Art of Learning New Skills

Art of Learning New Skills

As the almost immortal saying says – "the illiterates of the future won't be those who can not read and write – BUT THOSE WHO CANNOT UNLEARN-LEARN-RELEARN".

This cannot be more-truer in today's Disruptive VUCA world – where the faster than rapidly changing technologies, newer ways of comforts, dwindling resources => has created a generation and population which is suffering from FOMO* and many insecurities YET they must live to meet the criteria effectively.

Now a days by the time you finished learning a new skill – it might have been on its way to OBSOLESCENT – THAT IS WHY LEARNING FASTER IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SKILL THAT YOU CAN ACQUIRE.

Survival of the fittest in this cut-throat competitive world – is something that all of us have to Master

But Learning for the sake of learning is MOST USELESS and pointless.

In India – we have graduate engineers – 90%+ of whom have degrees BUT ARE NOT EMPLOYABLE. Such a Waste of Time, Money, Efforts, Aspirations, Energies etc etc

Then All over the world we have people living in dysfunctional and toxic parental as well as marital relationship.

Besides the above two paragraphs - Most of the people are working in jobs where they feel trapped.

Because of all these reasons – one in three person needs prolonged therapy and counseling to live better – in INDIA THIS IS ONE IN 1.5.

Yesterday's as well as today's skills are changing so fast that – UNLESS YOU MAKE YOURSELF A PRO-ACTIVE LEARNER [a person who seeks to improve his/her quality of life and live better – in every day basis] – you will be left out of the MAIN-RACE and will have to be in the RAT-RACE.

The speed at which we learn is most important. The learning is not only a Skill – but also a mental habit and attitude.

Art of Learning and Learning faster - can be mastered by anyone – with enough practice.

Although all of us can learn anything – BUT TO MASTER => WE NEED NOT ONLY TO PUT EFFORTS, PRACTICE, and are FOCUSED – but we also need to enjoy learning and unlearning AND we need to become a person who CAN discern WHAT WE NEED TO LEARN.

The biggest impediment to learning is our EGO, Our College University Degrees, Our Successes, Our insecurities [which makes us think that I know it OR that I am right].

The method of learning – 6 simple rules

  • 1.Identify the areas of your life – which needs to change and are making you feel frustrated or restless
  • 2.Identify what you need to learn – meaning, which Skills, Knowledge, Habits, Abilities, Attitude – will create most profound change that we are looking for desperately
  • 3.Identifying – how to learn – meaning, doing what will improve your skills[e,g. observing a master, learning under a mentoring doing real-time etc etc]
  • 4.Identifying how to put into practice IMMEDIATELY – what you have learned in small bytes
  • 5.Identifying and improvising for greater effectiveness that you have mastered
  • 6.Looking for habits or skills those are Obsolete and are holding you down AND start unlearning, stop practicing

28 Essential Skills Those We Need to Learn, Use and master to succeed , be happy, grow

{Please read all my blogs on leadership, entrepreneurial, communication etc etc along with the following plus all the * marked ones in My Blog "From the heart of Subhashis" in Success Unlimited Mantra]

  • 1.The 36 Types of Intelligence* – NONE OF US LEARN these in our formal school and college years [very few people ever even realize in their life-time that their most problems come from not having these skills] – some of these skills that I have mentioned in my this blog on 36 Intelligence will actually make to understand what we all miss
  • 2.Habits of discipline*
  • 3.Habits of perseverance*
  • 4.Habits of Risk-taking*
  • 5.Habits of Simplifying*
  • 6.Habits of Bouncing back from failures*
  • 7.Habits of observations*
  • 8.Habits of Assertiveness*
  • 9.Skills of Creativity*
  • 10.Skills of Communication*
  • 11.Skills of Conflict Resolution*
  • 12.Skills of Handling Difficult people*
  • 13.Skills of Bouncing Back from Failures*
  • 14.Skills of Going Ahead in Spite of Our Fears*
  • 15.Habits of Being Consistent*
  • 16.Skills of Being Good Observer*
  • 17.Skills of being Professional*
  • 18.Skills of Letting Go*
  • 19.Skills of Negotiation*
  • 20. Selling skills*
  • 21.Master the art of Listening*
  • 22. Master the art of Asking Questions
  • 23. Art of Storytelling Presentation *
  • 24. Learning How to Learn*
  • 25. Learn the art of Perseverance*
  • 26. Skills of Entrepreneurship*
  • 27.Skills of Giving your 100%*
  • 28. Art of When to Give-up*

