100 tips Start Influencing Stop Manipulating

startinfluencing-stopmanipulatingwork-on-yourself-create Sharpening your power of influencing others - How to practice Strategic-influencing - How leaders influence others

Sharpening your power of influencing others - How to practice Strategic-influencing - How leaders influence others

In this article you will learn the following

-100 tips on how to sharpen your influential skills

-13 Questions to identify what strategy you need to use to influence people

How leaders influence people - for this - You have to create the distinction and absolute clarity - that your goal is to influence others - and not to manipulate them.

Manipulators take advantage of the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of others - influencers create buy-in for other's good.

Influencing people is difficult - but you can manipulate people easily by polishing your cunning traits.

Most effective leaders inspire, motivate and encourage - for the common good and lead the individuals towards consensus.

When your motive and actions stems from the goal of guiding people for the betterment of them- through the phases of disruptions, risks and change to take actions - It is called Strategic-influencing - by transforming a group of people into a vibrant team through gaining trust and connecting deeper.

Leaders choose various methods to appeal to the head, the heart and to the nobler purposes of the masses.

Ethical Leaders are clear about their core-values and practice these to influence others through setting example.

Effective ethical leaders use different approaches in different situations -choosing carefully the right influencing tactics.

Leaders are also very clear about the WHY of their doing anything.

100 tips on how to sharpen your influential skills - given randomly and for all the one sentence advices read my detailed 900+ blog-article-answers in my two websites and my Quora answers

