How to Prepare for a Tough Life Ahead

Getting Through the Toughest Times of Your Life Getting Ready for a Long-haul Tough Life

 How to prepare for a very long-haul of the toughest phase of your life ahead.

In this article you can find the right strategies to deal with the chaotic world post corona-covid19

  • A.   49+ Tips for Healthy Mindset Changes at Personal Level
  • B.   11 Toughest Challenges You as a business head will face when your business reopens  [especially if yours is a non-essential business] 
  • C.   34 Tasks as a Business Head You Must Do Immediately
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Believe it now or believe it later – BUT – every aspect of our lives is going to change SIGNIFICANTLY, DRASTICALLY, PAINFULLY.

The Choice is yourswould you like it to be a drastic OR a meaningful-well-planned change.

I can guarantee you - this is going to be a very-very long-haul.

And only with your resolve, determination,relearning and pivoting - you may remain afloat.

You can remove the word "EASY" from your life's dictionary at least for the near future.

Earlier too - nothing profound, worthwhile and meaningful was easy to accomplish - now it has only become more tough.

There is a popular saying "prepare for the worst and hope for the best" – HERE I AM SAYING THAT – "Prepare for the worst AND mentally ready for it to be worstest".

Sounds very pessimistic – but in today's approaching economic-catastrophe – this way of looking and preparing for the most unthinkable negative scenario - may turn out to be a great strategy to remain sane and in control of your life.

Even if you are among those businesses or professions  – which seem secured – complete volatility, complexities, uncertainties and ambiguities of this world around you [which you depend on] – will impact you sooner or later.

Before this corona-covid19 hit us – maybe your life was good and it had its own charm, fun, joy and satisfaction.

Now because of this pandemic - you might have lost your livelihood, your business, your total financial-security, someone you love, your home and maybe even your health.

Financial-dooms to relationship-failures to business-bankruptcies to job-losses to education-becoming-redundant – are some of the possible chaos you may face.

The most-fittest of us too may succumb – but the bestest among the fittest would manage not only to survive and will become stronger.

If instead of getting rattled, shattered and devastated - Would you like to be among the survivors and trendsetters – then please read on.

