Discovering Your Unique Strengths and Minimizing Weaknesses

Making your strengths take you to the top Identify Your Real Strengths and Limiting Traits

 Discovering Your Unique Strengths and Minimizing Weaknesses

In this article we will learn

  • 6 factors are which tells us which are our real strengths and which of them might be our weaknesses in guise of strengths
  • 7 prerequisite understanding - on How to maximize our strengths and minimize our handicaps
  • 10 simple ways to maximize your strengths
  • 10 Supposedly Negative Habits and Traits - which can give us unbeatable advantages
  • 57 Bad Habits we need to Give Up to Be Successful, happy and contented
  • 39 Habits of Insanely Productive, Successful and Happy People

If used strategically many of our accepted weaknesses can become our biggest strengths.

The super successful are those who have identified, polished, and mastered their very own unique-niche - strengths, competencies and qualities to the level of ever evolving excellence -and they practice them in their every-day life as part of their nature.

To be more successful - we need to have many-many attributes, habits, attitude, skills[both hard as well as soft], discipline, dreams, competencies, ability to create and encash opportunities etc. etc.

All of us have many strengths as well as weaknesses [or more preferably – our areas of improvements and development] – this is part of the deal being human – even Super-Heroes have Achilles-heal.

6 factors are which tells us which are our real strengths and which of them might be our weaknesses in guise of strengths

  • 1.All of us have strengths those give us advantage over others
  • 2.We have strengths which because of our indiscriminate overuse – has actually become our stumbling blocks
  • 3.Then we have those weaknesses which hold us back from becoming our best self or accomplishing all that we have the potential for
  • 4.And we may have weaknesses those which can be turned into our biggest strengths
  • 5.We might also have those weaknesses which are insignificant in that way that if we don't point it to them to others – chances are nobody would notice them – these don't have any major effect
  • 6.Then we have those qualities which can make us into champions and winners – if we make it into our major strengths

7 prerequisite understanding - on How to maximize our strengths and minimize our handicaps

  • 1.First you have got to identify all these aforesaid 6 habits/mindsets/attitude – in as many numbers as you can – based on your real-life results, outcomes [which can both be failures as well as successes]
  • 2.Then we need to identify the ways we can work on improving the ones in points 1, 4 and 6
  • 3.We also need to scale-down the use of point 2 - using it only in times we need great boost.
  • 4.For point 3 - We need to go all out - finding ways, methods, means and mentors to help us overcome all these.
  • 5.We need to create a 60% focus for all those in 1,4,6. 30% for point 3 and 10% on point 2.
  • 6.You can read about - how to turn your weaknesses into strengths, about 42 types of intelligences, increasing your EQ, SQ, Creativity etc. etc. in the blog section of success unlimited mantra as well as in our YouTube channel.
  • 7.In case you have a very unique problem - you can connect with us through messages or above site and we can together work out a solution that you will start implementing immediately.

10 simple ways to maximize your strengths

1. Figure out what comes naturally to you 2. List What you love to do 3. Ask others what your strengths are
  • 4.Keep reinventing yourself – all of us have unique talents that others do not have - Identify what you do best.
  • 5.Identify what strength of yours people ask you to help them with – this is your Super-strength
  • 6.Identify what your strengths are and where and when to use them
  • 7.Ask yourself - How can you apply your strengths for greatest advantage
  • 8.Seek ways to improve and nurture your strengths frequently
  • 9.Use your strengths to help others
  • 10.Practice your strengths every day And ensure that it keeps on becoming stronger

10 Supposedly Negative Habits and Traits - which can give us unbeatable advantages– if we use them tactically and in the right situations and in correct opportunities.

  • 1.Few highly creative people have messy tables, desks, rooms, wardrobes – but that does not mean all the messy people are creative
  • 2.Many high-achievers are very-focused on their big-picture and nothing distracts them – BUT – at those times when things are not challenging enough and when we are caught in routine and are trapped in our comfort-zones - we need to be distracted and feeling the feeling of missing something – so that by getting distracted we can go into thinking about more meaningful things - Both Focus and distraction are essential elements of success.
  • 3.If there we need to choose between being Selfish and being a people pleaser - being selfish is always better compared to living a life just to satisfy them – because it will only fill our lives with regrets as we won't get those things that really matter to us most.
  • 4.Being proud of yourself – that is having the Self-confidence to think highly of yourself, as long as you aren't an arrogant jerk – being Egoist or being arrogant is certainly bad for us all the time
  • 5.Shyness – if being shy makes you think deeper, explore choices and say after weighing – it is great. It is bad if it paralyzes you into inaction or asking for what you want.
  • 6.Fear – for unknown and uncertain situation – fear up-to a level that makes us prepare better is good. It is bad when it stops from taking imperative actions.
  • 7.Cynicism – being skeptical about things at first glance is a great attribute
  • 8.Balance between being Thin and Thick Skinned- very few of us like criticism so we need to be thick skinned -but not paying attention to criticism from people who are smarter than us may make our growth and success stunted – we need to learn to listen to criticisms objectively and not take it personally—only use our listening to make ourselves better
  • 9.Being Pessimistic, Being Positive and Being Pragmatic - Thinking about everything that may go wrong helps us prepare for the worst. As all the time being positive is utter foolish advice – because it is just impossible -Yes we do need to develop the ability to bounce back fast from all the upsets.
  • 10.Procrastination and Laziness – as long as you do this to think through and sleep-over important decisions it is great. It becomes bad only when people start procrastinating about what is important. In fact many of lazy people can be highly creative as they are adept in finding shorter and better ways.

