Future Leadership Skills

Future Leadership Skills

Welcome to the world of Rapid, Unpredictable, Chaotic, Inconsistent, Oxymoronic, and Badly-Tangled, Volatile, Complex, Hazy-Picture, Continuously-Changing, Overwhelming & Unstable Atmosphere [you are welcome to add words that I might have missed in this series].

Today's Leaders as well as the most common man need to learn the skills to cope with Chaos, Complexities, Uncertainties, ambiguous, confusing-catch-22 and volatile situations.

These are the most-immutable must-have 70+ skills*.

If you don't understand, learn, master and practice them – then you will either have a very stressful or a very mediocre life or both.

This may sound dooms-day predictions and very scarybut fortunately – polishing these competencies, can take you to the top also and make your life more joyous and fulfilling.

Many of us are afraid of the fear* of unknown – it is because our brains looks for certainties, securities, problems those solve themselves or problems* to be solved once for all[this is due to our conditioning through the most damning concept of – living happily* ever-after].

Our brain always tries to find a pattern to predict to create a permanently secured future and life – WHICH IS Just Not THERE FOR ANYONE.

Throughout our life we will be rocked, shocked and caught off-guard by constant change – THERE IS NO MENTAL, Physical AND EMOTIONAL SECURITY WHICH WOULD LAST LIFE-TIME.

Chaos and uncertainty and volatility and ambiguity is the NORM.

If we are unable to accept these – we would be chasing mirage forever – which many of us do – they spend their lifetime searching for perfect end, perfect partner, perfect job, perfect solutions, perfect answers etc etc.

Sometimes it can be real OMG, WTF, WTH and WhyMe situations – but IT IS ALSO A BIG OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL OF US.

The biggest danger is off-course are not being prepared and ignoring the warning sirens and signals.

Having failed* miserably in many-many situations and with many people and even in those circumstances that I should never have failed – I know that in spite of exhaustive plans – the Murphy's laws is the only thing that you can bank upon.

When Even the best laid-plans fail miserably – so what preparations we are talking about.

Let us first understand few of the drivers of this unpredictable and disruptive times - they could be

  • 1.Terrorism
  • 2.Increase in religious polarization
  • 3.US-China power-war & UK-Europe Brexit & China's Aim on Dominating the World
  • 4.The technology which changes every yesterday – AI, Blockchain, Big-Data, Nano-Technology, Robotics etc
  • 5.The weak political and OTHER types of LEADERS
  • 6.The climate-change due to human interference
  • 7.Education systems not attune to the Practical-world
  • 8.Globalization
  • 9.The stock-market interdependence on all of the above and more factors
  • 10.Too much information generation and availability
  • 11.Impact of social media on Market, Selling, Customers, Sellers and Buyers
  • 12.Rapid Urbanization
  • 13. Millennials becoming the majority in the workforce
  • 14.Accelerated Innovation

To be able to handle this type of life – you need to tone your muscles in the following areas [so that if unexpected happens, in spite of our giving 100%, being prepared for all the exigencies]

  • 1.Able to withstand the shock more effectively
  • 2.Able to bounce-back* faster efficiently from our failures* and setbacks
  • 3.Developing mental-toughness
  • 4.Toning our emotional-resilience*
  • 5.Becoming better problem-solver*
  • 6.Looking for and embracing change* pro-actively by Becoming flexible* and adoptable* to rapid deviations and fluctuations
  • 7.Recognizing the self-improvement and self-development and self-growth lessons this change gives us AND applying them
  • 8.Learning to see the Financial, Professional, Relationship Future-Opportunities* this provides
  • 9.Able to see the same situation from widely different and paradoxical perspectives*
  • 10.Enjoying the journey* that our life is – irrespective of what level of misery you have been subjected to
  • 11.Able to identify more choices*, possibilities, options and different solutions - than identifiable through conventional thinking
  • 12.Able to relate the Chaos theory – that says – even a minor change can create major impact in the outcome
  • 13.Making learning* your everyday nature just like breathing
  • 14.Giving your 100%* and knowing when to give-up*
  • 15.Handling your stress* better

So What We Can Do – all the * marked ones are those I have written blogs giving DIY tips in my success unlimited mantra blogs.

