How to Relax Yourself


Routine and monotony are our everyday and the most common elements of our current existence.

The above is in addition to our lives being full of tough times, challenges and being filled with moments where we just want to run away.

If we record the daily activities of most of the working people - we would find that – most of us - wake up at the same time every day, drink the same coffee, socialize with the same people in the same handful of places, eat mostly the same food, sit at the same desk at work AND also use the same methods for relaxation.

Many of us are in this rut because - we have acquired this way of living[sub-consciously] to prevent ourselves from experiencing disappointment, feeling hurt, getting rejected etc etc.

Also it is because - Many of us feel comfortable with the same time of people, same type of known work and avoid rocking the train.

But this acquired life-style – actually manages to create a dull life with life-energy draining mental and emotional personality and temperament.

We have many muscles and areas which needs to be stretched, exercised and relaxed in order to keep us contended, happy and healthy [ minds, bodies, spirits, relationships, work, our sense of purpose etc].

We must learn how to rejuvenate our body through reenergizing our internal energy and making it our Infinite Source of vitality.

There is always an inner and an outer method of rejuvenation.

When a battery is dead, it doesn't help to put distilled water in it.

It is the same with the body. There comes a time when outer aids food and external stimulants won't be of much use.

Modern lifestyle is very stressful – as we struggle to balance work, family, and social obligations.

In the process – most of us manage to lose ourselves – and then this start affecting the others areas, till it becomes the vicious cycle.

Check which of the following applies to you

  • 1.How many of you feel very strongly that Something is missing from your life - but can't point out what
  • 2.How many of you wish – "if only my life was easy and relaxed" [like some person we might envy, know, read or heard about]
  • 3.How many of you feel that the enthusiasm has disappeared and that you are operating on autopilot – only because you have to
  • 4.How many of you have accomplished many of your big goals – but feel empty
  • 5.Or simply you are Tired, unfocused and unable to concentrate – and you feel that You need recharging
  • 6.How many of you are chasing something[materialistic] that is too stressful – but you must have it – just because people you look up to have it

59 Long-Term Metamorphosis Tips to rejuvenate, recharge, refresh, reinvigorate, reinvent, relax – all the * marked ones have My Blogs for Do-It-Yourself Tips of these topics in details

  • 1.Find a place to volunteer once a month
  • 2.Come up with five solid answers to the question - What would I do if time, money, and failure were not an issue
  • 3.Learn How to be meaningful that will spark your senses back to life
  • 4.Learn to Meditate right
  • 5.Learn to lie in Shava-Ashana[a yogic posture – where you lay like a dead]
  • 6.Start a blog - Engage in topics you care about on social media
  • 7.Learn a new language or practice one you haven't spoken in awhile.
  • 8.Take a class in something that interests you. Invest in yourself.
  • 9.Ask a friend to teach you something they do well.
  • 10.Brainstorm new business ideas and share with your friends – good, bad, or funny
  • 11.Learn to love the mirror – learn to love and accept* yourself unconditionally
  • 12.Seek and build opportunities*
  • 13.Dedicate 25% per cent of your day to do things that you don't enjoy - but are essentials (difficult conversations, dealing with grumpy customers, etc.)
  • 14.Dedicate the rest of the day focusing on doing things that uplift you.
  • 15.Change your focus* - Instead of focusing on what you are not good at, focus on what you are good at
  • 16.Stay away from stimulants
  • 17.Make someone else happy
  • 18.Listen to your body, Feel your feelings, Learn to trust and Follow your intuition
  • 19.Listen* to the silence - Just sit or lie down and be without doing anything
  • 21.Consciously avoid everything that drains you
  • 22. De-clutter and get rid of everything that doesn't truly matter
  • 23. Stop comparing yourself to others
  • 24. Try not to take everything too personally
  • 25. APPRECIATE - Concentrate on your accomplishments instead of what you didn't get done
  • 26. FEED YOUR SOUL - Listen to guided meditations, relaxations, visualizations or a good audiobook
  • 27.Use your creativity* to do something that you love for
  • 28. Surround yourself with the right people
  • 29. Experiment with your life – turn your life upside down*
  • 30. Let go* of past mistakes
  • 31.Take breaks from things and people that bring you down – get rid of toxic*people
  • 32. Learn to handle difficult people*
  • 34. CONSIDER HOW YOU COULD IMPROVE YOUR RELATIONSHIPS* with important people in your life
  • 35. Do ONE NERVE-WRACKING ACTIVITY – that makes you freeze with fear
  • 36. Look at the Bigger and Better Picture
  • 37.Take responsibility* for your own results
  • 38. Don't wait for perfection - just do it now
  • 39. Celebrate your failures and learn to bounce back from each failures*
  • 40. Don't take success too seriously – treat this as a consequence – and focus on the actions and improvisation
  • 41.Treat your not taking action as the only real failure
  • 42. Figure out your WHY of doing things or wanting to do, have be Things
  • 43. Maintain a running list of what makes you smile
  • 44. Stop Blaming and Face your excuses in the eye
  • 45. Make Fear - fear you*
  • 46. Reward yourself
  • 47.Start small if big leads you to procrastinating*
  • 48. Start tiny if a small step still leads you to procrastination
  • 49. Get motivation from the people in your life AND also from the people you don't know
  • 50. Compare* yourself to yourself and see how far you have come
  • 51.Learn how to Compete*
  • 52. Don't Take Shortcuts
  • 53. Try working less but SMART*
  • 54. Find the one thing that's missing in your life, and add it back
  • 55.Set healthy boundaries*
  • 56. Use the formula of the MAGIC OF THINKING BIG - So THINK BIG — to — ACHIEVE BIG
  • 57.Avoid Impossible Problems and situations – those are beyond your areas of control
  • 58. Build resilience*
  • 59. Rekindle a romance

39 External short-term tips to refresh yourself

  • 1.Eat lunch or dinner with one new person this week
  • 2.Create your own Social Meet-Up group and host an event
  • 3.Try dating- even if you're happily single
  • 4.Try something new in bed
  • 5.Apologize to someone you think deserves it
  • 6.Try playing a new sport
  • 7.Go on a bike ride
  • 8.Take a dance class
  • 9.Interview someone you admire
  • 10.Experiment with cooking
  • 11.Smile at strangers
  • 12.Play with a child – or watch children play
  • 13.Go spend a day in nature
  • 14.Donate or sell old clothes and other items
  • 15.Clean your apartment, Clean out your closet, Clean out your laptop junk
  • 16.Rearrange your furniture, bed, plants
  • 17.Experiment with how little money you can live on for a week
  • 18.Take a spontaneous trip New apartment, new city, new country – your choice
  • 19.Network for fun
  • 20. Take the long way home
  • 21.Chill out with chocolate
  • 22. Have your tea, coffee, yogurt with honey
  • 23. Try self-acupressure or go for massage
  • 24. Splash cold water on your face
  • 25. Get out in the sun
  • 26. Stare out the window - Give yourself permission to do absolutely nothing but gaze
  • 27.Put your feet up
  • 28. Stretch it out
  • 29. Do a crossword puzzle
  • 30. Try aromatherapy - Smell the flowers, Sniff mint or sandal or lavender
  • 31.Play Brain Teasers
  • 32. Take a Hike in the nature
  • 33. Exercise
  • 34. Have steamy sex – lots of it
  • 35. Outsource Tasks
  • 36. Do something fun
  • 37.Avoid multitasking
  • 38. Try painting, sketching, or even doodling an image
  • 39. DRINK LEMON-Honey WATER FIRST THING after waking up
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