Help-Forum for People who Lost their Job and Businesses

Forum for Help for People Losing Jobs and Business Self-Sustaining-Help-Forum for Those Who Lost Jobs and Businesses


In this article, you will find 

A. 24 Tips on how to beat this unprecedented crisis, to not only survive but to even grow- in the  wake of  loss of job, earnings and business failures

B. Self-sustaining, Self-help Global-community for the Self-employed Professionals, Micro/Small & Medium Business-Owners, Unemployed Skilled or Unskilled People, Housewives and Students

C. How this Generate-Earning-Forum will work

D. The situation we may face in the Corona-Covid19 world [as we know it is not going away any time soon]


Are you a person who has suddenly lost all earnings completely or they have been substantially reduced and/or you are facing the prospects of dipping into your savings​because of loss of your job or a pay-cut or because your self-employed profession got affected adversely or your small business is unable to generate enough revenues to meet your bare-minimum basic operational-expenses.

Then on a war-footing, we need to find simple, practical, scalable solutions that can make us earn enough through alternative channels.

All these ideas and solutions have to be based on your existing Skills, Expertise, Knowledge, Niche-Competencies, Strengths, Qualities etc. plus those skills that you can now acquire.

=>  Towards this vision I am attempting to start a  Self-sustaining, Self-help Global-community 

#This would be for the Self-employed Professionals, Micro/Small & Medium Business-Owners, Unemployed Skilled or Unskilled People, Housewives, Students or anyone else who is desperately looking to find innovative ways to substantiate their earnings.

Right now - to set the ball-rolling - I am requesting you all to comment at the bottom of this blog - as per the guidelines given below.

Once we have a reasonable number of interested and active people – we will create a page and later a specifically dedicated website to take this movement to people who need these helps most - but can't find or can afford it.

How will this 'Generate-Earning-Forum'  work?

This would work as a CROWD-SOURCING platform through the active participation of every person involved - to

  • 1.Generate newer innovative and disruptive ideas
  • 2.Refine the ideas shared
  • 3. Help others improvise and customize their ideas
  • 4. Help others discover their skills and expertise – which they can monetize
  • 5. Help others  make it a real value proposition for their clients
  • 6. Help others realize if the idea can become an earner or whether it should be put on the back-burner for time-being
  • 7. Help others to connect with influencers in his/her areas
  • 8. Help each one to solve the obstacles – which will prop up
  • 9. Help others improvise the solutions
  • 10. Help each other sell and market
  • 11.Generate multiple options in for every market, every service, every product
  • 12. Get our own brain-waves – to turn this life-shocking impact of this pandemic - into an opportunity
  • 13. MENTOR, INSPIRE  each other and be an ANCHOR for other

Guidelines – You can do all of the following to be an active participant and reap the benefits

  • 1. Share the  Challenges  you are facing
  • 2. Share your expertise
  • 3. Share how can you help others
  • 4. Share your  Ideas that others can use to make money
  • 5. Share your contacts- your professional and social network to this forum
  • 7.Ask for any mentoring/counseling/consulting/hand-holding help from or

The situation we may face in the Corona-Covid19 world [as we know it is not going away any time soon]:

  • 1. You could be among the millions of workforces in the organized sector in India – for whom this is the beginning of a long-horrible-24X7nightmare. 
  • 2. For a vast section of working people – prospects of salary cut or job loss are staring them right in their immediate-future – especially for people working in small to medium establishments in India.
  • 3. Remaining unemployed for a long-long time is a future - which is looming-large for hundreds of thousands of people in few sectors, who have already lost their jobs or about to get the notice.
  • 4. With many of the sectors becoming unopenable – the people employed directly as well as those who depend on these sectors will lose their livelihood.
  • 5. Slipping into poverty is very-very easy- with this type of economic crash [as scores of them have already fallen in the hopeless-gloomy well of deprivation and scarcity].
  • 6. While almost all of us will face loss of income BUT we shall also be faced with spiraling costs and expenses
  • 7. Now onwards a large majority of the working-class people will have to focus all their energies, time, efforts only on subsistence and survival.
  • 8. That is why we need to persist in discovering, identifying, polishing, mastering and marketing these talents and competencies – till we have tested and started encashing them into meaningful financial barter or money.
  • 9. With the stimulus-packages that the government has announced – nothing will alter for the working-class – except that they will save less and their future would be more uncertain.