+My other Blogs*

57 Ways How to learn and How to Learn faster

  • 1.Stop Believing in the Talent/creativity/entrepreneurial/musical/art etc Myth- most of us believe that talent is innate => in fact our Talent build more through practice than by genes
  • 2.Learn only when you enjoy learning and know that it is actually going to create major meaningful difference in the quality of your life
  • 3.Never pressurize yourself to learn – it has to be fun
  • 4.Find your own learning style and natural ways you learn AND try to use this consciously
  • 5.Don't memorize but understand the concept
  • 6.Watch from the professionals and the masters – and then using the NLP modeling techniques practice
  • 7.Read, watch listen to the masters
  • 8.Be an Action-Person, Learn by doing – learn and it into practice immediately – however small
  • 9.Be Curious – say you don't understand a small thing in an important task – don't avoid learning about it
  • 10.Be a great observer* – without trying to consciously remember anything
  • 11.Mix with people who are high-achievers, smarter than you are, more experienced, more knowledgeable and are considered masters in their areas
  • 12.Experiment and fail in newer things
  • 13.Always go for excellence*
  • 14.Always try to identify at least 6 different perspectives, meanings and explanations in every situation
  • 15.Always look for multiple solutions and answers and possibilities as well as choice – which exists
  • 16.Set a vision board – and put your ultimate Big-Picture as Vividly as possible – in pictures and Celebrate your every learning milestones
  • 17.Practice till you master the skill – never ever leave it at mediocre level
  • 18.Take a single technique or idea and practice it until you internalize it.
    Focus on a group of techniques or ideas and practice them until you internalize them.
  • 19.Learn to play the instrument
  • 20. Learn to Photography
  • 21.Learn to Cook
  • 22. Know when to procrastinate deliberately*
  • 23. Learn to visualize
  • 24. Find A Mentor*
  • 25. Find Your Whys - There are many different "whys" that can drive you when it comes to acquiring new skills -MAKE SURE A LACK OF TALENT ISN'T YOUR EXCUSE
  • 26. HAVE REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS WHEN LEARNING A NEW SKILL – any skill to master takes time – because There's nothing that will stop you from acquiring a new skill faster than big disappointments
  • 27.Understand that The beginnings are always slow and very frustrating
  • 30. Create A SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT around you for learning
  • 32. Break down the learning into manageable chunks of sub-skills
  • 33. Go for Spaced repetition
  • 34. Use different concepts, approaches and techniques in the same learning session
  • 35. Get out of your comfort zone* - learn to be comfortable with dis-comfort*
  • 36. First a master a chunk then only go to the next part
  • 37.Use boredom to your advantage*
  • 38. Rest well, eat healthy and exercise regularly – be physically*, emotionally*, mentally* fit*
  • 40. Find an accountability partner
  • 41.Join a relevant forum or meet up group – In the internet age, there's a community to fit every kind of skill imaginable
  • 42. Track your progress
  • 43. Practice with a SMART goal to accomplish
  • 44. Jump into finding solutions to your problems and then filling in gaps in your skills as needed
  • 45. Find a teacher or course to accelerate the learning stage
  • 46. Start Learning Today - Don't wait for the perfect moment
  • 47.Use Pareto Principle of 80/20 - Identify the 20% major skills those can give you profound impact
  • 48. Don't make learning a chore – find reasons to enjoy the learning journey
  • 49. Learning is a skill and fast learning can be mastered
  • 50. Always Deconstruct the Skill you want to learn – as Most skills are not one skill Instead, they're a bundle of skills
  • 51.Don't Reinvent the Wheel
  • 52. Move from Learning to Applying Immediately
  • 53. Set Aside One Hour Every Day and Create a Space for Learning
  • 54. Don't Be Afraid of Making Mistakes*
  • 55.Consciously ditch the Need for Instant Gratification
  • 56. Practice Everywhere
  • 57.Learn Enough to Self-Correct

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