57 Bad Habits we Need to Give Up to Be Successful, happy and contented

  • 1.Ineffective Ways of Managing emotions like – anger, frustrations, stress
  • 2.Impulsive Buying and Spending habits
  • 3.Unhealthy Beliefs About Money
  • 4.Habit of Worrying Too Much even for minor insignificant issues
  • 5.Holding Yourself Back – not expressing – because of the concern - what others will think and feel
  • 6.Being Controlling and dominating
  • 7.Using Sarcasm to hurt and control people
  • 8.Not Being Able to Resolve Conflicts and neither putting any efforts towards it
  • 9.Sense of entitlement
  • 10.Talking more than listening
  • 11.Acting too cool to care
  • 12.Freaking out when making mistakes.
  • 13.Not scheduling time to learn
  • 14.Always being connected with social media
  • 15.Being Judgmental
  • 16.Being a People-Pleaser
  • 17.Spending time with the wrong people
  • 18.Not being curious
  • 19.Not knowing when to give up and when to give your all
  • 20.Constant comparisons and being Jealous
  • 21.Creating Impossible plans and deadlines to set yourself for failures
  • 22.Being Perfectionist
  • 23.Accepting less, undervaluing and underselling yourself
  • 24.Blaming others whenever things go wrong OR don't work as per your ideas
  • 25.Trying to Impress others at the cost of your own priorities
  • 26.Whining and complaining without taking action to correct
  • 27.Preaching without becoming an example
  • 28.Name-dropping when it is not needed
  • 29.Gossiping
  • 30.Having a closed mind with I am right attitude
  • 31.Sharing too much, too early - Sharing too much on social media
  • 32.Saying yes to everything - only caring about what others think
  • 33.Not challenging assumptions and experts
  • 34.Because of the Fear of Failure - Avoiding Making Mistakes
  • 35.Jumping to conclusions immediately
  • 36.Taking responsibility for things you can't control
  • 37.Spreading rumors and backbiting
  • 38.Pretending your problems don't exist
  • 39.Putting your happiness, satisfaction and success in the hands of others
  • 40.Not learning from mistakes and trying to cover-up/hide your mistakes
  • 41.Neglecting the things that are important to you.
  • 42.Putting the needs of other people first
  • 43.Not Taking care of yourself.
  • 44.Not being yourself - Trying to be just like someone else
  • 45.Minimizing other peoples' compliments and maximizing their criticisms
  • 46.Focusing on avoiding what you don't want -Instead of going after what you want
  • 47.Worrying about things you cannot change
  • 48.Believing that other peoples' opinions matter more than your own
  • 49.Passive Waiting for your circumstances to change – instead of taking charge, ownership and full accountability of your life
  • 50.Letting shame keep you from apologizing
  • 51.Expecting perfection of yourself, your loved ones, and your co-workers
  • 52.Feeling guilty when you spend time and resources in self-care
  • 53.Keeping busy for the sake of being busy
  • 54.Unable to handle failure
  • 55.Failing to delegate
  • 56.Unable to connect with others
  • 57.Not Seeking Help – because of internal belief of looking foolish

39 Habits of Insanely Productive, Successful and Happy People

  • 1.Looking adversity in the eye and challenging it
  • 2.Being a source of energy that lifts those around you.
  • 3.Understanding that relationships are more important than material things.
  • 4.Being happy for someone else's success.
  • 5.Having a positive future vision, no matter how bad your current circumstances.
  • 6.Paying a compliment, even to a total stranger, Telling someone that they did a great job, Making someone's day
  • 7.Not letting other people's negativity bring them down
  • 8.Giving more than you get or expect to get in return
  • 9.Being yourself
  • 10.While stretching yourself – allow yourself to fail and to drop the ball sometimes
  • 11.Yes identify those situations where you should never let yourself drop the ball – by ensuring the all the important and urgent tasks gets done on priority
  • 12.Doing your best- and not stopping because things become messy
  • 13.Drawing clear lines — around how you're going to take care of yourself, around how much time you'll give to your project, around getting enough sleep and taking some time off.
  • 14.Creating respectable beliefs about money which values money – as there are no accidental millionaires -even the lottery winners — rarely manage hold on to their wind-fall wealth for long.
  • 15.Read, look, watch, listen, and think – and generate genuinely remarkable as well as ridiculously insane ideas
  • 16.Experiment with these – fail – learn and rebuilt
  • 17.Challenge your assumptions -take action
  • 18.Always strive to do incredibly good to excel and create your own benchmarks - and be proud of that
  • 19.Saying no to things that are low-priorities will make you focus on those which have highest importance
  • 20.Taking pride in actions-taken could be your best emotional booster
  • 21.Having A one track mind along with hours of sleepless nights and hard work – when stakes are high
  • 22.Avoiding social functions and getting into being an to create a laser-focus on thorough planning and execution for all the major projects
  • 23.Identify what you feel are your negative traits - Identify How each of these Traits Affect Your life as well as the lives of the people Around You - Finding a way to minimize it by ditching it very small part with conscious focused intentions – as no habit can vanish overnight
  • 24.Create structured to-do lists
  • 25.Don't reinvent the wheel – learn from who are already accomplished in what you intend to do
  • 26.Break down goals into realistic smaller tasks
  • 27.Focus on being productive – on outcomes, on taking-actions – and on not being busy
  • 28.Understand and apply the value of persistence.
  • 29.Admit when you are wrong and make it up
  • 30.Help as many people as you can to become successful
  • 31.Value people's contribution to your life
  • 32.Never take advantage of others.
  • 33.Never argue over disagreements.
  • 34.Choose to be in healthy relationships – get toxic people out
  • 35.Take responsibility for your life – instead of feeling sorry for yourself
  • 36.Be flexible – pivot fast and adopt changes even faster
  • 37.Pleasing everyone is not a priority – although kind and fair is important
  • 38.Expect and accept setbacks – then bounce back with renewed enthusiasm
  • 39.Build strong interpersonal relations

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