Becoming a Real-Life Hero


Real-life heroes and off-course the Real-life heroines are seldom those well-known and recognizable celebrities who are revered by the masses.

[I will be using this word Hero as gender-neutral - to refer to both male and females' genders but also to other genders as well].

In my opinion there is clear distinction between celebrities and real-life heroes.

Most of the Celebrities Heroes - in almost all the cases – are Individual ultra-high achievers.

Whereas the real-life heroes are someone who have added great-unparallel value to an individual, community or nation.

In Many cases, the real-life stars or heroes are not even known among even their own close circles. In fact most of them are unsung Heroes.

As the history shows - Many of the real-life heroes are recognized as heroes only after they were no more there and maybe sometimes never.

​Then why should we choose living the life of a real-life hero.

Well for one if you choose to make your mindset attuned to living the life of a real-hero – you would get the following immeasurable benefits

1.You would have a natural in-built positive disposition, attitude, outlook

2.You would lead a meaningful and fulfilling life as your motivation, zeal , zest would be generating automatically

3.You would be able to handle more effectively - the hard-knocks that life gives almost everyone

4.Because you do what makes you come alive and makes you feel contended [as against looking for certain gratifications especially those which are dependent on others plus on certain things happening – which is beyond your area of control anyway] – your stress levels would be low

5.You would be able to bounce-back faster from set-backs, upsets, crises, failures etc

6.You would be living your life fully as you would be enjoying the process, the journey, the actions vis-à-vis being focused on some goals, outcomes, results – because You would be mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually more mature and intelligent

Heroes are simply those who go that extra-mile – in a situation where others either ignore or get into a mental-paralysis of inaction [ and the fact is even if they haven't done this, nobody could point a finger at them].

Simply put a real-life hero could be anyone – who instead of being a bystander – takes actions that makes the difference.

Different examples to show how each one of us can be the real-life heroes even while doing every day work

1.A firefighter that runs into a burning building and ensures that everyone is safe or A kid who saves younger kid being attacked by an animal or Someone who jumps into the pond to save a drowning

2.The paramedic or a doctor who besides saving lives- also ensures that the affected family members too are consoled

3.A person who doesn't have enough for himself/herself – yet shares that with people who are worse-off than him/her

4.Who teaches/ helps the underprivileged in his/her free time in-spite of being fully busy

5.In case of Indian army/navy/air-force/para-military/police[which is actually a voluntary force – puts up a fight with the terrorists and sacrifices

6.A person who fights against tyranny

7.A person who stands-up against someone getting bullied

8.A person who beats the odds and limitations[of physical, social, financial etc nature] to go on to become an example

9.A person who does something that stops something wrong being done at least in his/area of control

10.OR does something simple as picking up trash littered by people who just don't care

11.Helping another person in a dangerous emergency

12.Whistle blowing on an injustice

13.Incurring loss/Sacrificing to help maybe a total stranger

14.Defying an unjust authority

We all have the potential to be heroes.

Yet we don't live a life of real-life heroes because Most of us have a very wrong perception about Heroes - we tend to associate The Heroes with total Perfection.

Real-life Heroism happens through the efforts of ordinary men and women who persistently strive to overcome their natural imperfections, individual shortcomings, social disadvantages and personal demons.

Real life heroes are not defined by their super powers – because they don't have any.

We all have our own weaknesses, flaws, faults - but each one of us can be the light in some else's darkness or even be the listening ear for someone who just needs it.

To be a hero you do not need global, nationwide, or even local recognition - just the internal satisfaction of making a nano-differences.

When your actions inspire others [without forcing them or having any power over them] to dream more, learn more, do more and become more – You become a leader and a real-hero.

Great leadership has the potential to excite people to achieve extraordinary things.

All of you who wants to be a real-life hero - there is fantastic opportunity in India in April 2019 – because of the existing regime of Suppression, dehumanization, unjust systems, absolute disregard for the country's welfare, encouragement of criminal-elements and total annihilation of the watch-dogs of the country.

The Key to heroism is a concern for other people in need—a concern to defend a moral cause - knowing there is a personal risk, done without expectation of reward.

Each of us may possess the capacity to do terrible things.

But we also possess an inner hero - if stirred into action, that inner hero is capable of performing tremendous goodness for others.

Heroes surround us. One in five human being are heroes - based on the definition of heroism given aforesaid.

Because of these people - the world is still a great place to live.

The basic qualities to be a real-life heroall the *marked ones are all my blogs on the respective topics with DIY Tips in success unlimited mantra

1.Wisdom to differentiate between bad and good in long term

2.Having Empathy* - Heroes Are Good at Seeing Things From the Perspective of Others as well as for the larger good

3.Having larger than their life vision* - they care for themselves and the world they live in

4.Respecting themselves – they go for being respectable rather than being likable*

5.Practicing Common sense*

6.Saying No to anything wrong

7.Putting your foot down to unacceptable behaviors

8.Being assertive* in recognizing your as well as other's basic rights

9.Heroes Are Concerned with the Well-being* of Others, the world they live-in, the social circle they move in

10.Having Clear values*

11.They learn, practice and are prepared with useful skills

12.They go beyond their fears*

13.They are dependable and disciplined

14.Heroes are emotionally secure and confident*

15.They have high social intelligence*

16.They are resilient* and practice perseverance

17.They have on an average positive attitude, disposition and nature*

18.Because they are driven through their inner-passion they self-motivated or self-driven

19.They do what they do because of their internal-satisfaction – their expectations from their deeds are negligible

20.They take risk * although they are seldom foolishly audacious

21.They are focused* and determined*

22.They have strong Conviction and sense of Responsibility*

23.They try to excel in whatever field they are

24.They are flexible*

25.They have the courage* to take actions – not just talking

26.They trust their intuitions and are curious

27.They ae great problem solvers*

28.They are not afraid to make mistakes*

29.They bounce back from failures*

30.They give their 100%*

31.They don't have regrets* - Because they give their 100%*

32.They accept and admit mistakes and their weaknesses and try make their weaknesses their strength*

33.They can always see the possibilities and opportunities* when none can

34.They manage their energies well

35.They are authentic* - They don't pretend to be someone else

36.They are humble and polite*

37.They are impartial, just and meritocratic*

Ways Anyone Can Become a Real-life Hero

1.Study the Greats who were not born into greatness and were ordinary YET caused major movement

2.Practice what you believe in rather than preaching

3.Listen for your inner voice's call that fills you with thrills – it may not be dramatic but could be immensely important and helpful to those you help

4.Choose to Promote the Good

5.Oppose the Bad

6.Look for Opportunities to take actions - especially when very few are taking initiative

7.Use the Power of Small Gestures, Small Help, Small actions, small Results

8.Be consistence*

9.Perform Random Acts of - Volunteer Your Time, Volunteer Your Talent

10.Donate for the right cause to the right group if you can

11.Learn self-defense

12.Learn first aid and CPR

13.Exercise and Eat a healthy and balanced diet

14.Let go of your expectations of being recognized

15.Be ready to act when others are passive

16.Ask someone if they could use some help

17.Be Prepared - Prepared for what, you may ask - Prepared for anything

18.Create your very own Emergency Preparedness knowledge and skills

19.Practice the 37 points given above to perfection

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