How to feel grateful and find gratitude in toughest times

During our most challenging times we need to find reasons to be hopeful How to Find reasons to be grateful, Blissful and Blessed

In this article - we will learn the following

  • -The importance of gratitude and being grateful in life
  • -35 benefits [physical, emotional, mental and social] of practicing Gratitude and Feeling Grateful and for our Personal Well-Being
  • -63 Every day Practices to find, create, feel, nourish and nurture Gratitude - to have ever-flowing stream of gratefulness - Start with a new different gratitude-building-activities every day from this list
  • -16 steps on how to maintain your gratitude journal - please note down and update on everyday basis - it is that essential

How to find gratitude during your toughest times

I am the type of person - who has to consciously force and consistently put-concentrated-hard-efforts - to find hidden blessings and reasons to feel grateful - especially when my life is in that phase where one after another setbacks, disappointments, losses, frustrations and crises are happening.

If you are unable to feel grateful and identify the blessings - when the life has handed you the lemon [which it will time-to-time] - we end up not only being miserable ourselves BUT also create pains for our real well-wishers and people closest to us [and who don't deserve this treatment and behaviors].

For some people - generating feelings of gratitude is very difficult.

On the other hand - some people are genetically better disposed to feel grateful.

There are some people - who do feel that they WERE blessed in the past and then fate dealt them a big-blow - these people are perpetually living in their-that-past AND unable to identify, see, feel and recognize - the blessings that the life is giving them now - few of these people go on to destroy their current and future happiness and blessings because of this.

And then there are people who have had terrible and traumatic past - but now they actually have blessings which can even be recognized by others - still they feel comfortable reliving their painful past AND as a result thereof - unable to recognize, appreciate and feel their blessings.

In this article - I have given few ways I use when I am in one of my numerous rough and tough phases of life - for you to try to find the reasons to be grateful and feel blessed.

You can use them as well as create your own ways to identify your blessings and feel grateful and to understand that - why you too have many reasons to rejoice and celebrate your life.

People who have been through most traumatic, challenging and trying phases of life - have to work-hard on creating and finding reasons to be grateful - as gratitude does not happen automatically - neither it would last for long and indefinitely - if not replenished continuously.

But work on it we must - all of us - because it is one of the most essential pillars of sustainable happiness, joy, growth, health, success and relationships.

For few people their - personality factors - like narcissism, insecurities, materialism, anti-social and psychological disorders - are the biggest-barriers to feeling grateful.

Gratitude is our emotional operating system software - and fortunately it can be inculcated.

First understand the relationship of being grateful with being joyous and being happy.

It is not that our being happy - makes us feel grateful - BUT- the other way around - being grateful makes us happy, satisfied and blissful in life.

During a difficult and tough phase - having gratitude is most important catalyst to remain hopeful, sane and bouncing-back.

It is very easy and natural to feel grateful when life is good - but what happens when disaster strikes - that is when we need to find reasons to feel hopeful.

35 benefits [physical, emotional, mental and social] of practicing Gratitude and Feeling Grateful and for our Personal Well-Being