49 Tips for Healthy Mindset Changes at Personal Level – given in random order

  • 1.If you have been hard and fallen flat – naturally you would take some time to get up – don't fight with this urge to immediately rise and start the first of the long list of battle that you must fight to win this war.
  • 2.Because even you get up and start running – there are circumstances beyond your control in the world – which may not support your speed.
  • 3.Understand that nothing great will happen soon – so you have to identify and list all your reserves, energies, wits, skills, competencies, will-power, strengths, weaknesses, challenges, the support-network etc. etc. – then consolidate them together
  • 4.Then look at the future – what best you can do – this can never be one choice – BUT – you need to generate long-lists of all possible actions that are within your area of control and influence
  • 5.Sleep over all your options, possibilities, alternatives -again and again – till you find those which sets your heart running
  • 6.Then do the soft testing of your ideas with your loved ones – telling them to find holes in your concept, idea or dreams
  • 7.Stop looking at the clock – because we are right now in a weird timeless zone – whether it is Sunday or Saturday - Does it matter
  • 8.Also stop trying to figure out how long this crisis is going to last
  • 9.This is not the time to have a hourly tracking of progress you are making
  • 10. This is the time to set small, incremental goals daily goals to maximum weekly ones – only when you have accomplished successful and attained the milestones that you had set for this period – you go for the next stage
  • 11. Celebrate with your loved ones even the smallest of your wins
  • 12. You need to accept the fact that You're not the only one who is going through this crisis – but only You can create plan and execute a strategy to keep you going and also supporting your backers
  • 13. The best way to handle the ambiguity and uncertainty is always to focus on the broadest view say looking from an eagle's eye while flying at the top and then contextualize – how you can create a specific niche for yourself
  • 14. Stop going for perfect plans, zero-failure strategies – focus instead on action, execution, implementation
  • 15. Pivot and improvise fast when something doesn't work - do this till you either find a new way or solve the challenges
  • 16. Consider the big and small picture - Differentiate between – End-goals, Means-goals, Outcome-goals, Process-goals
  • 17. Increase your concentration and focus by meditating or reading a book.
  • 18. Work on your discipline - to get into your ideal mental state
  • 19. Take a full assessment of your present state and accept it
  • 20. Wherever you are will not get even slightly impacted by any amount of worrying about things that may or may not happen in the future
  • 21. Creating alone time to think and visually prepare for what lies ahead
  • 22. Do nothing. Literally, spend the afternoon before the race watching films, lying on the sofa. Nothing taxing
  • 23. Go to bed early and wake up fresh 
  • 24. Know that you have an absolute choice over what you think about. Feed your mind with thoughts and images that make you feel strong, positive and confident
  • 25. Develop your own recipe for success with mental and physical preparation in the days, hours, minutes before your challenge
  • 26. Accept the moment as it is and you as you are. Do not waste precious energy worrying about the things that can go wrong or what you haven't done
  • 27. Control the controllable. Anything outside your control is futile to worry about
  • 28. Get SMART - Break it down - Take action
    Focus immediately on a solution.
  • 29. Accept that some level of failure is inevitable.
  • 30. Polish your Pre-implementation processes
  • 31. Remember that success doesn't happen overnight
  • 32. Record the tough times you faced and came-out triumphantly – identify what did you learn about your strengths. It is because without experiencing tough times, we can't have the strategies we need to deal with the impossible.
  • I.Have you dealt with a serious life-threatening illness or accident - then will you ever take your health for granted ever again.
  • II.Have you lost a precious relationship – does that tells you about the importance of relationship
  • III.Lost your job in the past – so you can get another one now – in case you have lost it again now
  • IV.Your heroes are your heroes because they've used their tough times to become stronger.
  • V.Pain is part of life and love, and it helps you grow
  • VI.Your biggest fears even if it exists – you have the capabilities to face it and take action
  • VII.You can't change situations you don't take responsibility for
  • VIII.The present situation is something only you have to deal with
  • IX.Find things that you are thankful for, grateful about, feel blissful and blessed
  • X.Understand that Great things take time.
  • XI.Stop looking at other people to validate you
  • 33. Prioritize self-care.
  • 34. Ask for help.
  • 35. Don't let toxic people in your life anymore
  • 36. Challenge your beliefs, assumptions and perceptions - continuously
  • 37. Practice saying yes to your desires AND NO to all unwanted low/no priority people and tasks
  • 38. Think and concentrate only on finding different and better solutions
  • 39. Feel good about what you have rather than feeling bad about what you don't
  • 40. Rely on your faith and lean on your Higher Power
  • 41. Find inspiration through others who've overcome similar situations
  • 42. Seek opportunities to contribute something to others
  • 43. Tackle Your Toughest Problems First
  • I.Write down the problems involved. On paper they may seem more manageable than swirling in your head.
  • II.List as many solutions as possible. For now, silence your internal judge. You can reject options later.
  • III.Assess your list. Try asking yourself how you'd like this situation to end. Which options likely will get you there? You also can weigh pros and cons.
  • IV.Accept reasonably good solutions. Research suggests that searching for a perfect option breeds disappointment.
  • V.Once you pick some solutions, break them into reasonable chunks and make a concrete plan. You might set yourself some specific deadlines too.
  • VI.Don't get discouraged if the first solution you try doesn't pan out. Try another one on your list.
  • VII.Reframe and readjust Your Thinking
  • 44. Ask yourself how realistic your worry is. Our imaginations can take us into situations that may never develop.
  • I.Set aside "worry" time each day. Then whenever a negative thought intrudes, tell yourself to wait until the set time. You may feel better by then.
  • II.Look at tough times as an opportunity to learn, grow or improve your situation. Maybe you've seen how supportive your friends are or learned how strong you can be in a tough time.
  • 45. Go into 'survival mode' if necessary – minimum expenses, maximum joy, optimum exercise
  • 46. Be Resilient - When Life Gets Hard
  • 47. Throw your EGO - quit if it does not work after reasonable efforts, actions, time and expense - this type of quitting will make you happier, reduces your stress and help your health.
  • 48. Make a clear distinction between denial about the situation and overconfidence in your abilities.
  • 49. Prepare -Even If It's Too Late For Preparation - Focus on What You Can Control, Not What You Can't

