why we cry and quality of our relationships


There Is A Direct Relationship With WHY WE CRY & The Quality Of Relationship We Have With The People Who Are Most Near & Dear To Us – As Well As With Ourselves & Other People + WHETHER WE ARE HAPPY.

There Are Broadly 5 Reasons We Cry

  1.  When Overwhelmed By Grief & Sorrow & Emotional Hurt => This Happens When We Find Ourselves Totally Helpless.
  2.  When We Are Excessively Happy => Some Of Us Cry Or Tears Comes Out When The Happiness Is Of Very High Degree & Could Have Been Beyond Our Expectations
  3. When We Realize A Major Mistake Made By Us => Say You Have Done Or Said Something – Which Has Created Major Pain Or Loss In Someone. When You Realize That You Have Caused The Others & You Cry With Pain They Might Be Feeling – And Resolve to Make Up/Atone For This Mistake
  4. When We Feel Pressure & We Release This Pressure Like Pressure Cooker Valve => When Someone Or Some Situation Builds, Intense pressure Within You – You Release By Crying to Make You Comfortable. But When You Cry for This Reason => You Lack Understanding, Connection & There are No Action And No Change in Yourself Whatsoever.
  5. When You Feel highly Grateful => When You are in This State => Your Every Pore is Feeling, A Great Sense of Gratefulness Towards A Person, A Situation or Simply Because You Realize All The Blessings in Your Life or for GOD. In This State You Can See Positives in Even The Most Negative Things/Situations/ People.


A. The Number 1 & 2 are Your Natural Emotional Stabilizers or Say Your Body's Protective System.

B. The Number 4 is Mostly Associated With Showing-off to Others & is Only Focused On Making You Feel Good. This is Pure Selfish Reason to Cry.

C. The Number 3 & 5 Brings out The Best in Yourself, Creates Best Of Relationship, Least of Pain/Sorrow/Disappointments. In a Marital Relationship If Both The Partners Practice These 3 & 5 => Their Relationship Becomes Blissful. But If Only One partner Does It & The Other Does Not Reciprocate Appropriately – Then The Relationship Dies.

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