  • 1.11 Physical Benefits of gratitude
  • I.Less illnesses
  • II.Lower aches and pains
  • III.Feel overall healthier - mentally, physically and emotionally
  • IV.When we feel good - we also maintain a healthy regimen of exercise, heathy eating and sleeping well
  • V.Have powerful positive disposition and motivations - making us pursue meaningful pursuits
  • VI.Reduces symptoms of depression, anxiety, nervousness
  • VII.Are less angry and more happy
  • VIII.Lowers blood pressure
  • IX.Have restful and refreshing quality sleep
  • X.Physically more active
  • XI.Gratitude strengthen your immune system
  • 2.17 Mental and Emotional Benefits
  • I.We seldom compare ourselves negatively with others
  • II.Are not bitter, envious or jealous
  • III.Have hope for future - which makes us take actions
  • IV.Have better mental-resilience - enabling us to face and overcome challenges, obstacles and difficulties
  • V.Reduces our frustrations, irritations and outburst
  • VI.We start responding rather than reacting impulsively
  • VII.Feelings of increased happiness for longer periods
  • VIII.Raises our optimism level
  • IX.Practicing gratitude can also make you better equipped to handle the difficulties of life that inevitably arise
  • X.Have Higher self-esteem-Boosts self-confidence
  • XI.Able to take tough decisions
  • XII.Are able to act - in spite of fears and anxieties
  • XIII.You Appreciate others more
  • XIV.You start noticing and giving credit to others for what they have done
  • XV.You recognize the importance of other's contribution and efforts
  • XVI.You start helping others grow - which in turn propels your growth manifold
  • XVII.You support others generously
  • 3.7 Social Benefits
  • I.Have better quality of and meaningful relationships
  • II.Larger networks - professional as well as social
  • III.Our bliss makes us charming and attractive for people wanting to connect with us
  • IV.Gain respect and admiration from others
  • V.Improved - closer and intimate relationships - romantic, platonic and familial
  • VI.Increase social support
  • VII.Work feels fulfilling

63 Every day Practices to find, create, feel, nourish and nurture Gratitude - to have ever-flowing stream of gratefulness - Start with a new different gratitude-building-activities every day from the following list - add and create your own

