35 tips How to be optimistic-realist

who-are-realists-who-are-realisticoptimists-or How to be optimistic realist - Why Being An Optimist About Your Business Is Not Being A Fool

In this article you will learn the following

-9 qualities of Realistic-optimists

-7 traits of Un-realists optimists & People with Pollyanna-concept

-4 tell-tale signs of Pessimists

-35 tips on How to be optimistic-realists

For the optimum emotional wellbeing of yours and exponential growth in every area of your life [professionally, financially, relationship-wise, mentally etc.] - You have to be optimistic about your biggest and most audacious dreams - BUT - be realistic about the action-steps you have to take and things you will have to do to get there.

  • 1.9 qualities of Realistic-optimists
  • I.Realistic optimists accept the situations and their circumstances - just as they are.
  • II.Realistic optimists work hard and do as much as they can to obtain the desired results while remaining cautiously hopeful of favorable outcomes.
  • III.Realistic optimists get better grades - because they understand that good grades don't come without studying and working hard.
  • IV.Irrespective of their situation - realistic optimists generally manage to be happy.
  • V.Realistic optimists believed they had more self-control and control over their interpersonal relationships.
  • VI.When Realistic optimists face tough challenging situation or a difficult problem - instead of giving up - they use their creativity to create alternative solutions and plans - which allows them to stay cheery and upbeat about the future - even if they are aware of the challenges of the present.
  • VII.Realistic optimist are more likely to feel - more anxious than their completely unrealistic peers- because they understand and accept the possibility of failure.
  • VIII.Realistic and unrealistic optimists are of very different personality types
  • IX.Realistic optimists send out more job applications, find the courage to approach potential romantic partners, and work harder on their rehabilitation exercises—in each case, leading to much higher success rates.
  • 2.7 traits of Un-realists optimists
  • I.Un-realists optimists believe that it will all turn out well in the end - and may not do what is needed to accomplish their goals.
  • II.Un-realists optimists use positive illusions to ease their anxiety
  • III.Un-realistic optimists are only too happy to tell you that you are being negative - when you express concerns and challenges that needs to be addressed.
  • IV.Looking for the silver lining is healthy - but ignoring reality is self-destructive.
  • V.Un-realistic optimists get easily disappointed if they're always assuming good things will happen.
  • VI.Un-realistic optimist's overly optimistic outlook leaves them unprepared for life's inevitable challenges that everyone encounters.
  • VII.Then there are People with Pollyanna-concept - who have irrepressible optimism and a tendency to find good in everything - which makes them unable to ever see - the downside of their situations - these people become foolish entrepreneurs -they believe that no matter what happens, things will always work out - but they don't do anything to make things work out -They just stay the same course - assuming that because they have a vision of success, it is going to happen - that is why almost 80% business wind-up in first 3 years.
  • 3.4 tell-tale signs of Pessimists
  • I.Pessimists tend to have more depression and anxieties.
  • II.Pessimists are afraid of taking risks - scared of trying new things - resist going out of their comfort zone.
  • III.Pessimists only foresee obstacles but are unable to seeing themselves finding solutions to those obstacles.
  • IV.Pessimists fail to recognize that by struggling - people can learn and improve - because their view is limited to only what is possible right now - so they can't imagine what can become possible later.

35 tips on How to be optimistic-realists

All the one sentence tips have detailed do-it-yourself tips in my 900+ articles, blogs and answers in my both websites as well as on my Quora page

  • 1.Develop habit of focusing on positive things - start the practice of going through what all went well that day - every day
  • 2.You will have challenges and setbacks in your everyday life - create the habit and mindset of getting into exploring alternatives and possibilities and creating multiple solutions to move forward towards your larger goals - instead of dwelling on you hardships
  • 3.Choose to surround yourself with practical, positive and generally happy
  • 4.If possible be with people who are smarter and more intelligent and more successful than you and those who challenge you to do better and people who are doers rather than talkers
  • 5.Make excellence your base - whenever you do anything do it exceptionally - giving your 100%
  • 6.Smile at others - time to time recall happy memorable incidents and smile yourself
  • 7.Create your own mantra, affirmations and battle-cry - use them loud or in your head - whenever you feel lost, losing control or slipping into negative mood
  • 8.Understand that law of attraction -does not work without your taking all the actions and going through the grind completely
  • 9.Use visualization techniques - along with taking persistent actions - to get yourself unstuck
  • 10.Never use visualizing effortless success - it is damaging
  • 11.Don't visualize empty-success—but learn to visualize the actions and the steps you will take in order to make success happen
  • 12.Optimism and the confidence are essential sustaining the motivation you need to reach your goals - that is why believing you will succeed is very-very important
  • 13.Be the Realistic optimist by making your success happen yourself—through putting dedicated disciplined efforts, careful and meticulous planning, persistence, and choosing the right strategies and pivoting when stuck by improvising
  • 14.Whenever you are going for a big goals - identify all the challenges, obstacles and setbacks that may derail your journey - then create plan on how you will overcome these
  • 15.Believe that the road to grand success will be rocky but that you have the will to see you through till the end - while developing and learning and improving yourself on the way
  • 16.Cultivate your realistic optimism by combining a positive attitude with an honest assessment of the challenges that await you.
  • 17.Never let Your Desire to See the Good - Blind You to the Truth - like - Trusting an untrustworthy person or becoming victimized by a master manipulator will leave you feeling cheated and a fool
  • 18.Accept that when you notice others - when they lie or when they make poor choices or when they display bad attitude and treats people poorly - doesn't make you a pessimist - it makes you a realist
  • 19.It is good to see the good in others - but recognizing that everyone has both good and bad qualities and be open to seeing the whole picture in balance is so much more meaningful
  • 20.Identify, accept and Acknowledge Your Strengths - But neither Overestimate nor underestimate Your Abilities
  • 21.Avoid showing-off - instead focus on sharpening your skills, abilities, capabilities and competences
  • 22.Keep noticing your strengths - while also discovering the areas of improvement - No matter how good you might be - there is always room for growth towards superlatives
  • 23.Don't Confuse Positive Thinking with miracles - that is expecting that you will get the job just because you applied and probably have the required qualifications
  • 24.Create a plan for normal situation - but also have a plan for worst-case scenario
  • 25.Don't Ignore Reality - develop the resilience to face truth, handle rejection and criticism
  • 26.Accept that in all larger than life goals - way forward is filled with many failures - learn to bounce-back from failures
  • 27.Practice Mindfulness - by Sitting quietly - Closing your eyes -Focusing on your breathing -Slowly becoming aware of sounds, sensations and thoughts flowing through your mind - Letting these thought pass through
  • 28.Develop belief in your power to make good things happen, especially through roughest and toughest phases and circumstances
  • 29.Be an action-person and doer - Identify a realistic action step to help you through changes
  • 30.Understand that the buck stops with you - only you are responsible for coming out of your misery, setbacks, bad-luck, crisis and other tough situations - so take actions to mitigate
  • 31.Observe and become aware of and then adjust your patterns of thinking
  • 32.Do not underestimate challenges - but create the habit of looking into the future by taking next step when you are scared
  • 33.Accept that changes and disruptions will happen - Covid19 has taught us that
  • 34.Keep yourself informed - but limit media intake - especially avoid Indian news channels
  • 35.Develop and master the art of Self-control

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