11 Toughest Challenges You as a business head will face when your business reopens [especially if yours is a non-essential business]

  • 1.Employees would be are nervous about their future if not about getting infected
  • 2.How many and whom would you call and whom would you let go
  • 3.Even if all these you manage to sort out – your customers are not likely to return en-masse
  • 4.Then you will have the most important mother of all question - whether it is worth re-opening
  • 5.How will you pay to employees, vendors, suppliers, utilities, your-debtors
  • 6.How will you collect outstanding that others owe you
  • 7.When it comes to certain types of businesses, of course, social distancing
  • 8.may make opening financially unviable -
  • 9.Factories, for instance, may be able to operate at half capacity – would they make enough money to survive
  • 10. For hotels and restaurant - opening up to serve say one-third the usual volume of customers would cost more than they can earn
  • 11. On the other hand - there are risks to not opening – your competitors who choose to open can steal market share or be better positioned by the time economy bounces back PLUS your top talent may leave

34 Tasks as a Business Head You Must Do Immediately

  • 1.Acquire knowledge – reskill – both yourself as well as your team
  • 2.Rapidly recover revenue - - it will not be enough for companies to recover revenues gradually as the crisis abates- speedy action in this case is the most important aspect
  • 3.Get into Start-up mindset- experiment, take-action and improvise
  • 4.Understand what customers will value, post-COVID-19, and develop new use cases and tailored experiences based on those insights
  • 5.Identify and prioritize revenue opportunities - This may include sustained campaigns to win retain loyal customers, reallocating spending to proven growth sources; reskilling employees creating flexible revenue generation models, digitizing and automating processes
  • 6.Maintain a sense of possibility which can become your competitive advantage.
  • 7.Develop an agile operating model - meaning putting a new operating model built around the customer and supported by the right processes
  • 8.Accelerating end-to-end value-chain customization
  • 9.Reinvent and create new value through a far greater responsiveness to your end customers
  • 10. Focus on growth and innovation to increase customer life-time value
  • 11. Build a Business Continuity Plan
  • 12. What's my burn rate and runway
  • 13. What does your new business model look like
  • 14. Revise your sales revenue goals and product timelines and create a new business model and operating plan
  • 15. Review Online Subscriptions - Offer Discounts
  • 16. Renegotiate Supplier Contracts
  • 17. Use Invoice Factoring/discounting through banks
  • 18. Reorganize around New Demands
  • 19. Identify how might you use your existing assets to temporarily serve new market demands
  • 20. Brainstorm Survival Strategies with your team involving every level
  • 21. Apply for Government Grants – if available and applicable
  • 22. Connect with your Key Clients
  • 23. Review Your Marketing Spend
  • 24. Renegotiate Interest Rates
  • 25. Collect Outstanding Debts
  • 26. Consider Selling assets – in dire state and if you get reasonable value
  • 27. Introduce Pay-cuts and defer bonuses – to retain talent
  • 28. Scale Back on Perks and Fringe Benefits
  • 29. Offer More Attractive Terms to Investors
  • 30. Scale Back on Office Space
  • 31. Offer Milestone-Based Payment plan
  • 32. Calculate and make your cash-flow forecasts
  • 33. Handle your own and your team's Burnout
  • 34. Audit and adjust your customers' experience - Create innovative Customer retention strategies.

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