  • 1.16 steps of maintaining your gratitude journal - please note down and update on everyday basis - it is that essential
  • I.Identify - what are the things you have which are blessing not only for you - but also which many people want to have desperately
  • II.Identifying all those people who have made meaningful, impactful and positive contribution and difference in your life
  • III.Noting down all your struggles, pains, setbacks, failures and griefs - and how you bounced back - to see how mentally and emotionally tough you are
  • IV.Noting down all your accomplishments - those - for you are the moments of triumphs
  • V.Listing all that goals and dreams that you have managed to achieve
  • VI.List - in how many ways your troubles have made you a better and more powerful person
  • VII.List all your strengths and expertise - that makes you special
  • VIII.List all your weaknesses - that have triggered growth
  • IX.List all the lessons that you have learned - from past mistakes and failures
  • X.Identify and cherish the dreams you have - those for which you are taking actions actively to move towards it
  • XI.Create a collage of memories - of people, events and life's happy moments with your most loved ones
  • XII.List all those risks that you took
  • XIII.List all those situations - where you went ahead and took steps - although you were sh*t-scared
  • XIV.Identify at least one positive thing - that has made your life worth-living
  • XV.Think about something or someone you are thankful for right now
  • XVI.If you are going through a bad situation - identify and list at least one thing that you can learn from this
  • 2.Do something nice for your - children, parent, spouse, sibling
  • 3.Identify one positive quality in your - children, parent, spouse, sibling - and mention about these openly
  • 4.Create a surprise-note-book - where you note down ideas as and when they come to AND then give pleasant surprise to your loved ones - on regular basis
  • 5.Create exotically planned breaks and vacations - for your loved ones - this need not be anything expensive and you can use your creativity
  • 6.Show your gratefulness - to your loved ones OR those who have done you great-favors - in many different ways
  • 7.Let your loved ones know regularly that you are grateful for them and for what they do for you
  • 8.Spend time-together with your loved ones -having light-snacks and go through memorable moments and happy time together
  • 9.Schedule time - just to listen - to your loved ones - without making any judgement or solutions - 1-on-1
  • 10. Share your day and encourage others to share their day - together
  • 11. Make it a point to have at least one meal together - whenever it is possible - meaning when everyone comes back to home or are at home
  • 12. Celebrate every meaningful occasion - together
  • 13. Resolve conflicts and misunderstand as soon as you can
  • 14. Plan-schedule-do - acts of unconditional giving - without expecting anything back- it would be great if you can involve your loved ones too and do this together having fun
  • 15. Have fun together - identify newer and innovative ways to do it
  • 16. Thank everyone who have helped you - known, unknown or service-providers
  • 17. Give-away your unused things - but of value to people who need it most
  • 18. Offer to help others - in their dream project
  • 19. Mentor, coach and support others
  • 20. Help others feel great about themselves - when they are around you
  • 21. Understand that almost all meaningful gestures are emotional - materialistic ways of showing gratitude is very impersonal and temporary
  • 22. Focus on creating wonderful memorable experiences than possessions which loses charm within short time
  • 23. Never force yourself to do these activities - they have to be fun for you as well as energize you - and it you do them as chore then stop
  • 24. Learn to recognize every good and appreciate everything - the small observations are the most powerful ones - life filled with many small-small happy moments creates the bestest life
  • 25. Train your mind to be thankful to challenges - which make you stretch and grow and make you super-achiever
  • 26. We must be thankful for all the positives - but - it is impossible to appreciate positives if we can't understand the relationship of overcoming odds and joy
  • 27. Meditate by visualizing with focus to identify at least 2-3 new things that you are grateful for - every day
  • 28. Express yourself - be yourself - discover yourself - accept yourself - love yourself - and then celebrate your uniqueness
  • 29. Improve your happiness in other areas of your life - by finding ways to be more meaningfully engaged and finding ways to uplift your emotional states
  • 30. Participate in a hobby you enjoy
  • 31. Create and chant your very own mantra and prayers of Gratitude
  • 32. Use all your 6 senses to feel - whatever your mind-body-soul is feeling - feel the pain and joy whatever that you ae feeling at that time
  • 33. Train and practice using language that makes you feel good about yourself - as well as makes others feel inspired too
  • 34. Become aware through practice - when you start taking good things for granted - without appreciating and being grateful for them
  • 35. Start focusing on what you have - rather than what others have and you don't have
  • 36. Stop comparing yourself with others - because we only feel what we focus on - so if you focus on what you have and feel grateful - how can you miss what you don't have
  • 37. Become involved in causes those are important to you - and makes you feel worthy doing them
  • 38. Recognize, become-aware of, cherish and Savor the good moments - whenever you notice you are feeling happy - be mindful of this feeling at that time by stopping whatever you are doing for few moments
  • 39. Nurture all your valuable and positive relationships - as we get good people in our life only through greatest blessings and good friends don't come along every day.
  • 40. Smile more often - even at strangers - at the cost of looking insane - believe me it is worth it - but you should follow the culture norm
  • 41. Avoid negative 24X7 news media - negative and toxic contents
  • 42. Avoid gossip or taking bad about someone especially behind their back
  • 43. Say thank you for the little things your loved ones do for you - things you normally take for granted
  • 44. Proactively welcome and seek changes and challenges and turn them into opportunities of growth
  • 45. Enjoy the moments of your daily Life - it is on many days an adventure filled with enriching experiences and endless possibilities
  • 46. Acknowledge the past BUT let go of regrets, griefs, losses - move on
  • 47. The true test of resiliency and gratefulness is when life is falling apart.
  • 48. Experiencing loss, frustration and trauma - will certainly flood us with negative feelings - and will make us think - what really do we have to be grateful about.
  • 49. Understand and expect that your life is going to give you everything that you put in efforts for OR deserve
  • 50. Life can be unfair for many people for longer recurring phases - having gratefulness enables us to get out of it - in spite of those catastrophes
  • 51. Stop linking or relating your happiness - with other people or something specific happening
  • 52. Understand that rainbows only happen because of rain and not without the rain
  • 53. Define your self-worth and self-esteem by your actions, thinking, determination and solving problems and never base it on your regrets and disappointments
  • 54. Plan and schedule time each day to learn a new skill that can better you as a person for your community.
  • 55. Improve work relationships - support your colleagues in this difficult times
  • 56. Finding reasons to be happy amidst uncertainty and fear - Start with noticing any little thing - however small
  • 57. Learn and practice calming and soothing ways to relax your brain and cool your emotions
  • 58. Pay utmost attention to your Self-Care

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