Discovering creating and living your bliss

How to find bliss in your life How to understand, know, identify and experience your bliss

Discovering creating and living your bliss

In this article - you will learn the following

  • -16 signs of being in the state of bliss - add whenever you find other signs when you are feeling blissful and blessed
  • -28 actions on how to proactively discover your bliss - How to understand, know, identify and experience your bliss
  • -64 Ways on how to create your bliss

How to find bliss in your life

What is Bliss - Bliss is a prolonged state of joy, feeling of serene joy and contentment.

You can experience Bliss - in spite of having loads of challenging situations.

Being blissful is a mental and emotional state of living - being fully aware of the present - and tackling the obstacles with resourceful mental-emotional state.

Anybody can feel blissful - when things are all going well in every respect - in your as well as in the lives of your loved ones.

But the real trick - when things are not great and - then you live life - without letting the hard-knocks break-you-down - Instead you face them, take actions to overcome them and live with Bliss.

We experience and discover our bliss - when we are doing what makes us come alive - most blissful and happy people in this world are those who are living their passions.

Many successful people become successful not because they are chasing money - but because - they get immersed and involved in the positive feelings - they get from what they enjoy doing.

16 signs of being in the state of bliss - add whenever you find other signs while experiencing and feeling blissful and blessed

  • 1.You feel as if you are making meaningful contributions and powerful-positive-difference to the world good.
  • 2.You filled with energy, hope, positivity and enthusiasm
  • 3.You are excited about your future - because you are working on your goals
  • 4.You feel exceptionally creative and able to find solutions those are simple yet practical
  • 5.You are playful and joyful - you smile and greet even strangers
  • 6.You can see a clear way-forward and have sense of direction and purpose in your life
  • 7.You feel that you are living a worthwhile and meaningful life
  • 8.You are curious and have insatiable urge to learn
  • 9.You want to leave a powerful legacy
  • 10.You help others - because you want to make them feel happy and successful
  • 11.You feel energized by other's happiness and success
  • 12.Even though you have all these feelings and emotions - you are grounded with the realities and try to find better ways of handling stress, challenges and setbacks
  • 13.You are able to bounce back faster
  • 14.You become a source for people come and seek your suggestions and help - which energizes you even better
  • 15.You know you weakness, flaws, faults and weaknesses - and accept yourself fully and completely - without any guilt, regret or shame and anger
  • 16.All though you have these positivities - you are not living in the fools-paradise by ignoring what are the problems and challenges and setback - you are fully aware about them as well as are working on them

28 actions on how to proactively discover your bliss - How to understand, know, identify and experience your bliss - There is really no deep magic in finding your bliss - it is only a matter of taking time for connecting with yourself - exploring, reflecting, reviewing and recording - what brought you joys in the past and what gives you hopes now

  • 1.The very first step would be to get in touch with the real you - and this can only happen when you are listening to your heart and follow what it says
  • 2.Of-course - this sounds simple - but it will take lots on concentrated and focused efforts - to discover the real authentic you
  • 3.You have to sit quietly - introspect and meditate - to ask ourselves questions given later in this article
  • 4.Getting the answers in one go is not possible - as initially - your powerful and dominating conscious will be responding through your ego and perceived self-image
  • 5.We need to ask ourselves these questions - then sleep-over it and then again ask the same question again
  • 6.After we feel we are not getting any further and very-different answers - then we need to focus on all the WHYs - why we love doing this, why this makes us feel great and alive, when all we have felt and experienced this bliss in the past
  • 7.After this you need to work on to create changes in your environment, your working-style, your attitude, your mindset, your beliefs, your habits and your routine - to fine-tune with our bliss factors and drivers
  • 8.Bliss happens -when we focus on the most meaningful and worthwhile pursuits those which are closest to our heart and being
  • 9.And then we work on to improve them and create the conducing-supportive environment and others factors
  • 10.Bliss is living your life every day in such a way that makes you feel good about yourself.
  • 11.Bliss is certainly not - what you wish "if only.." Or about accumulation of materialistic possessions or about your obsessions about power and position or indulgence in your momentary sensory pleasures
  • 12.When we are living in bliss - we are aware about the blessings of present and become clear about the possibilities that we can go for in future
  • 13.Think about your hobbies, interests, passions and work - which makes you so involved and engrossed - that time loses meaning for you and even after you have spent a lot of time you still feel energized and enthusiastic
  • 14.Look at your past experiences and identify all those things which made you totally absorbed - list each one of them
  • 15.Reflect on moments when you were in your creative best and innovatively exhilarating
  • 16.List those moment when you felt at the top of the world - but many others thought you were weird
  • 17.Also note down those times - you wanted to be different - misfit and unique and identify what all you did differently
  • 18.Ask yourself - if money and resources are not of concern - what you would be doing
  • 19.Ask yourself - if given the opportunity - what would you love to start doing
  • 20.Meditate, sit-still and dream - to identify what you are missing and where and how you would like to see yourself in future - doing what and becoming what
  • 21.Even if you have no idea - you must take yourself through all the above thought-churning process - several times
  • 22.Be curious and in childlike state and then you might be able to discover it - after many sleeping overs after you thought you found it
  • 23.This journey of exploration towards finding your bliss - has to be something memorable for you plus it should relax and rejuvenate you like nothing else - otherwise you are doing it wrong
  • 24.Understand your dreams, hopes, strengths, your unique-gifts, weaknesses and hidden talents you may have.
  • 25.You may discover your bliss - also through things that bothers, disturbs and frustrates you - when you search for solutions and answers for them
  • 26.At our very core - all of us want, need and desire - joy and contentment - but you may discover that these are not easy to find and retain - at times we do experience these but they are fleeting
  • 27.Until you dive deeper into in to each of these areas and understand your drives - discovering you bliss-triggers is unlikely
  • 28.This process will also make you get in touch with your purpose as our purpose is most closely aligned with our bliss

