Can We Make The Main Thing THE MAIN THING


Please Ask Yourself How Many Of You Have The Focus When You Wake Up on Most of The Days - That No Matter, What I Will Be Happy Today – Chances Are, There Would Be Only Handful Of People WHOSE MAIN OBJECTIVE IS TO BE HAPPY.

We Want To Be Happy – But The Focus Is Not On BEING HAPPY – It Is On Many Other Things => Those That May Or May Not Lead You To Happiness.

Then How Many Of Us Actually Want To Be Happy NOW – Most Of Our Happiness Is Focused On Future & We Have Make Them Dependent On Certain Things Happening In Future

Most Of Us Target "Means Aspirations" But Very Few Are Focused On "END Values".

We Get What We Focus On. But If Our Focus Is Only On "Means Aspirations" – We Will Get Temporary Happiness But There Would Be A Big Void Within Us Which Can Make Us Restless.

It Is Like In Zen They Have A Certain Phrase For It. They Say: Whipping The Cart. If Your Horses Are Not Moving And You Go On Whipping The Cart, It Is Not Going To Help.

Changing The Focus Can Help Change The Paradigm & Reality.

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