How to bring innovation to a company

How to bring innovation to a company

Innovation helps us create a new dimension of performance, future, benchmarks, standards, directions and improvements.

In this article we have highlighted 78 ways to enhance creativity and innovation in organizations and also in your own personal, professional, social life.

In the organizations, nations and communities - Sustained innovation comes from unleashing the creativity of people by making them recognize unconventional opportunities and improvement tools.

The need for constant innovation and reinvention is absolutely mandatory for survival in our present VUCA environment [Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous].

In today's world - A breakthrough concept, idea, product can put an organization ahead of its competitors for usually short-period, as your competitor may copy and even better what you have done in - in much shorter time.

The innovation in an organization can only survive and thrive if its top Leadership help create the psychological and physical environment for sustained innovation at all levels.

Many leaders and organizations start with big-bang but later this fizzles out and every new initiatives of the management starts being looked-at as being just another fad of the crazy-leaders.

Employees in larger organizations tend to feel removed from the function of innovation and are less likely to take independent action or offer revolutionary ideas.

78 Ways to create, build, sustain a culture of innovation in your organization – many of these ideas can also be used in your personal and other aspects of life as well

  • 1.Create a flexible culture of disruption – because If you don't disrupt and reinvent yourself regularly someone else will
  • 2.Proactive Self-disruption needs to be backed with top leaderships resolve for creating and sustain a culture of innovation
  • 3.While reinventing and redefining your products and services - it is a brilliant strategy to go for minimum-viable-product as it is very difficult and all the time to create new product/services in short time
  • 4.Get everyone involved – without involvement of each and every stakeholder involved and participating in your pursuits, it is impossible to even think about
  • 5.For creating a culture of innovation, the top leadership has to be flexible in procedures and processes to make it facilitative to the long-term visions and objectives
  • 6.Focus on studying and maybe even creating a new unthought off change
  • 7.Be prepared to fail while trying newer ways, methods, ideas, solutions, perspectives
  • 8.Encourage the people who challenge everything
  • 9.Differentiate between people who are either resistant to change or the elements who wants to stall and obstruct FROM THE PEOPLE WHO THINK DIFFERENTLY and unconventionally
  • 10.Go for and Implement a culture of trial and error
  • 11.Make the seniors Encourage employees to take risks
  • 12.Let the reverse mentoring be a part of your culture by making the people at the operational level select and go for new innovate projects
  • 13.Test the validity of all the ideas and Don't be afraid to kill something that doesn't work
  • 14.Make learning fun and a part of everyone's KRAs/KPI
  • 15.Engage employees, customers, partners, vendors as well as the world through crowdsourcing
  • 16.Keep everyone updated with digital technologies & global best practices - blockchain and Artificial Intelligence have the potential to disrupt many industries
  • 17.Look for simple solutions
  • 18.Have a transparent reward, recognition and appreciation system
  • 19.Ensure that there is 100% meritocracy
  • 20. Help your employees solve their problem
  • 21.Create a dialogue box – where the employees post their problems [which they could not solve or failed] and others solve them
  • 22. Ensure that there is a Crisis-opportunity team – who tries to find opportunities in every crisis that your organization, your industry faces
  • 23. Co-create, co-create, co-create
  • 24. Engage your employees the best ways possible and one ce they are engaged make them engage with your customers and prospects in innovative and regular ways
  • 25. Brain storming is important – but ensue that it gets Implemented and executed too
  • 26. Ensure that all the necessary resources and support is available
  • 27.Focus of steady incremental innovations and improvements on day to day functioning for sustained growth
  • 28. Handle people with care - who are capable and think very different YET are say lazy. Many of these can bring very new and transformational changes and ideas
  • 29. Top leadership has to ensure that this most important aspect of organizational role doesn't get delegated to a functional responsibility like say that of HR or an innovation team – everyone has to be involved
  • 30. The vision has to be very crystal-clear, motivating, simple and pride-inducing
  • 31.The top leaders have to ensure demonstrating living the core personal and organizational values
  • 32. Communication the correct situation of the organizations to employees to Kill the rumor-mill
  • 33. Let the situational leadership – that is – letting the most competent employee for that specific task take the lead and others support – prevail in the organization. Again, this is top driven thing only
  • 34. Encourage and create a mechanism for the ideas from the operating levels reach the top
  • 35. Think like a mom-and-pop store for creating ways to enhance customer experience delight
  • 36. Kill the red-tape by giving empowerment and authority even at the smallest functional level
  • 37.Have a performance driven career-path for the employees
  • 38. Instill sense of ownership and belongingness
  • 39. Remove people who are chain-pullers
  • 40. Ensure that recognition and rewards are consistent
  • 41.Eliminate projects and processes that don't work
  • 42. No idea is stupid. If someone challenges the norm and it fails, we learn from it. Don't punish them
  • 43. Support good ideas through to implementation
  • 44. Give your employees reasons to care meaningfully for you and the organization
  • 45. Create healthy competition Redefine definition of competition in your organization
  • 46. Do what you can to minimize your own stress so you can be at your best
  • 47.Invest your time in the creative nourishment of your workers
  • 48. There is nothing better than a fresh new project that has the whole team amped up and ready to create.
  • 49. Don't Be Afraid to Set Unrealistic Goals and Deadlines – but then be at forefront to brain-storm with your people on – if it can be done – how we are going to do it
  • 50. Seek Inspiration Everywhere
  • 51.Schedule Creative Activities
  • 52. Think Big, Invent Small
  • 53. Observe, Talk, Ask, Listen to Measure the Market and the customers
  • 54. Simplify approval processes
  • 55.Cross pollinate the points-of-view
  • 56. Introduce your employees to new concepts and ways of thinking with job rotation, multi-skilling and ensuring teams incorporate people from different backgrounds and generations
  • 57.Maximize diversity to maximize innovation
  • 58. Bring in occasional outsider to bring in fresh perspectives and different background differs from that of your existing staff
  • 59. Look broader - beyond your industry for new ideas which can be adopted by your people and organization
  • 60. Run a contest, scout for ideas from colleges and your customers
  • 61.Copy someone else's idea and then improve
  • 62. Use difficulties and complaints a tool and opportunity for improvement
  • 63. Encourage Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship [someone who thinks like an entrepreneur but brings their ideas to the company where they are employed instead of launching their own business]
  • 64. Improvise when some idea does-not work
  • 65. Focus On - Why of your organization's existence
  • 66. Learn and Use the innovation frameworks like Running Lean, Design Thinking, Lean Startup
  • 67.Use the lessons from disruptive industries those are huge currently
  • 68. Look to Other Areas for expansion
  • 69. Make workplace fun, Re-Humanize the Work and the workplace
  • 70. Use innovation to respond to change, uncertainty, and constraints
  • 71.Improve your own process how you generate ideas
  • 72.Think like a venture capitalist
  • 73.Balance operational excellence with innovation
  • 74.There's no one proven formula for success – o stop looking for one
  • 75.Always focus on excellence rather than perfection
  • 76.Focus more on results than on processes
  • 77.Benchmark against the best
  • 78. Create practical and helpful employee job-levels – ditch hierarchies 

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