How to be Yourself


​How to be Yourself again, Being comfortable with being yourself

If someone is emotionally-secure, he/she can never be comfortable with who they are, and they would lack self-confidence, self-belief, self-esteem and all of these.

Emotionally insecure people would definitely it difficult to feel at ease with others too.

Few of our insecurities, comes from

1.Our beliefs that we are not attractive – that something is weird about our bodies or face or any other physical attributes
2.Our beliefs that, we are not smart, intelligent or competent
3.Our beliefs that whatever we say will be seen as awkward, boring, or overly emotional and that it may make us look stupid
4.Our beliefs that, if we act like this, other's will feel bad or take offence
5.Our belief that it would make look only self-focused or selfish

6. There are multiple other beliefs that can give us insecurities

Insecurity would cause almost all or many of the following things to happen in your life– depending on your degree of insecurities

1.People pleasing tendencies
2.Having a deep need for acceptance, approval and appreciation from others
3.Won't be able to express their views, opinions, wishes, desires
4.Will have difficulty in asking for help or favors
5.Will have difficulty in accepting appreciation or praise
6.Will have difficulty in say no to others
7.Will go for wrong choices under pressure
8.Will keep sulking, feeling hurt, nurse grudge
9.Will be emotionally vulnerable and keep reflecting what others said
10.Will be living your life as per other's choices, wishes and

There's no doubt that belonging is important. It's integral to the unfolding of our own human experience.

But equally important is being comfortable and confident with Being who you really are, rather than the world have taught you who you should be.

Insecurity causes many types of fears [although most of our fears are self-imposed], especially fear of rejection, and that makes us do many things we would never ever do otherwise out of our free will. Read my blog on how to do it on handling fear.

How to Be Happy by being yourself and with yourself [ in addition to the reading and practicing the following 91 DIY Tips, also read my blog on how to do it on happiness]

