How to Restart Life after Failure


When your computer/laptop/mobile stops responding and hangs – what do we do – we press the Ctrl+Alt+Del buttons together to restart afresh.

Have you ever wished – if you could do the same with your own lifethat is to restart afresh after a massive setback or failure.

Having faced multiple unprecedented crises of mammoth nature in my life [all these were forced on me from beyond my area of control and not because I did something to invite the wrath – unless you call my past life's karma the cause of it].

In these times and in many more occasions, I have wished for the need for this type of magical buttons – i.e., Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Unfortunately, the life neither comes with a user-manual for us to understand and relate with other people effectively and meaningfully – NOR – there are any fairy-tale tools to set everything right.

And there never is ONE single action, step, solution and answer to solve all our problems in switch-on, switch-off manner.

We need to take numerous actions in different walks of life in disciplined* and consistent* basis – to be able to impact our life and turn it towards the direction and outcome we want.

I have been immensely fortunate in having met numerous people whom I call "Impossible Achiever" [by this name I have two videos on YouTube of two such people].

Because of meeting these types of people personally and having interacted with them for significant durations - now I know and believe that we can create magical and exquisite life, irrespective of what type of hard-knocks we have faced and survived.

And my experience is that – when you are in your down-phase – you won't have to deal with just one blow – there will be blows after blows.

Remember Murthy's Law and the proverb – trouble never comes alone.

If You have not given up YET – then this article is for you.

Even if you have give-up – still you can recreate and live your life in much better ways emotionally at least [ that too would be a miracle in many cases].

But this is for all those people who are tired of feeling doomed those who feel that they have had enough of stress and anxiety, enough resentment, enough of struggle, enough of regrets, enough of failures, enough of feeling bad about yourself, enough of living through heartbreak and bad relationships, financial crises, self-loathing etc. etc.

All of us reboot our computers, our laptops, our mobiles to troubleshoot.

When we are completely stuck and don't see a way out - quick-fixes and small changes never work – we may have to go for complete turning upside down and create a metamorphosis.

Well, if you're really really tired of feeling tired and you are serious about rebuilding your life then – there are some very basics* ways to simplify and amplify your life* in positive manner.

55+ Steps to Reboot, recreating and REBUILDING YOUR after-LIFE [post the tremors] – leaving you shocked, lost, disoriented or in depressed state]

Although it is impossible to cover all the areas – I have marked* to those you can get additional Do-it-Yourself ideas through my blogs on those topics in Success Unlimited Mantra.

  • 1.List and do a pareto-principal 80/20 of all Your existing Problems* – the fix or start tacking the most nagging issues first – by asking - what are the things which are making you most unhappy, most stressed and most frustrated, what is affecting your mood in the worst possible ways
  • 2.Identify If you need to go for Extreme Reboot in your life [if your life has gone very severely off course] – shift to a new location, a new profession, a new partner, a new skills-set, a new set of habits
  • 3.Define in all the ways you want your life to be better
  • 4.Develop a discipline in your mind to focus on taking actions those bring you closer to your goals of making a better life
  • 5.Start living life as per your own expectations - Stop living to please others and to seek their approval
  • 6.Make a commitment* to yourself – to create the life you want*
  • 7.Appreciate what is there right now – as this is the best you have now – and from this base only you would move towards better and larger objectives
  • 8.Detach yourself from the outcome AND ask yourself
  • 9.What am I neglecting that makes me feel this way
  • 10.How can I add a little more of the things that matter into my life
  • 11.How can we carve out time for the things that really matter
  • 12.Start taking actions – only those that leads you towards your passionate dreams AND towards improving and creating positive value-additions constantly – so that you have no time for worry, judgment, criticism*, whining and complaining*
  • 13.Redesign Your Diet to get all the energizers, nutrients, tonics - naturally
  • 14.Revamp your Wardrobe to only have those clothes that makes you feel confident – colors, types and material. Discard/give-away the rest
  • 15.Declutter your all the places and spaces – you spend your most time in – by making it [f possible] – naturally lighted, well ventilated and with lots of empty spaces
  • 16.Readjust your schedules – understand, identify and try to put your maximum efforts, time and energies the Important BUT not urgent areas
  • 17.Review Your Finances* and change them to make it more effective and less
  • 18.Stressing to you – by minimizing the avoidable wastages and focusing on creating a balance between pleasure and future security
  • 19.Rejuvenate your vision and goals to accommodate your passion
  • 20. Learn* all that you need to learn - Learn the following most crucial tools
  • I.How to Let-go*
  • II.How to bounce back from failures*
  • III.How to be happy*
  • IV.How to be calm*
  • V.How to trust* yourself
  • VI.How to be peaceful*
  • VII.How to create possibilities*
  • VIII.Learn how to handle difficult people*
  • IX.Get rid of toxic relationships* as well as toxic thoughts - Follow the truth of what Mark Twain - that Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great
  • X.Surround yourself with loving and supportive people
  • XI.Learning to Face your fears*
  • XII.Learn to be yourself*
  • XIII.Learn to love yourself unconditionally*
  • XIV.Learn how to solve problems* creatively*
  • XV.Find and enroll a mentor*
  • XVI.Learn how to handle burnout* and depression*
  • XVII.Learn how to be Resilient*
  • XVIII.Work on Your Mental Flexibility*
  • 21.Do whatever it takes to move closer to making your dreams come true
  • 22. Take one small step at a time – there is absolutely no hurry and no need to struggle unnecessarily
  • 23. Focus * and Think tomorrow more than next year
  • 24. Understanding and accepting that you would fail* and make big mistakes* [sometimes]many times during your way towards better life
  • 25. Create a happiness ritual - Seek Out What Interests You
  • 26. Have Some no string attached Fling
  • 27.Be Honest* with yourself - Give Yourself Time – especially if you feel like everything in your life is chaotic and out of your control – it will take significant time to get it back on track
  • 28. This would not sound comforting at all - but remember that ALL GREAT CHANGES ARE PRECEDED BY CHAOS
  • 29. Stop sulking, Stop blaming, Stop the excuses, Act now, Change*
  • 30. You have Two choices - Stay in the Sh*t or get the hell out of it
  • 31.Brainstorm your options - Look for the opportunity* of turning crisis into turnaround milestone
  • 32. Create a strong foundation beforehand – for next time you are knocked down by misfortune
  • 33. Expect setbacks
  • 34. Set time limits for disappointment – after which you will take action
  • 35. Rely on - now what actions I can take which is within my area of control and influence
  • 36. It is never too late or end of hope
  • 37.All limitations really start from your mind - use The Breakthrough* Framework to break this habit-of-mind*
  • 38. If you can't find your way in the darkness - Ask your Soul to lead the way
  • 39. What could I be doing that would make me feel better
  • 40. Start taking on new challenges
  • 41.Step out of your comfort zone*
  • 42. Take a decision – the tough decision*
  • 43. Become an objective observer
  • 44. Find a reason to Laugh at your own misery
  • 45. Polish your Humor* skills
  • 46. Build a network of friends
  • 47.Develop your curiosity* muscle
  • 48. Don't Be Afraid to Dream Big again
  • 49. Reframe the setback.
  • 50. Take responsibility for the missed opportunity.
  • 51.Learn how to face and handle Adversity* and uncertainty*
  • 52. Avoid victim-mentality, Stop blaming other people, Do what's possible, when it's possible
  • 53. Exercise vigorously to beat the stress and many ailments
  • 54. Take care of yourselves*
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