why we cry and quality of our relationships

blog4 The Relationship of Why We Cry and Our Quality of Relationships and Our Happiness

Why we cry and what that has got to do the quality of our close relationships

In this seemingly unrelated phenomenon - There Is A Direct Relationship with WHY WE CRY AND the Quality Of Relationship We Have With The People Who Are Most Near & Dear To us.

This also dictates - WHETHER WE ARE HAPPY or unhappy.

TThere are broadly 5 reasons we cry

  • 1. When overwhelmed by sadness, grief, sorrow and emotional hurt
  • I.This happens when we find ourselves totally helpless.
  • 2. When we are excessively happy
  • I.Some of us cry or tears comes out naturally - when the happiness is of very high degree and is beyond our expectations
  • II.When we realize we have made a major mistake or hurt someone
  • I.Say you have done or said something – which has created major pain, hurt or loss for someone
  • II.AND then - When we realize that our act has caused so much agony - we cry with pain empathizing with their anguish
  • III.Then we resolve to make it up through proper atonement for our mistake
  • III. When we are under tremendous stress and feel pressure overwhelmingly
  • I.We release this pressure like pressure cooker valve
  • II.It happens when someone or some situation builds, intense pressure within us – we release it by crying to make us comfortable
  • III.But when we cry for this reason - we lack understanding, connection and there are no action and no change in us whatsoever.
  • IV.When we feel highly grateful
  • I.When we are in this state - our every pore is feeling, a great sense of gratefulness towards a person and/or a situation or simply because we realize and feel emotionally powerful through all the blessings in our life
  • II.In this state we can see positives in even the most negative things, situations and people.

Please note -

A. The number 1 & 2 are our natural emotional stabilizers or say our body's subconscious protective system.

B. The number 4 is mostly associated with showing-off to others and is only focused on making us feel good. This is pure selfish reason to cry.

C. The number 3 & 5 brings out the best in yourself

  • I.This crying can create best of relationship and least of pain, sorrow, disappointments in our lives.
  • II.In a marital relationship if both the partners practice these 3 & 5 points - their relationship becomes blissful.
  • III. But if only one partner does it and the other does not reciprocate appropriately – then the relationship disintegrates, and brakes.  

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