59 Tips Finding Your Signature Leadership style

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In this article you will learn the following

-59 Tips to create your own signature-style leadership (54 Questions to for charting your path to develop your unique Signature Leadership style)

Developing Your Signature Leadership Style

Every leader has unique style of leadership - although leadership and management thinkers try to put them in few boxes which is very crude or gross.

Great leaders do have few traits and qualities common - but what makes them great actually also sets them apart from other great leaders.

Leadership starts with a leadership mindset.

If you want to create your very-own niche or signature leadership style - you have to understand that - that this is a process of evolution - which is an ongoing process.

This journey of your self-discovery starts with - knowing yourself - as authentically you are - without any makeup or show-pieces.

This is also knowing and becoming aware of your blind spots.

This is also about knowing what are your strengths and which skills, habits, competencies, mindset and emotional persona you need to acquire to become bestest leader that you can.

59 Tips to create your own signature-style leadership - these can also be your area of growth and development should they resonate with you - given randomly and not in any specific order

Almost all the points have detailed do-it-yourself blogs among my 900+ articles and answers on my both websites as well on Quora

  • I.Identify the moments as well as occasions - when you feel flowing effortlessly - when you have the highest degree of bliss, passion, energy, clarity and enthusiasm
  • II.Pay special attention when you feel like you are operating with easy concentration, confidence and working with energy and passion - identify what, when, where you are
  • III.List out your strengths - as and when you discover them - look at the pattern and not one-off incident to call something your strong-suit
  • IV.Seek feedback from people you trust, respect and admire about your blind-spots as well as strengths
  • V.54 Questions to for charting your path to develop your unique Signature Leadership style - Ask yourself which of the following are true for you - in maximum situations uniformly
  • 1.You are able to give clear directions and are able to get work done effectively
  • 2.You can do few things faster than most - maintain level of quality and excellence
  • 3.You do great when working with others
  • 4.You are in your top spirits when you are helping others succeed and grow
  • 5.You can visualize trends and future and spot changes - even before others can
  • 6.People get attracted to you because you can communicate so differently and so well
  • 7.You have great empathy - you can understand others and their issues - without their telling you
  • 8.You set standards - which others tend to follow and adopt
  • 9.You fearlessly take decisions and actions in face of adversity or any setback
  • 10.You think different and unique - many people laugh when you share your thoughts - but your conviction and persistence actually makes you realize newer realms
  • 11.You can learn very fast and also can teach others effectively
  • 12.You learn from everyone
  • 13.You are a great observer
  • 14.You can find solutions - when most get stuck
  • 15.You bounce back from crisis - faster and stronger - you have remarkable resilience
  • 16.You not only create change but change makes you excited with possibilities
  • 17.Many of your solutions are disruptive and new change creator
  • 18.You are able think and evaluate - diametrically opposite multiple points of views - very objectively
  • 19.You feel all the emotions but you manage them well - you have very high emotional intelligence - in fact you use the energy of your negative emotions constructively to create meaningful milestones
  • 20.Your social intelligence is also very high
  • 21.If you decide on a path - nothing can deter you - till you reach your goals
  • 22.Challenges and problems make you actively look for opportunities - which time to time you also discover and utilize
  • 23.You know that for any great feat - you need great team - so you always associate with best talent
  • 24.You surround yourself with people who are much higher in capabilities, intelligence, stature and in their accomplishments
  • 25.You never compromise with quality, discipline and your core-values
  • 26.You can never get overloaded with information - as you can see the crux
  • 27.You also have the skill of converting ambiguous into meaningful and sensible
  • 28.You also can create order out of chaos and uncertainty
  • 29.You are a great storyteller communicator
  • 30.You are consistent, dependable and trustworthy
  • 31.People look at you for guidance, directions and support
  • 32.You are result-focused and goal-oriented and solution-driven
  • 33.You take risks but only after evaluating and knowing the worst case and being prepared for it
  • 34.You Empower and bring out the best in people
  • 35.You Enjoy seeing others succeed
  • 36.You also Help others shine
  • 37.You believe in consolidating and solidifying before going for a leap
  • 38.When you must take decision and you don't have all the answers - you rely on your 6th sense, gut-feelings or instincts
  • 39.You nurture your network strategically and with focus - both professional as well as social
  • 40.You find time for loved-ones
  • 41.You take complex and tough tasks and break them into small manageable chunks
  • 42.You are highly disciplined - in habits, mentally, physically as well as emotionally
  • 43.You give importance to your own self-care
  • 44.You understand the role of marketing and you use the technology to its fullest advantage
  • 45.You nurture and grow your personal brand
  • 46.You engage with people regularly
  • 47.You also make efforts to remain visible for right reasons
  • 48.You read a lot
  • 49.You interact with thought-leaders and thinkers a lot globally
  • 50.You constantly upgrade your knowledge, skills and upgrade
  • 51.You incorporate best practices in your daily routine
  • 52.You also create benchmarks and keep raising the bar continuously
  • 53.You add value to others and Keep offering value
  • 54.You constantly demonstrate and upgrade your expertise

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