60 ways for changing your behavior

creating-new-brain-pathways-to-change-your-unwanted Changing Behaviors and Habits through Creating New Brain pathways

 In this article you will learn the following

-60 ways for changing your sabotaging Behaviors and habits

-24 simple Tricks for creating new brain pathways in your mind for forming new behaviors and habits

Habit of mind and our physical behaviors - gets formed in exactly the same way.

To elaborate - suppose someone wishes you smilingly which makes you feel great and then you too start wishing other people pleasantly every day - and because the response is very endearing - this becomes your habit as well as a regular behavior pattern.

Now suppose - you try drinking a carbonated sweetened drink when you are feeling exhausted and it revives you in the first few times you try that - you tend to acquire the mental habit of drinking same drink every time you feel fatigued - irrespective of whether it is giving you any benefits or not.

Some of the habits we are not even aware are harmful - till the day some catastrophe falls - like you discover having very high blood sugar or cirrhosis of liver OR you face a break in your very close relationship.

Good behaviors and habits are very difficult to form - whereas bad behaviors and behaviors and habits can be formed very fast - in many cases, in one instance itself.

The best thing about your brain is that - it can be changed and adapted.

This article is about few simple ways - you can take charge of your life to change the detrimental behaviors and habits which is not allowing you to grow in most areas of life.

60 ways for changing your sabotaging Behaviors and habits

  • 1.6 questions to Identify which behaviors and habits you need to strengthen and which you must leave
  • I.Which area of your life is dissatisfactory and full of pain and regret
  • II.What do you want to change about your each dysfunctional areas of your life
  • III.What bad behaviors habits makes you suffer, fail, gives pain and loss
  • IV.What good behaviors and habits makes you succeed, grow and build relationships
  • V.What do you want to experience and accomplish if you had more courage and no fear - so you have no regrets
  • VI.What you always wanted to learn, do feel and have
  • 2.Start with just one behaviors and habits at a time - please understand that changing Behaviors and habits is very-very difficult, even with just one behavior or habit - If you go for more than one behaviors and habits at a time, you're setting yourself up for failure - this is why New Year's resolutions often fail — people try to tackle more than one change at a time
  • 3.Keep it simple - allow yourself to focus and give yourself the best chance for success.
  • 4.Start small - start with a small part of the change that looks insignificant - Want to exercise - Start with just 5-10 minutes -Want to wake up earlier - Try just 10 minutes earlier for now
  • 5.Be consistent and ensure that you don't deviate
  • 6.Identify and write the behaviors and habits that you want to change
  • 7.Create a plan with liberal deadline - work from the end result that you desire and work back till you can get into daily action on steps
  • 8.Identify and note-down all your powerful and inspiring WHYs for changing this behaviors and habits - these will act as your motivators when you slip
  • 9.Sleep over these WHYs for few days to create the internal push
  • 10.Identify all your potential challenges and obstacles - which can derail your plans and get you back into your old behaviors
  • 11.Create plans on how will you overcome these challenges
  • 12.Create strategies to suppress your urges which triggers the bad behaviors and habits or behavior- for few minutes the urge which will come inevitably and they come in the varying strength
  • 13.Now Identify your triggers - what makes you succumb to your old behaviors and behaviors and habits
  • 14.Now for each one of your triggers - create a plan on how will you deal with them - identify a substitute behaviors and habits or action you will do instead - like how will you kill your urge to smoke, drink, eat unhealthy etc. - you can look at these positive behaviors [given for reference]- going for vigorous exercise, if possible meditation[this is possible if you are a seasoned meditator and can go into trance anytime irrespective what - I can't any do this anytime], Go for long and fast walk, deep breathing, start reorganizing your house, decluttering, repairing anything, gardening and playing instrumental music
  • 15.Create a support plan - which person or forum you will seek support from
  • 16.Enroll your family members and friends to support you
  • 17.Also Identify people who would feel happy - if you fail - avoid or get rid of them
  • 18.Identify those who will try to sabotage anything positive you do
  • 19.Create a powerful visualization - include all your WHYs and see the future you with new powerful behaviors and behaviors and habits and without your negative ones
  • 20.Create a motivating rewards for breaking small-small part of your behaviors and habits
  • 21.Make self-care a priority - exercise, relax, sleep and eat well
  • 22.Monitor and track your progress regularly Renew your commitment often
  • 23.Initially Avoid those situations which makes you compulsively fall for the damaging behaviors and habits that you are trying to change
  • 24.When you fail - which may happen many-many times [it can happen even after you have managed to quit a few times] - figure out what went wrong - improvise your methods and come back
  • 25.PRACTICE Practice and practice - to strengthen and form behaviors and behaviors and habitss through repetition
  • 26.Schedule time for unfocused quiet time just letting the thoughts move freely
  • 27.Find clarity through self-awareness by asking - What are your - Passions, Regrets, current biggest challenge, strengths and best and proudest accomplishment, core-values etc.
  • 28.Set meaningful goals that not only inspire you but also make you feel great about yourself
  • 29.Start acting on your larger than life vision by creating a plan working backwards from the end-goal
  • 30.Learn to manage your Finances - better go debt-free and start saving fir future
  • 31.Adopt a growth mindset -Focus on the process and not on the outcome
  • 32.Seek constructive feedback
  • 33.Stop seeking approval and validation and recognition from others
  • 34.Spend more time with people who align with your core values, you'll more likely create meaningful growth experiences for yourself that'll help increase your neuroplasticity.
  • 35.Stop procrastinating - just take the action
  • 36.Raise your standards - never settle less than excellence
  • 37.Practice challenges do the thing you're scared of If you feel social anxiety - make one friendly remark to a stranger
  • 38.Put yourself in controlled yet stretch situations for Reality testing - this is a useful method to change your perspective around experiences that typically make you feel anxious
  • 39.Learn New skills
  • 40.24 simple Tricks for creating new brain pathways in your mind for forming new behaviors and habits
  • I.Feed your brain wit nuts, berries, raisins as well as Vitamin D and magnesium
  • II.Get into the nature regularly
  • III.Form the behaviors and habits of taking power naps for 20-30 minutes every day at middle of your day to give you energy for remaining day
  • IV.Use your Non-dominating to do what you normally do with your dominating hand
  • V.Learn to juggle
  • VI.Play chess, Puzzle games, Sudoku, Word-scrabble
  • VII.Play team game like soccer, basketball, badminton
  • VIII.Go for aerobic exercises by lifting weights, walk, swim, bike, trek or hike
  • IX.Go for Intermittent fasting
  • X.Travel to exposes your brain to new environments, opening up new pathways and activity in the brain
  • XI.Day dream
  • XII.Go for memory training
  • XIII.Expanding your vocabulary
  • XIV.Read Fiction
  • XV.Paint nature, make sculpture or any such
  • XVI.Learn a new language
  • XVII.Learn martial arts
  • XVIII.Learn a new type of dance
  • XIX.Learn to play music instruments
  • XX.Create your own song - by writing lyrics and giving the tune
  • XXI.Play video games which have 3-D adventure games
  • XXII.In the meeting and other places doodle
  • XXIII.Write blogs to share your experiences
  • XXIV.Create YouTube videos on your life experiences

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