  • 1.Challenging our assumptions*
  • 2. Reframing our beliefs and Thinking*
  • 3.Nurturing and Practicing Learning Agility - The ability and willingness to learn from experience and subsequently apply that learning to perform successfully under new and challenging conditions
  • 4.Developing Leadership Across ranks and files
  • 5.Leveraging Polarities Inherent in Complex Challenges - Leaders need to take their thinking to a new level by recognizing seemingly unsolvable challenges not as problems to be solved but as polarities to be leveraged — shifting their mindset, thinking, and decision-making from either/or to both/and
  • 6.Assess the current impact and possible influence in future on
  • I.Social
  • II.Technological
  • III.Economic & Financial
  • IV.Ecological
  • V.Political
  • VI.Market
  • VII.Customer
  • VIII.Employees
  • IX.People
  • 7.Develop Existing Leaders to Be Agile Leaders.
  • 8.Defining organization of the future culture and linking it to desired results
  • I.Learning agility is all and more of the following
    Flexibility – to change, stop-doing, alter-frequency, give up
  • II.Grasping new ideas fast
  • III.Experimenting – trying newer ideas till you find the best fit
  • IV.Taking Risk*
  • V.Getting Mentor* and Asking others for help, feedback, suggestions
  • VI.Leveraging the skills of the team by practicing Situational Leadership*
  • VII.Becoming Great Observer* to be aware of the world, the environment
  • VIII.Asking meaningful questions*
  • IX.Introspection* and Reflecting
  • X.Living the change you want to create by Becoming a change agent
  • XI.Becoming a culture agile person
  • XII.Becoming a talent magnet by leading by example*
  • XIII.Being Yourself - totally authenticity
  • XIV.Moving from Best Practices to The Bestest-This-Moment-Thinking because the Best practice was yesterday
  • XV.Getting in touch with the Market and the emerging trends in your field as well as in totally non-related field
  • XVI.Developing Ability to turn frustrations, crises* and dilemmas into advantages and opportunities*
  • XVII.Developing Ability to engage with and nurture purposeful business or social change networks through intelligent use of electronic or other media
  • 9.Collaborative co-creating
  • 10.Get There Early – initiating changes before you are forced to
  • 11.Creating Physical and Mental Discipline
  • 12.Creating and practicing sharp focus*
  • 13.Listening* and Empathy*
  • 14.Creating Humble Strength within yourself
  • 15.Practicing Strong ethics and value* based leadership*
  • 16.Be tough-minded yet tender-hearted – practice being sift yet firm
  • 17.Being demanding yet fair
  • 18.Sharpen your Decision-making
  • 19.Be respectable and not likable*
  • 20.Master Communication And 'Soft Skills'
  • 21.Learn to grow From empathy to emotional intelligence*
  • 22.Be poised and thoroughly professional*
  • 23.Going From being ambitious to visionary
  • 24.Create your very own Big-picture vision
  • 25.Practice using System thinking Design thinking, Lateral thinking, creative thinking[all are almost same] in your everyday decision making and action taking and thinking
  • 26.Understand the power of interdependence
  • 27.Be up to date in your Understanding of Technology
  • 28.Leverage technology to ease your task as well as to make life more convenient for all your stake-holders
  • 29.Create the right style to manage a human-robot workplace interface
  • 30.Develop your people as leaders
  • 31.Use Diversity and Inclusion to your best advantage
  • 32.Involve the team or the world in problem solving – don't try to be a martyr
  • 33.Be a real life hero*
  • 34.Develop your Human intelligence quotient by increasing your ability to understand human behavior
  • 35.Know when to persevere * and when to PIVOT
  • 36.Start enjoying Experimenting in face of UNCERTAINTY
  • 37.If made mistake – accept and move on – no excuse, no justification
  • 38.Challenge yourself and all your assumptions
  • 39.Ask experts to clarify their logic and press on till you can understand as layman – their logic. If not convinced take second or third opinion
  • 40.Be ready to dump any process if it creates more effectiveness
  • 42.Be Transparent
  • 43.Be accountable
  • 44.Take responsibility for all your decisions and actions

World Economic Forum listed Top 10 skills needed in 2020—all of which are soft skills and people skills:

  • 1.Complex Problem Solving
  • 2.Critical Thinking
  • 3.Creativity
  • 4.People Management
  • 5.Coordinating with Others
  • 6.Emotional Intelligence
  • 7.Judgment and Decision Making
  • 8.Service Orientation
  • 9.Negotiation
  • 10.Cognitive Flexibility

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