How to create an amazing life for yourself

How to create an amazing life for yourself

How to create an awesome life for yourself - How to experience awe in your life plus Creating wow factor in your life.

What is the WOW factor – it is something all of us want but only the very-rare people manage to get it.

How to create Wow-factor in your life & How to Create a life which makes you feel Awe-some is dealt in this blog.

Why masses don't have it – although it is something that is perfectly within each of our control-zone.

While mentoring/coaching people of almost all ages, gender, background and position – I get few of the following questions repeatedly in some form or other

  • 1.I hate my job, have no passion for it whatsoever or something like this - I am 36 and have got no passion what should I do
  • 2.My relationships are very superficial – I do not feel close to anyone
  • 3.I have almost everything materialistic that anyone can ask for, still I Feel emptiness in my life
  • 4.When I wake-up, I wake up because I have to, without any purposeful goals or dreams
  • 5.I feel something is missing in life – although I am living a decent comfortable life
  • 6.I am living like a robot, just going through the motion
  • 7.I think I'm lost, I want to make my life meaningful, but do not know how
  • 8.I am always busy but nothing is really happening, no productivity
  • 9.I feel I am stagnating in life/career/profession

We all want it/need it - Yet majority of people don't get the WOW-factor – Why - It is because of OUR ACTIONS BASED ON OUR FOLLOWING misguided/misunderstood/ mistaken

  • 1.Beliefs
  • 2.Perceptions
  • 3.Conditioning
  • 4.Definitions
  • 5.Our assumptions without our really testing and verifying
  • 6.Our academic system
  • 7.Misinterpreting our own real DEEPER needs, wants and desires
  • 8.Not able to discern where we would like to go and Confusing what the others are doing
  • 9.We are competing/comparing with others and basing our satisfaction on other's parameters

So, what exactly is the WOW-Factor – it is our internal oasis – which creates all our drives, passions, energies, motivations and inspirations – in life and for living life.

But it has to be constantly nurtured, revitalized and fed with right focused actions.

Many of us live a life[sometimes our whole lives] just to WOW others, which is altogether a defeating and unfulfilling purpose in itself.

If we can focus our energies and efforts on creating Our WOW-factor – then we would be able to lead a life of AWE for ourselves.

When we are living life propelled by Wow-factor and creating the AWE-some factors for ourselves, it bring-about the following outcomes in our life.

  • 1.It would make us feel worthy of ourselves
  • 2.Make us confident
  • 3.Fill us with curiosity to know and learn
  • 4.Makes us seek and pursue - our larger than life goals, aspirations and dreams
  • 5.It would make us challenge our fears
  • 6.Force us to take risks to make us stretch and takes actions to go beyond our current capabilities
  • 7.Make us accomplish something huge
  • 8.Make us contribute significantly to the people, society and the world
  • 9.Make us feel blissful and blessed
  • 10.Make us face our struggles, difficulties, obstacles – effectively, without getting bogged down by it

Those who cultivate this factor have generally contended life and they look forward to each day with enthusiasm.

The WOW-Factor cannot make our pains/setbacks/crises/failure disappear – but it makes us very effective in dealing with these in our everyday life.

How to go about discovering, creating, maintaining and sustaining your WOW-factor

It is going to take a lots of introspection, brain-storming, "frustrating walls of no clues/answers", analyzing, challenging and questioning to uncover your extraordinary gift.

But once you've uncovered your special talent and uniqueness – and start celebrating it - your life will distinctly become more meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling

The following points would guide you towards the right directions of building a life that is worth living

[all the *marked-ones have separate specific DIY articles in From the heart of Subhashis in Success Unlimited Mantra Blog]

1.The way of the wise is to see uncertainty with a sense of wonderment. Wonder-ment is the quality of being curious about everything, with a heart of a childlike desire to explore and experiment

2.You have to learn to be in awe of all that the universe have to offer – like in Veda's it is explained - One who says, I don't know - may know it, and the one who says, I know, actually may not know. The attitude of 'I know' makes one closed and limited – and kills the joy of learning

3.When we are awakened and energized with the pleasure of learning - we see that the whole creation is full of wonders