64 Ways on how to create your bliss

  • 1.Stop spending massive amounts of your time, energies, efforts and maybe money on doing things and on things that you don't love and have very less value
  • 2.You have to slowly bring your life to a stage where you do more of what you love and less of what you dislike
  • 3.Forget what others think of you - blissfully happy people know that learning to ignore other people's opinion of you is the way to achieve the extra-ordinary in life
  • 4.Get used to being uncomfortable, stretching yourself beyond your present limits and taking actions in the area that makes you scared but is essential
  • 5.Stick your neck out - take well-thought of risks by putting yourself out there
  • 6.Share your journey of discovery and finding of your bliss
  • 7.Understand that practicing wrong ways of going about your pursuit of happiness may harm you more than it benefits
  • 8.Focus on creating strong bonding and understanding in your close relationships - deepen and broaden your relationships
  • 9.Avoid basing your happiness to the losing-war of - thinking I will be happy when………… [fill with anything that you are connecting with your happiness] - this perfect moment never ever arrives for anyone - except in the movies and the fairy-tale novels
  • 10.Choose to do and be happy now
  • 11.Identify values that - gives meaningful and sustainable joys and contentment - over short-bursts of happiness
  • 12.Starting being yourself and living your life - the way you want to live
  • 13.Make positive difference and add value to others
  • 14.Help others become the best they can be
  • 15.Keep yourself engaged and involved meaningfully - even if it means learning - although you are jobless
  • 16.Avoid getting into the mindset of spending your energies in complaining, making excuses and blaming
  • 17.Instead identify your blessings - there are plenty - probably difficult to find if you are going through tough-times - but surely you can few
  • 18.Train your mind to be consciously open to any opportunity which come your way - never judge quickly - till you have tried by exploring deeply
  • 19.Be open to new ideas and experiences - especially those things that who have never experienced or thought about before.
  • 20.Be curious - if you find something you don't know but get the nagging sensation of knowing - go deeper and find and learn from all the sources
  • 21.To appreciate many things - observing might not be enough till you learn to experience the complete wonder of newer experience
  • 22.Identify your self-image - be willing to let go of your identity - which you have already outgrown - like probably you used to think that you were not of outdoor type and now at times find the adventure activities thrilling and exciting or that you never liked exercising till few years back but now it makes your day
  • 23.Give time and energy to explore different things - by stepping outside your comfort zone and stretching yourself mentally, physically and otherwise
  • 24.Expect to be surprised - by trying out and experimenting with new things and fields - you might be amazed at how much you enjoy something you never done before
  • 25.Even if you face something that was not something that is unexpected - pay attention - you might be at the beginning of a transformation that may bring bliss
  • 26.Pay attention to those things which irritates, frustrates and makes you lose your control - try solving these nagging concerns - it may create a bliss you never thought exists
  • 27.Set specific goals - imagine your ideal life - then work backwards till you reach every day action steps
  • 28.Change your sources from where you take information in to create more positivity in your thinking - like stop watching TV, stop hanging around negative and toxic people
  • 29.Instead start reading books - learn new skills - meet amazing people - take new hobby - visit new place - discover and learn about a new culture - learn a new language
  • 30.Start reading personal development material that motivates, inspires, and encourages you to become more.
  • 31.Give others what you want to get - help without expecting anything back
  • 32.Accept and love yourself by acknowledging and celebrating the unique persona that is you
  • 33.Accept your imperfections - no one is perfect
  • 34.Constantly take action towards your most important goals
  • 35.Always learn, unlearn and relearn to sky-rocket your personal growth
  • 36.Start seeing and being thankful for what you have
  • 37.Take a walk - spend time in nature
  • 38.Plan better- prioritizing the tasks that increase your productivity and happiness
  • 39.Observe and feel your true feelings - don't fight to suppress
  • 40.Connect with people - who are positive and happy
  • 41.Believe in you - and your capabilities in handling changes
  • 42.Understand that the basic requirement to be happy are - your wellbeing, your relationships, your attitude, your efforts and actions, your involvement with life, your flexibility in changing with the change and adapting to the changes happening
  • 43.Simply knowing what your bliss is satisfies your needs for meaning.
  • 44.Knowing your bliss is not enough. Happiness comes from taking action, from actively following your bliss.
  • 45.Your active involvement in following your bliss will lead you to new, more fulfilling relationships.
  • 46.Your needs for giving to and receiving from others, friends, acquaintances, and social groups all satisfied by the common bond of your bliss.
  • 47.Do you have the courage to follow your bliss
  • 48.Be genuine and let your "yes" mean "yes" and your "no" mean "no."
  • 49.Be assertive
  • 50.Start doing more of what you love and less of what you dislike
  • 51.Practice self-care everyday
  • 52.Increase your fun factor - even in the mundane tasks
  • 53.Finding the stillness within you
  • 54.Start loving unconditionally - this happen when we love others and ourselves regardless of the things we find challenging
  • 55.Happiness can only be experienced by the mind & material things - whereas bliss is experienced through soul
  • 56.Fill your home with fragrance which makes you feel fresh PLUS find ways to enhance your calmness by using all your six senses
  • 57.Organize and redecorate and recreate setting in your house
  • 58.Clarify what matters most to you and connect with a supportive group
  • 59.Enjoy now and create positive expectancy
  • 60.Ask what are simple steps you can take to boost your mood
  • 61.Make a cup of tea or coffee and sip it slowly
  • 62.Doodle, paint, draw, sing or dance
  • 63.Cook or bake
  • 64.Indulge (whatever that means to you) - for a short while to celebrate your life

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