  • 1.Identify your current strengths and your own development needs
  • 2.Introspection is a great tool to start your journey of self-discovery - as the better you understand yourself - the more effective you will be in understanding others
  • 3.Pay close attention to the nonverbal cues exuded by others
  • 4.Practice empathic listening
  • 5.Ask questions to clarify your understanding
  • 6.Try to guess and then verify how others feel
  • 7.Practice and constantly improve your communication, your diction, your tone and your pronunciation
  • 8.Master the art of story-telling communication
  • 9.Find ways to make your audience feel great
  • 10.Focus on creating excellence
  • 11.Have a goal of making the world a better place by creating and leaving your legacy
  • 12.Work on yourself to strengthen your positive qualities
  • 13.Love yourself unconditionally and develop assertive confidence
  • 14.Leave people with genuine impression - without coming across as someone who has some hidden agenda
  • 15.Identify your core-values and practice the art of ethical leadership
  • 16.Think before responding - learn how to express your point of view - keeping the right context and bigger picture in mind
  • 17.Develop power-network as well as mass-network - to get connected through heart
  • 18.Continually grow and strengthen your networks- be very clear and focused about whom to take into your network
  • 19.Learn the art of promoting yourself - without coming out as arrogant, greedy, selfish person
  • 20.Find ways to step into the spotlight at selected events strategically - to create most powerful impact
  • 21.Help others grow and make people realize that you are their genuine well-wisher
  • 22.Be trustworthy and Maintain transparency
  • 23.Never be afraid to show your vulnerability - when great people do this - masses loves them
  • 24.Develop and demonstrate a broad range of expertise - practice to master and enhance them continuously
  • 25.Attend professional industry conferences as well as social functions
  • 26.Learn, read and increase your awareness and knowledge on broad range of subjects
  • 27.Come out as caring and firm leader
  • 28.Listen and understand other's inner need - before you try to persuade
  • 29.Learn the art of asking deep, probing, tough, uncomfortable questions
  • 30.Ask when you don't understand or know something
  • 31.Respect everyone for their expertise
  • 32.Practice the discipline of focus - when interacting with others
  • 33.Master your body language as well as your tone to convey the right message - as People are constantly assessing whether to trust you or not
  • 34.Consider each stakeholder's needs, perspectives, and temperaments
  • 35.Do your homework to find out what they need to hear and what will capture their attention
  • 36.Give people what they want
  • 37.Authentically frame your proposal by highlighting the specific benefits to your target group
  • 38.Value the opinions of others
  • 39.When you communicate - Create a message that resonates with your people
  • 40.Learn to use straight forward, transparent and simple way of communication
  • 41.Provide clear and frequent communication regarding the situation
  • 42.Be consistent - Do what you say and mean what you say - match your actions with your words
  • 43.Be dependable - Be accountable
  • 44.Invest in your people - show that you genuinely care
  • 45.Create circumstances and opportunities that make your people wins that which help them grow and magnify their potential
  • 46.Empower your people and Believe in them
  • 47.Give credit to others - bring them into limelight
  • 48.Practice meritocracy
  • 49.Think bigger for others
  • 50.Help others become great leaders
  • 51.Invest in the success of others
  • 52.Lift people up by helping them become what they have been dreaming of yet unable to reach there
  • 53.Identify the results you want
  • 54.Involve your people in decision-making and problem-solving - Invite them to share their ideas
  • 55.Go for those outcomes which is win-win
  • 56.Be flexible - Improvise and Adapt - as per the need
  • 57.Don't expect overnight results - build solid base and consolidate - before moving on - go for larger than life goals
  • 58.Use comparison strategically to pull and attach people with your goals
  • 59.Give something away - that makes people feel good about themselves
  • 60.Get people in the habit of saying yes - by appealing to their basic as well as nobler needs
  • 61.Accept your mistakes - If you are wrong -admit it and apologize
  • 62.Become like great lawyers who will give both sides of arguments and show why theirs is best and better
  • 63.Speak logically and with emotion - Use repetition
  • 64.Stop going for arguments - start having discussions
  • 65.Make your idea and proposal seem simple
  • 66.Keep things in perspective & Keep your emotions in check - Getting angry, frustrated, or upset - never works to your advantage
  • 67.Don't take failures personally - stop personalizing the situation
  • 68.When stuck - take a break - change your tactics- and Come back to a point of agreement look out for win-win alternatives
  • 69.Try to find other people who might be able to influence the person
  • 70.Train yourself to be a great observer of human-nature
  • 71.Always Keep your eye on the big picture
  • 72.Learn to Trust your intuition and gut-feelings
  • 73.Nurture all the important relationships
  • 74.Think about what you want - and how it can connect with the context of what others want
  • 75.Understand that mastering the skill of Influencing is a progressive process - the more you practice it the stronger it becomes
  • 76.Stop trying to influence anyone without having clarity - first Get clarity on what you want and why you want it
  • 77.Articulate clearly your vision through simple reasoning and appealing logic to suit your audience
  • 78.Understand that Influencing us never about winning - it is about solving problems - both of yours and others
  • 79.Consider the other person's feelings as important as your own
  • 80.When you mess up - confess fast and create plans which mitigates
  • 81.When others mess up - help them correct faults
  • 82.Give Sincere, honest and heartfelt appreciation
  • 83.Be interested in others to make them interested in your project
  • 84.Let people think the idea is theirs
  • 85.Develop EXTRAORDINARY HUNGER AND DRIVE within yourself - through having a COMPELLING VISION
  • 87.Develop art of Story-telling
  • 88.Make your COURAGE AND FAITH strong enough to take the needed actions
  • 89.Use Polite Expressions - like please, thank-you etc.
  • 90.Use other people's names and titles
  • 91.Learn the art of solid rapport building
  • 92.Listen to understand and lean and not to respond and reply
  • 93.Lead by example by setting an example of excellence
  • 94.Develop your smile - which is genuine and serene
  • 95.Make it Challenging - for them to feel like a winner
  • 96.Seek their help
  • 97.Practice the art of Assertiveness
  • 98.Be absolute professional
  • 99.Have a strong grasp of facts and figures and use them to back up your case
  • 100.13 Questions to identify what strategy you need to use to influence people
  • I.Why I need to influence this person or group
  • II.Why I need the help, support and cooperation of this person -for my ideas
  • III.What are the intrinsic motivation for this person or group
  • IV.What type of response I am likely to get when I appeal
  • V.How will I deal with their objections and resistance
  • VI.What would happen if I don't get this support
  • VII.How else can I manage - without this support
  • VIII.How can my proposition add value to this person
  • IX.Why should this person support my proposal
  • X.What all this person will disagree and what will get his agreement
  • XI.What strategy and tactics I can use to come out as authentic person
  • XII.How can I build a positive connection in case this time my efforts don't get my desired outcomes
  • XIII.Develop self-awareness about your own biases, assumptions and perceptions

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