" - she did what very few even can think of doing, after the age of 65 years [ she is wearing yellow T-Shirt and I interviewed her on her first day of her starting 81 years]

Limitations often exist solely in the mind of the person – who has the potential but is not accomplishing what she/he wants.

Even though it is a mind thing - it does not mean they can be easily overcome – as it is the truth as far as the victim of these Self-Imposed limitations.

It is said that There are no great people in this world - only great challenges which ordinary people beat through their perseverance*, determination*, focus*, efforts, bouncing-back*, resilience* etc etc.

Yes, few people certainly have an edge or advantage through chance or because of being born in a particular place, family, time or any such thing that none of us have any control on.

If you are able to objectively and honestly introspect and identify your thought process – you will discover that - We all have very solid impression about who we are what we may or may not achieve in life.

Self-imposed limitations can become our biggest disabilities and liabilities - if we allow them to prevent us from achieving our potential

Real handicaps can be overcome. But When we set our own subjective limits/boundary - on our capacity, we rarely attempt to go beyond them.

It is a fact that - We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, whereas others judge us by what we have already accomplished.

Our senses to manages to fool us[against our knowledge of their being otherwise through science] – because of our senses we feel that the earth is flat and that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west and that the sky is up etc etc.

The same process applies to our self-perception – as our self-perception can Unfortunately become trap that binds us.

When we consciously put efforts to move past this perceptual mirage and start challenging our perceptions and assumptions and beliefs – we LIMIT our limitations.

Few of our Self-Imposed Limitations

1.We are afraid of leaving our comfort-zone*

2.We are scared of failures*

3.Many of us ARE EVEN scared of Success

4.We are working on borrowed dreams, aspirations, goals

5.We have not actually discovered our authentic self – being-yourself*

6.We actually believe in overnight success

7.We are more focused on avoiding failures

8.We believe the societal norms of what can be and what can't be done

9.We are not even sure of what we want

10.Our bar of standards set too low

11.We have surrounded ourselves with people who don't inspire – instead they pull us down through their own attitude

12.We hate to go through struggle

27 Tips on How to break through Our self-imposed limitations

[Throughout this article all the *marked ones denote a Do-It-Yourself Blog on this topic - being there in the Blog section of Success Unlimited Mantra]

1.Learning to Honor our Commitments*

2.Practicing to be Consistency*

3.Making Self-Development* and Continues Learning our number 1 priority

4.Taking action on what you want long-term – immediately – on a small-steps BUT on a regular basis

5.Recognizing our Big Bu*l-Sh*t Excuses that give to ourselves – for noting doing something OR for justifying - When we make excuses, they impact our self-confidence and self-esteem

6.Learning to say no to the Societal Pressures of sticking with social norms BEING ASSERTIVE* [the societal-norms are the accumulation of other people's opinions and ideas imposed on the masses – many of which are the farthest from the real-truth].

7.Getting into the Habit* challenging Of Assumptions and Expert Opinions

8.Stop Comparing* Ourselves to Others

9.Redefine Your Standards and Set it at par with Your Role-Models*

10.Choose the people who would be around you and in your life

11.Get rid of Toxic* people

12.Seek Guidance, Help, Support from a mentor or a coach

13.Partner with like-minded people

14.Visualize Success and Visualize Your Taking Action

15.Equip yourself with skills* that makes you handle the Unexpected* and difficult-people* PLUS which makes you future-ready

16.Dare Yourself – Learn to Take Actions in spite of Fears*

17.Just Do it – Take big steps, small steps - just take any steps as long as they are in the direction toward your dreams

18.Then build Momentum through celebration of each milestones

19. Create a Powerful You - Self-Power*

20. Get in touch with Your Motivations/Drives/Passions - ask yourself What helps you find meaning in life and What give you joy and what makes you come alive etc

21. Learn to be Comfortable* with Discomfort

22. Learn from Your Losses and failures*

23. Do nothing for a while – when stuck – then after some gap Restart with a zeal

24. Ask yourself - Is it possible we have lost sight of the true means of where real and lasting abundance comes OR Is it possible that our educational system is severely flawed and not teaching the real life principles that would allow the majority to live lives of plenty rather than struggle OR Is it possible that there might be a simple answer to the rising numbers of problems

25. Let Your Creativity* Blossom

26. Stop Doing What Others Do – start customizing your own action steps

27.Keep challenging your limits* - by pro-actively taking challenges and hobbies and projects and responsibilities

An indicative list of our Major Self-Imposed Challenges and Obstacles


2.Being fully at ease with mediocrity

3.Excuses and justifying our not taking right things [or even doing wring things]

4.Lying to ourselves – being in denial mode, refuse to accept and face the facts

5.Blaming others

6.Not taking responsibility for our life, our actions, our decisions

7.Doing the same thing yet expecting big and large outcomes

8.Not changing self* on regular basis

9.Resisting change*

10.Not Learning*, Unlearning* and Relearning*

11.Overthinking and Over-analyzing to lead to paralysis of action

12.Taking action and living life as per others

13.Arguing without listening and understanding


15.Living in the past laurels

16.Playing victim

17.Escaping from what must be done

18.Wallowing in Self-pity

19.Not willing to give our 100%

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