1.We all have different explanations and definitions of what happiness is and what it means to each of us.
2.Whether you're in a relationship, have children, have a busy work life or whatever the circumstances are, it's important to know how to be happy alone.
3.When you know what makes you truly happy, practice self-love, take care of yourself and step out of your comfort zone, you will be able to see how powerful being happy alone can be.
4.Figure Out What Makes You Truly Happy
5.Give Yourself a Fresh Start - Sometimes we get stuck in monotonous schedules and our days feel like they merge together into a week that's exactly the same as the last.
6.Write down new places you would like to explore, games you would like to learn how to play, or books you would like to read.
7.By changing something in your surroundings, it will help you start fresh and prevent you from feeling like your life is stagnant.
8.You can also look at moving, rearranging or redecorating your house to create an instant fresh start or renewal of your current stage in life.
9.Plan a cleaning or de-cluttering session. Get rid of things that are collecting dust or that you have been hanging on to because you'll feel guilty if you throw them out.
10.Remember that it's time to start living for you and no one else. Only keep things that make you happy, are important, useful and meaningful to you.
11.Practice Unconditional Self-Love, read my blog on how to do it on this
13.Build a Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually Healthy Lifestyle, read my separate blogs on increasing our intelligence in these areas
14.Identify Your Passion and Nurture It, read my blog on how to do it on this
15.Step Out of Your Comfort Zone, read my blog on how to do it on this
16.Manage your energies, by managing your priorities, read my separate blogs on these two topics
17.Learn to Appreciate the Present
18.Listen to others' opinions, but value your own more
19.Be in place which is noise-proof [OR only has nature's sound like bird's chirping, stream flowing etc.] and learn to enjoy the silence.
20.Identify what you truly would like to be, have and do, create strategy on how would you go about accomplishing the, and pursue them passionately
21.Volunteer your time, effort and energy to contribute something positive to the world—it is important for being confident enough to know that you can surround yourself with people, but not depend on them for your own happiness.
22.Surround yourself with good people— throw the toxic one immediately
23.Stop being agreeable for the sake of appearing to be a nice person
24.Stop trying to fill potentially awkward pauses in conversation, just be silent
25.Be nice, be respectful, be a kind person, but if you are not having a good time you don't have to stay stuck
26.Learn to be assertive and express your opinions, read my blog on how to do it on how to be assertive
27.Stop comparing yourself to others
28.Being comfortable with who you are starts with your mindset
29.Before you can learn how to be comfortable with yourself, you have to change your way of thinking. Chances are, you think negatively of yourself and you care too much about what other people think. You need to stop caring about that.
30.Why you should stop caring about what others think of you – because It blocks your growth and hurts your self-esteem and confidence, and especially Most people concerned about on what would they think of you - actually don't give a damn your well-being
31.Instead of thinking or visualizing, how others will react, start thinking, what would make you happy
32.Set standards for YOURSELF – then ensure that you compete with yourself alone and make yourself better on a continuous basis from who you were in the past
33.Start Focusing on your own health and happiness and also of your most loved ones
34.Realize that you are a unique person, make yourself the best in what is your USP, read my blog on how to do it on being unique
35.Do the things you love
36.Ensure to be those who love you, those who really want to help you and those who will always support you and believe in you, To feel truly comfortable with yourself you must know who deserves your support, love, kindness and respect, and who does not.
37.Instead of seeking attention, focus on creating excellence, read my blog on how to do it on how create excellence in life
38.Take initiative to lead, it is definitely true that leadership is scary – but to lead is the way for exponential growth
39.Always ask for what you want, because If you don`t ask, the answer is always NO
40.Honor your commitments and promises, as this would give you inner satisfaction, which is important for your growth, happiness and success, read my blog on how to do it on power of commitment
41.Be comfortable with people having different opinions, it is your right and it is their right too. But choose wisely
42.Practice self-compassion, though accepting that everyone suffers, everyone makes mistakes, everyone faces disappointments
43.Identify the reason for being Grateful, keep a diary, and note down every day what good you feel
44.Learn and practice the way to change your emotional state, instantly, read m y blog on this
45.Set clear boundaries around you for others, read my blog on how to do it on this
46.Learn to let go, read my blog on how to do it on this
47.Create space for yourself, Have some "me" time
48.Operate only in your area of control for Taking Charge of your life, read my blog on how to do it on this
49.Stop Judging other's motive
50.Stop expecting anything from everyone
51.Forgive others for your own sake, dump revengeful and vengeful thoughts, instead use this negative energy to create something meaningful, read my blog on how to do it on this
52.If you are feeling lost, get a trusted and experienced life coach or Mentor. You can try us
53.Take Responsibility for your life, for all your decisions, for all your actions and for all the consequences
54.Time to time live a life of a vagabond Get Lost Literally in some natural surrounding or in a new country or culture
55.Pick Up new Hobbies and Learn New Skills
56.Review and change Your Career and Relationships
57.Really Open up to Those Around You, share and express yourself, exactly the way you feel
58.Do Something Crazy [ensure that it is safe, legal and mature and does not hurt anyone physically or financially
59.Indulge in your impulses, without feeling guilty, Embrace Spontaneity
60.Make a plan and ensuring Sticking with It No Matter What
61.Change Your Perspective, reframe your assumptions and beliefs through reframing, read my blog on how to do it on this

  • Time to time make a digital free day or hour
62.Embrace your innermost and deep fears, by doing the same very thing that you would love to but are scared
63.Spend quality time with your loved ones, time to time
64.Give yourself the love, you would give to someone else
65.Distance yourself from those who bring you down
66.Start making the changes you know you need to make
67.Explore new ideas and opportunities, turn your life upside down, read my blog on how to do it on how to do it
68.Listen to your intuition
69.Be honest with yourself about yourself
70.Understand that You are not expected to be perfect.
71.Being Yourself is One of the Hardest Things You'll Ever Do
72.Commit to doing one nice thing for yourself every day.
73.Express Your Individuality and vulnerabilities, read my blog on how to do it
74.Accept your emotions without judging them
75.Know and Stand Up For Your Values
76.Pro-active look for and Accept Change in positive expectations, read my blog on how to do it
77.Improve yourself by improving the lives of others
78.Become confident by helping others be confident
79.Be yourself by helping others be themselves
80.Be happy by making others happy
81.Think today about who matters in your life, who deserves your love, attention, time and any type of contribution
82.Never try to be like others, only inculcate their qualities that you admire
83.Let go of the need to be loved by all
84.Understand that Finding yourself is a journey, not a destination. A lot of it is trial and error.
85.Make laughter a bigger part of your life, read my blog on how to do it
86.Stop trying to fix your past, instead focus on living and taking action towards creating the future you want
87.Learn the difference between intimidating, sarcastic, or conniving comments and well-intended constructive criticism
88.Develop and follow your own style, read my blog on how to do it
89.Stand up for yourself and Stand up for others
90.Question your assumptions about who you're supposed to be
91.Understand that You don't have to be like everyone else
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