From Jan. 2020 onwards I was beginning to get uncomfortable with the rapidly deteriorating economic-crisis of the worst kind.Then I got hit myself and lost my life's entire investments through Franklin-Templeton's debit mutual funds – which they closed down.

Yes, I admit it is my fault entirely for foolishly trusting and entrusting my total investment to an unscrupulous man.But losing almost everything at this age of 58 - when if you are not actively employed – you are considered UNEMPLOYABLE.

Seeing the way the economy is managed in India – I don't expect the job market or the economy will revive in the next 3-5 years.

People who are self-employed professionals [ excepting few professions like in the medical field] – would find their client base and size of business evaporating drastically AND may become hard-up for survival.

24 Tips on how to beat this unprecedented crisis to not only survive but to even grow- in wake of loss of job, earnings and business failures

  1. First, identify, discover, look-for – a talent, a strength, a quality, an expertise – that is uniquely yours => Most people tend to dismiss what they're good at. Part of it is that you become so accustomed to having whatever skill you have that you cease to notice it- please understand that If someone was or is paying you for a job - it means that you have a value
  2. Identify – in how many ways it adds value to – the individuals as well as the organizations OR simply whether  Can You Monetize Your Effort Outside of Your Workplace
  3. Explore ridiculous ways and possibilities on how You can Create Income from Your Skillsets
  4. Identify whether you Skillset are scalable
  5. Explore, brainstorm, seek-advice – to understand how this USP [unique selling point] of yours can be turned into a money-generating meaningful engagement
  6. Find out what are the things that are bothering you right now – then find out  how many people share the same nagging pain that they want to get rid of AND may be willing to pay you to get the solution
  7. People, organizations, communities, businesses will pay money for anything that you bring to their table provided
  8. *It saves them money
  9. *It makes them earn money
  10. *It gets them more customers
  11. *It enhances the value of their proposition
  12. *It gives them an unbeatable edge in the eyes of their customers and advantage over their competitors
  13. *It helps then build sustainable and valuable services, products and concepts AND makes doing business easier OR solve a nasty-nagging problem of theirs
  14. Now find out – how large is this mass of people/business – is it large enough for creating a long-term earning potential
  15. Now find out are your target customers buying this – if they are already buying – then it is both good as well as difficult new. Good because – there is a market. Difficult because you have to make the greatest efforts to get your value-proposition better than your competitors
  16. Create reasons – so that your ideal customers buy from you
  17. Find out which channels you can use to reach them to – make them aware about your existence and what you do
  18. Then make them test, taste, try – whatever you are selling – with the only focus being on creating maximum value
  19. Identify which resources you need and which you already have – like network and connection with influencers etc. 
  20. Then do the cost-benefit analysis – whether you will be able to sustain your efforts till it starts paying back
  21. Do a google-search to analyze the keywords that your target customer is using to define their problems
  22. Talk directly with your target customers about their negative perception of people doing similar business like yourself
  23. Analyze your competition to see how they are solving – your ideal customer's problem
  24. Explore ways to create meaningful differentiation through unparallel value-addition – that is not cost intensive
  25. Find out, how you can promote yourself  through social media and by creating curiosity in your offerings
  26. Find out, who else is there in your circle, network, connections – who too are struggling with similar challenges
  27. Find ways to enroll them in your large picture in a way that it is mutually enriching
  28. Create a network of support – especially for the time you would go into blues
  29. Identify what additional skills, knowledge, competencies, mindsets, habits you need to develop to take your ideas further AND then upskill

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