How to Create Enriching Relationships


How To Create Enriching Relationships To Propel Your Life To The Pinnacle – Socially, Professionally, Personally​

Today We Are Starting A Series Of Articles On Relationship. The Focus Is On Creating Magnificent Relationship With People Important You In Every Walk Of Life.

The Following Would Be Covered In The Forthcoming Sequels

1. Your Relationship With Yourself

2. Your Relationship With Materialistic World

3. Your Relationship With Others => Important Relationship Ingredients & How To Build Them => Trust, Love, Respect, Integrity & Transparency, Conflict & Fighting, Understanding, Perceptions & Meaning Generating Machine, Conversational Intelligence In Personal Relationships, Pillow Talks, Importance Of Physical Relationship/Love Making In Couples Relationship,

At Time The Focus Could Be Seemed Tilted Towards Marital Relationship/ Married Couples – Only Because The Basics Are Same For All Types Of Relationship – Formal, Informal, Intimate, Personal Or Professional.

How Many Of You Want The Following – At Least One Of The Following?

1. Being Loved & Liked

2. Being Respected

3. Being Cared

4. Being Admired

5. Being Understood

6. Being Supported In The Time Of Need

7. Grow In Life With Leaps & Bounds

8. Being Positive & Enthusiastic Everyday

9. Have Fun & Joy

10. Overcome Challenges Through Getting Right & Objective Advise

11. Having Very Strong Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence & Belief

12. Varying Yourself Comfortably In Every Situations & With Every People

Chances Are That We May Want All Or Most Of These. Our Most Important Relationships Can Give Us All These.

But If We Do Not Have A Strong Bond & Healthy Relationship With The Most Important People In Our Life – Then We May Expect Lots Of Pain Too From These Very Relationships.

But None Of Us Can Expect To Be Loved, Respected, Cared, Honored, Helped, Be Comfortable With Others & In Challenging SituationsUnless We Love, Care, Respect, Like Ourselves And Are Totally Free & Comfortable With Ourselves.

Therefore Our Today's Focus Is On Developing Excellent Relationship With Ourselves.

Why Personal Relationships Are Important. Healthy Relationships Are A Vital Component Of Health And Well-being. ... Conversely, The Health Risks From Being Alone Or Isolated In One's Life Are Comparable To The Risks Associated With Cigarette Smoking, Blood Pressure, And Obesity.

Maintaining A Good Relationship With Yourself Is No Different Than Maintaining A Good Relationship With A Partner, A Friend, Or A Family Member.

Could It Be That You Have Lost Communication With Yourself? Poor Communication With Yourself Can Lead To A Distorted Perception Of Other Relationships In Your Life.

Building a High Self Esteems

1. Understanding Self - Communicating With Yourself => We Talk To Ourselves All Day. Notice & Pay Attention

A. What Are You Saying To Yourself?

B. What Percentage Of Your Self-Talk Is Positive/Negative?

C. When Are You Most Negative/Positive?

D. Do You Have A Very Strong Self-Critic – Does It Focuses On Improving Or Berating Yourself

E. Do You Listen To Your Body – Can You Understand What Messages It Is Giving You

F. Do You Know What Motivates & What Demotivates You

G. Can You Say No To Yourself – When Your Impulses Take Control

H.When You See Yourself In Mirror – Do You Feel Good & Proud About Who You See – Your Body, Your Face

I. Do You Understand Your Strengths – Do You Operate From Abundance Mentality Because Of Your Positive Qualities Or From Scarcity Mindset

J. Do You Believe You Are Smart

K. Does Past Mistakes Makes You Feel You Have Failed – Or Does It Give You Motivation To Charge Ahead With Vigor

L. Does Other People's Comments Hurt You Easily

M.Do You Look For Other's Approval & Make Your Desires Secondary

N. Do You Frequently Compare Yourself With Others & Feel Bad Or Ashamed Or Wish For What If I……..

O. Do You Find It Difficult To Take Decisions In Crucial/Critical Situations Or In Catch22 Situations

If Your Answer To Even Some Of The Above Questions Are Negative – Then It Is Most Probable That => You Have Flimsy Relationships, Fragile Confidence Level & Mediocre Success – And You Are More Unhappy Than Happy

2. Building A Very Powerful, Strong, Positive Self-Image & Moat Intimate Relationship With Yourself

A. Identify Your Core Values – Make A Plan To Live Them => When You Start Living Your Values – It Alone Will Boost Your Confidence To A Very Higher Level

B. If You Are Stuck In Any Part Of Your Life => Work Out A Plan With Several Options, Seek Help From Your Well-Wishers/Mentors

C. Spend Time With Yourself – Creating Dreams & Then Making Realistic Action Plans On How To Achieve Them

D. Ask People Whom You Admire – How Can You Improve Your Ward-Robe & Looks, Within Your Means

E. Spend Time With Yourself – Visualizing The Smarter & Successful You In The Situation/With The People Important To You

F. Start Admitting Your Fears, Weaknesses, Concerns Openly & Also Start Working On Them By Facing Them Squarely

G. Start Practicing Communicating On Different Topics & In Different Scenarios – By Learning & Practicing Newer Areas. Start Practice By Looking At Full Length Mirror.

H. Learn To Use Your Strength To Your Advantage Better

I. Start A Gratitude Diary – Note Down All The Things You Have – Which Many In The World Will Anything To Get It

J. Start Working On Plan On Your Areas Of Improvement – Which Can Make You Achieve Your Dreams Faster

K.Learn How You Turn A Put-Down Into A Joke + Learn How Give A Witty Response To Someone's Rude Comments

L. Learn To Say No To Powerful People

M. Maintain A Lessons Learned Diary – Note All Your Major Failures/Significant Life Turning Events And What Lesson Did You Learn

N. If Possible Create A Hobby Which Fires Your Passion

O. Identify Few Authors/Motivators – Read Their Books & Watch/Hear Their Motivational Talks

P. Read About Ordinary Folks Who Have Done Extra-Ordinary Accomplishments

Q. Read About People Who Failed Miserably Many Times But Bounced Back In Big Ways

R. Polish Your Creativity & Problem Solving Skills

S. Develop In Yourself A Habit Of Looking At The Things Different That Common Perspectives

T. Develop Courage To Ask Tough Questions

U. Start Accepting Your Mistakes Openly

V. Start Respecting Everyone – Focus On What You Can Learn From Them

W. Become An Emphatic Listener

X. Make Helping Someone Unconditionally Everyday Your Mission In Meaningful Ways

Y. Every-Time You Fail – Try Training Your Mind To Think On How To Bounce Back => After Some Practice You Will Start Doing It Automatically

Z. Be Honest To Yourself

AA. Stop Giving Excuses Don't Be Critical Either But Take Complete Ownership For Your Actions

BB. Make It Your Focus To Make Your Today Better Than Yesterday

CC. Always Honor Your Commitment – Deliver More Always Than You Commit

DD. Start Challenging Yourself – Stop Expecting From Others


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