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How To Become The Greatest Influencer By Using Hypnotic Words

Have You Ever Thought About Hypnotism, Self-Hypnotism & Hypnotizing Others.Most Of Us Dismiss These As Mumbo Jumbo.

All The People Who Charm You & Compel You To Listen To Them – Whether They Are Statesmen, Politician, Roadside Salesmen Or Renowned Con Artists/Scamsesters Like Victor Lustig[Who Sold The Eiffel Tower Twice] – Practice Hypnotism, Most Of It Self-Taught.

This Art Was Honed To Perfection By Milton Erickson – Read About Him On The Following Links Https://En.Wikipedia.Org/Wiki/Milton_H._Erickson


Erickson Besides Using The Power Of Eye Movements/Modeling For Inducing Others To Change Behaviors Detrimental To Them – Used The Power Of Hypnotic Words To Appeal To The Sub-Conscious To Make Them Take Actions To Change Those Sabotaging Behaviors.

                                                                        Some Myths About Hypnotism

1.Only The Mentally Weak Can Be Hypnotized

This Isn't True. In Fact The Exact Reverse Is Probably Actually True. The Higher Your Intelligence And The Stronger Your Self-Control, The More Easily You Are Hypnotized.

That's Because Entering A Hypnotic Trance Is All About Concentrating, So People With Mental Health Problems Can Find It Difficult.

2. When Hypnotized We Are Powerless

Also False. It's Difficult To Get People To Do Things Under Hypnosis That They Wouldn't Normally Do. While Hypnotized People Are Still In Touch With Their Morals And Normal Standards Of Behavior.

3. You Will Spill All Your Secrets & You Cannot Lie Under Hypnotism

Yes You Can Lie & The Truth You Want To Hide Strongly Too Won't Come Out! Hypnosis Is Not Some Kind Of Magical State In Which You Can Only Speak The Truth. This Is A Natural Result Of The Fact That You Are Not Helpless When Hypnotized And Your Usual Moral (And Immoral) Faculties Are Still Active.

Not Only Can You Lie Under Hypnosis, But Lying Is Not Necessarily Any More Detectable Hypnotized Than When Not.

4. You Believe That You've Never Been Hypnotized

Many People Think They've Never Been Hypnotized Since They've Never Been To A Hypnotherapist. In Reality, Most Of Us Have Experienced A State Of Mild Hypnosis, At Least. Whenever Say You Reading A Book Or Watching A Movie Or Doing Some Work And You Completely Forget About Your Immediate Surroundings & Become Part Of That Scene


If You Want To Become A Great Communicator – Who Influences, Charms Masses & Makes Them Take Certain Actions – Learn How To Hypnotize Yourself & Others.

Today We Are Going To Talk About – Hypnotic Words => Do They Really Exist – Yes They Do. They Work On You & Everybody Else, If Used As Per The Law Of Human Nature

The Hypnotic Words Work Under The Following Conditions Only

  1. You Should Be Wanting To Get That Results/Benefits/Results Most Passionately
  2. Or You Are Determined To Avoid Some Outcomes At Any Cost
  3. You Cannot Be Hypnotized For Something Against Your Values & What You Do Not Want At All
  4. These Words Should Ignite Your Curiosity & Make You Want To Know More
  5. These Words Elicit Either Reaction Or Action
  6. These Words Should Create A Strong Mental & Emotional Picture [ Either Visual, Auditory Or Kinesthetic Or A Mix Of These
  7. These Words Have To Be Chosen As Per The Type Of Person You Are Trying To Influence – Although Some Common Reactions Inducing Words Exists.

Many Of The Sales Person [Like Insurance Agent]/Marketers/Advertisers/Con Artist/Spiritual Gurus => Use These Action Prompting Words, To Make You Respond – The Way They Want.

Let Us See What Reactions Normally You Have When You See The Following Messages

  1. Buy One Get One At No Cost
  2. Last 2 Days To Save Penalty
  3. Free Rides/Check-Up/Or Any Such Thing
  4. 40% Extra In The Same Price
  5. Prices Are Going Up
  6. Exchange Old For New

Most Of These Hypnotic Messages Are Attacking Your Fear/Complexes /Anxieties & They Sell You - Your Fantasies That We Feel Will Make Our Lives Fantastic Forever.

You Will Find That Following Has Very Strong Markets – Even Though They May Not Have Any Scientific Background. Look At The Following

  1. Become Fair In 3 Weeks
  2. Lose Weight Without Exercise/ Get That Figure
  3. Get That Face[Facial Cosmetic Surgery]
  4. Earn Millions Without Much Effort – Sitting At Home
  5. Get Cured Of Cancer/Diabetes/So On – In One Dose
  6. All Your Relationship/Job/Business Problems Solved [Through The God Men]

None Of The Above Can Happen Without Giving You Severe Pain – But These Are So Irresistible To Many People That They Fall Prey To These Dream Merchants.

In Most Cases These Only Harm You – As Benefits Are Designed For Them Not You.

On The Positive Sides – There Are Great Influencers Like Statesmen, Mentors, Counselor, Negotiators And Coaches => Who Create Positive Changes In Individuals & Masses Alike.

