Let Your Results Speak for You

Let Results Do The Talking Focus on action Work Silently Let Your Results Talk Loudly

Let Your Results Speak for You

In this article we will learn

  • -6 reasons - Why focusing on result is the best strategy
  • -12 Benefits of being an action person
  • -30 Ways we can cultivate this powerful habit of focusing on taking action as well as making the results we deliver –speak about you

In the long run - Irrespective of whatever is your social, professional, personal status -in the end only the results that you have achieved - matter and count.

When you have solid accomplishments under your belt - it gives you immense power - to negotiate, to command and to demand.

If there was no measurable result achieved - irrespective of how much planning you did and how much hurdles, obstacles and challenges you faced and how much efforts you put in - no one would pay attention.

Truly successful people are always focused on taking those actions which brings them closer and closer to their big pictures and dreams.

At times their progress may seem very slow or they seemingly might not be making any progress at all for long periods of time - and all the while - they also might be failing as they are taking risks by venturing into the realm of uncertain and unknown and stretching themselves beyond their current areas of influences and abilities

But their perseverance, improvising and keep going-on till they accomplish in their goals – manage to create magnanimous results.

This happens through the most powerful law of success, growth and wealth – that is of law of compounding

Most of these accomplished people seldom talk about what they are going to do – Instead they let themselves immersed in taking actions - keeping their big picture in the background to motivation and inspiration.

On the other hand - there are far too many people - who spend too much time talking about their grand schemes, plans and wish-lists – without converting them into real-time actions.

Anyone who can develop the habits and mind-set of focusing only on taking the next action-step - however small - all the while creating and delivering excellence – would succeed phenomenally.

We need to acquire the courage of working silently and letting our achievements make the loudest noise – OR – better still let others talk about our strengths, caliber and genius.

I have two interviews on this YouTube channel of two jaw-dropping achievers in by name of "Impossible Achiever".

I have come across and worked with few people - whom I call impossible achiever - through them– I have learned that – we have the bestest possible chance of becoming great - when we deliver results - irrespective of odds that might be plaguing us.

I have used the word chance –because in many instances I have seen – that our hard-work, grand efforts and actions as well as outcomes – don't get noticed, recognized, appreciated and rewarded – at the times of our those personal triumphs - but they should uplift us to give us remarkable high.

The best strategy to create and live a magnanimous life - is to focus - exploring-options, finding better solutions, implementing then improvising to fine-tune and then go for the next-action-step.

6 Reasons Why focus on taking actions towards determined and defined results

  • 1.Once You Understand and enjoy - focusing-on result-oriented actions – your entire life gets transformed in a most powerful manner – and life becomes more joyous, meaningfully-satisfying and productive.
  • 2.All the important connections that we have in our lives – like our bosses, our customers, our teachers, our associates, our relations, our marketplace - only rewards results that you have accomplished
  • 3.Even finding very-satisfying job and career along with finding great soul-mate too becomes easier - when we have a list of accomplishments
  • 4.If you have not made as much progress as you were expecting - theirs is one definite probability – that you did not take the requisite actions and did the needed preparations and did whatever was needed till the end
  • 5.The outcomes and results in our lives - never depend on our background, or the level we are starting from, or our financial and social standing.
  • 6.If you are not enjoying the superior results and an extraordinary life – the most likely cause would be - weak implementations and inconsistent execution.

12 Benefits - if you focus on actions and creating significant and meaningful results

  • 1.Increased Self-esteem
  • 2.Increase in your capabilities, abilities and your expertise
  • 3.Creation of powerful beliefs
  • 4.Reinforcement of core-values
  • 5.Increase in follow-through
  • 6.Very high resilience and perseverance
  • 7.Increase in ability to bounce back from failures
  • 8.Increase in creativity
  • 9.Increase in passion
  • 10. Increase in ability in taking calculated risk
  • 11. Increase in and enhanced Problem-solving abilities
  • 12. Increase in quantum and quality of your life

30 Ways we can cultivate this powerful habit of focusing on taking action as well as making the results we deliver –speak about you

  • 1.Ask yourself these questions
  • I.Identify what all that you desperately want in your life - but not getting
  • II.Then identify what strategies and actions you have taken and what was the end-result
  • III.Identify the reasons you did not succeed in your attempts
  • IV.Identify and accept all those current strategies which are NOT working
  • V.Understand the fact that you need to change – big-time – mindset-wise, thought-pattern-wise, habit-wise, perspective-wise - in order to change and grow
  • VI.Identify the cost and penalty that you would pay if you don't get your acts straight
  • VII.These questions are meant to engage you with yourself - on a deeper level by asking better, difficult and tougher questions through objective introspection - to actually encourage and motivate you
  • 2.Create a big picture – which is larger than life
  • 3.Develop the ability and courage to face the reality - facing the truth of who you are and where you are right now
  • 4.You must be willing to be proven wrong and challenge your perceptions and assumptions
  • 5.Understand that any worthwhile project, outcome and results will is going to take time - much more time than we normally plan
  • 6.Perform so well - that people be dependable on you
  • 7.You have to become an asset for your organization, your clients as well as others – create solutions along with making people believe that you are the best person to solve their problems
  • 8.Although you do keep your ultimate objective in mind all the time – your focus has to be overcoming net obstacles, achieving next milestone and solving the immediate bottleneck
  • 9.Work on byte sized actions that consistently take you forward and upwards towards your goals
  • 10. Learn resolve conflicts in effective ways
  • 11. Learn to spot opportunities before others
  • 12. Nurture, build and value your contacts
  • 13. Compete at work with making your own capabilities and past accomplishments dwarf
  • 14. Enroll a powerful mentor
  • 15. Become great observer
  • 16. Talk less – ask more
  • 17. Be dumb to learn more
  • 18. Always challenge and verify your beliefs
  • 19. Hold yourself powerfully
  • 20. Reframe negatives in positives
  • 21. Never apologize for your opinion
  • 22. Accept your mistake and correct them as soon as you can
  • 23. Be flexible to adopt to change proactively
  • 24. Spot the coming change and pro-actively prepare yourself to face any uncertainty
  • 25. Be committed to yourself for your own welfare and growth
  • 26. Ditch short-term gains for long-term benefits
  • 27. Focus on excellence rather than perfection
  • 28. Pivot as soon as you realize something is not working
  • 29. Treat the problems as opportunities
  • 30. Accept that you are capable of far more than you think

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