  • 4.Identify the specific unique qualities those are only your own. This uniqueness would be both our strengths as well as our weaknesses. Plus, how we handle situations and how we relate with the world.
  • 5.Then it is about building on your strengths and turning your weaknesses into strengths*
  • 6.Once you have a strong grasp on who you are, ask for feedback and opinions from those whom you trust, respect, and know are willing to give you the truth – no matter how harsh it may be
  • 7.Then identify what you are passionate about* - it doesn't have to be something you need to do day and night or earn money. But this have to be something you are excited about doing it[this feeling have to tested and over a period of time and few misses – you may uncover your true passions]
  • 8.Then the trick is to fit in your passions – in your life in small-small chunks. If it can be converted into your full-time profession/career/business – nothing like that [but reaching that stage would take years]
  • 9.Identifying your Pain and Dissatisfactory Areas of Life – These are the Pointer of Change*
  • 10.Then identifying your core-values and what you stand for[or want to stand for]
  • 11.Based on all above – you need to discover – what all would give enough meaning to your life – that can be your dream life
  • 12.Then you need to allocate and schedule – a significant time to work on your Dreams [in case your current activities are not taking you towards it
  • 13.The you need to identify the Skills-Knowledge-Experience-Exposure-Expertise Gap, you need to acquire to reach your dream/passion/goal
  • 14.Create a plan to acquire the relevant skills*
  • 15.Enroll a Mentor
  • 16.Once you are clear about your life's goals – you need to sharpen the following skills – to create sustainable wow factor on a really large scale
  • I.How to be persistent*
  • II.How to be a professional*
  • III.How to bounce back from failures*
  • IV.How to use fear* to grow
  • V.How to be confident*
  • VI.How to give your 100%
  • VII.When to give up*
  • VIII.Working on Your Area of Influence
  • IX.Handling Change*
  • X.Setting Healthy Boundaries*
  • XI.Dealing with the Uncertainties* and unknown
  • XII.How to become a great observer*
  • XIII.How to be disciplined* - it may sound like a paradox – but this is what creates wonders in the world by humans
  • XIV.How to avoid burnout*
  • XV.How to stick with the basics*
  • XVI.How to simplify*
  • XVII.How to manage priorities*
  • XVIII.How to manage energy*
  • XIX.Work on your Emotional* and Social Intelligence*
  • XX.How to break your comfort-zone*
  • XXI.Using the energies of frustration and anger into productive outcomes*
  • 17.If the goals you have taken to make your life Meaningfully Wow-n-Awe => And if your current occupation is different than that. Then slowly migrate to this new world
  • 18.Create checklist, to insure, you are not missing something important – in the excitement
  • 19.Learn how live a regret-free life*

Ways to cultivate your sense of WONDER & AWE

1.Awe is not a rare occurrence - But to incorporate more awe into our daily lives we have to know what kinds of things elicit awe.

2.Make yourself photograph at least 6 things find awesome – every-week

  • 3.Create a collection of songs and outstanding performances that makes you feel thrilled to the bone for all occasions – sad, Happy, Motivating, Inspiring, Introspecting

4.Learn to connect the dots - Nothing happens in isolation. Everything is connected and awe is inspired when you imagine the vast threads bringing us together and can see the magnanimity of the wonders of whatever you are doing and the entire world and how it is connected with you and your life

5.If possible, Meet – if not then Read, listen and watch videos of ordinary people who have achieved extra-ordinary AS WELL AS of extraordinary people who have accomplished miraculous feats

6.Listen to Google, TED and Other Motivating talks

7.Look at your life through someone else's eyes. Look at your partner through the eyes of other persons of your gender

8.Learn The NLP techniques of viewing Situations, People and Events with different lenses with the features of magnifying, distancing, coloring, dis-coloring AND seeing through binoculars, microscopes, telescopes, amplifiers, stethoscopes etc

9.Identify some ways you might personally connect with something vast in nature that stretches your perspective – especially vastness of size, space, age, or complexity – to enhance your feeling of awe

  • 10.Identify a heritage site, old cemetery, famous museums, historical places -read about them first and then visit and connect with them
  • 11.Pick-up hobbies that thrills you or even fill you with fear – like water-skiing, sky-diving etc and go for that and Anchor that experience using the NLP technique of anchoring
  • 12.Talk about this with others, share this experience and then plan openly about your next project
  • 13.Learn to meditate in nature and practice going into thoughtlessness
  • 14.Attend performances of the artists you are in awe of
  • 15.Volunteer at places that serve others, such as hospice centers, animal shelters, or nursing homes
  • 16.Be a tourist in your own city. Check out new neighborhoods, public parks, museums and interesting venues.

17.Look at old pictures you took on your most amazing trip

18.Hang out with children

19. Travel and expose yourself to different people, cultures and viewpoints 20. Learn to enjoy your own company doing nothing Beco

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