In This Topic We Are Talking About Using Hypnotic Words For Positive Transformation – If You Want To Achieve This Status – The Following Conditions Must Be Satisfied

  1. Your Focus Is Only To Make Positive Difference
  2. You Sincerely Want To Do This Without Any Ulterior Motive
  3. It Has To Be Unconditional Giving – Without Expecting Anything Back{Even Show Of Gratitude/Thanks From The Person You Are Doing This For - Like Parents Or More Specifically Mothers Do For Their Children
  4. You Have To Live Your Values To Be Trusted By Others
  5. You Are Willing To Go That Extra Mile & Put The Needed Efforts
  6. You Are Willing To Put Efforts To Understand What Motivation This Individual/Target Group Has – Every Time
  7. You Are Willing To Put Efforts In Making Yourself Better
  8. You Have To Develop Coach/Counselor Mindset/Courage Of Asking Hard Hitting Open Ended Questions
  9. You Have To Facilitate To Make Them Find Their Own Solutions Instead Of Providing Solutions

Hypnotic Words => Create Curiosity To Grab Attention + Dodge Your Conscious Mind + Incite Your Unconscious Mind. These Words Are Everyday Words & When You Use Them Nobody Can Guess That You Using Them.

Let Us See Some Scenario – Assume That You Are Coaching Someone => You Can Use The Following Sentences To Grab Their Attention + Bypass The Conscious & Engage The Unconscious Brain Scenario 1 – You Are Coaching Them For Creating Future + Breaking Few Self-Limiting/Self-Sabotaging Behaviors 1. As You Are Here, At This Training Session….You Will Want To Take An Active Part In All The Activities 2. I Can See You Want To Improve, Don't You 3. Being At This Meeting Means That You Will Listen Intently To What I Am About To Say 4. Imagine There Are Absolutely No Constraint Or Limitations In What You Can Do => What You Would Be Doing

5.You Can Imagine Me Achieving These Targets"

6. You Can Learn These Techniques Easily 7. I Know You're Thinking About How You Can Achieve Your Targets This Month, Because You're Concentrating Hard 8. That's Right You Don't Think You Can Do It Now, But Once You Start The Project You Will Realize How Easy It Is 9. You Can Do This Even Easier – If You Do That 10. Do You Want To Begin This Task Now Or Later? 11. Take All The Time You Need To Finish In The Next 30 Minutes 12. You Will Enjoy It More Scenario 2: Controlling Exam Fear – Hypnotic Power Word: Imagine

1."ImagineYourself Sitting In The Exam Room, Knowing That You've Done All The Preparation You Can.

2.ImagineHow Comfortable You'll Feel When You Get Your Hands On The Paper.

3. ImagineBeing So Relaxed That There's Only Comfort, There's Plenty Of Time To Answer Every Question To The Best Of Your Ability."

4. "ImagineOpening The Paper And Seeing The Familiar Material You've Been Studying.

5. ImagineHow Easy It Is To Recall All That Information, Able To Simply Breathe And Relax And Take Your Time Because Everything You Need To Know Is In Your Head.

6.ImagineWorking Through Each Question, One At A Time, Knowing That You're Okay And You're Relaxed."

Scenario 2: Relaxing - Starting With The Power Phrase "Just Pretend"…

1.Most People Know How To Pretend. So You Might Say Something Like This:

2."Just Pretend You're In The Most Relaxing Place You've Ever Been. Just Pretend You're More Comfortable Than You've Ever Been Before. Just Pretend That Your Breathing Is Slowing Down And Helping You Enjoy Deep And Luxurious Relaxation."

3.Next, Keep Reinforcing That Picture In Their Head:

4."And The More You Relax, The More Comfortable You Feel. The More Comfortable You Feel, The More Relaxed Your Body Becomes."

5."Every Time You Take A Breath, You'll Feel More And More Relaxed. To Feel What It's Like When Every Muscle In Your Body Is Completely Relaxed, Completely Stress Free. Suppose You Were Relaxing Like That Right Now."

6."Remember A Time When You Were So Relaxed, So Incredibly Comfortable, And As You Remember That Feeling Of Total Relaxation

7.Imagine What It Would Be Like If You Could Bring That Feeling Right Back, Right Now, So You Find Yourself In The Deepest And Most Tranquil State Of Calm Imaginable.

Some Hypnotic Techniques :-

  1. Visualization Is Probably The Most Common Technique Used In Hypnotherapy. Visualization Is Also A Form Of Self Hypnosis
  2. Visualization Is Mostly Used As A Form Of Rehearsal, Getting The Client To Imagine Themselves In The Future As Having Whatever It Is They Want To Have Now.
  3. Association Is A Way Of Getting The Client To Access Their Own Resources. The Client Is Invited To Think Of Themselves In The Future, When Whatever It Is That They Want Has Happened To Them.
  4. The Client Is Led Through A Process Of Imagining How They Would Look, How They Would Stand, Dress, Behave And So On.
  5. Dissociation :- If Association Is About Going Into Someone Else's Body, Dissociation Is About Going Out Of Yourself And Then Experiencing Your Own Body As If It Was Someone Else's.
  6. The Ability To Look At Yourself As If You Were A Different Person Is The Basis Of Many Therapies. It Is Fundamental To The Fast Phobia Process And Is The Basis Of Most Visualisation Therapies.
  7. Rehearsal, Also Known As Future Pacing, Involves The Client Testing Their Reaction To A Particular Situation That Is Causing Them A Problem By Imagining Themselves In That Situation, And Demonstrating The Behaviour Needed To Put Them In Charge Of The Situation.
  8. Reframing Acknowledges The Client's Actions And Feelings, But Changes The Meaning Ascribed To Them.
  9. The Meaning You Give To A Situation Depends On Your World View, The Assumptions You Have About It. Few Things Are Absolutely Good Or Bad In Life, And Most Things Are Subject To Interpretation.
  10. Regression :- Regression Is A Normal Process That Everyone Does. Whenever A Stimulus Causes You To Call Up A Memory Or To Re-Experience An Old Feeling You Have Experienced Regression.
  11. Everyone Is Familiar With Hearing An Old Song And Being Transported Back In Memory To When The Song Was First Heard And Recalling All The Feelings, Sights And Sounds Of That Time.
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