How to be a powerful influential woman and great leader

Why-women-are-natural-Leaders Women use your strengths to become a great leader and a woman of power and influence

In this article you will learn

  • -14 powerful reasons - why many women don't become influential-leaders 
  • -43 remarkable soft skills and qualities women develop - through their journey of normal life - irrespective of their education, social-status and financial-position and whether working or housewives - they do all things CEOs do
  • -39 basic tips - on How you as a woman can come in big-ways to take leadership roles
  • -49 Qualities to develop on How to start our journey to be a great leader - the basic steps- all the points mentioned above and following - have separate and detailed Do-it-yourself blogs and YouTube videos
  • -The initiation into Leadership for the aspiring-leader - is all about being a B.I.T.C.H - acting B.I.T.C.H.Y and becoming B.I.T.C.H.yer to develop yourselves into remarkable leaders - this acronyms B.I.T.C.H.yer - is a powerful formula although may looks similar to insulting-words used by unsophisticated

Why women are natural leaders - YET - why many of the women with remarkable talents don't recognize this themselves

Women how you can use your natural strengths to become a great leader and a woman of influence

Irrespective of their education, social-status and financial-position and whether working or housewives - most women play many of the roles - which the CEOs and chairpersons do.

Although being a women and being a leader - they have fight for everything - but once at the CEO levels - most women do exceedingly well - especially in the global best organizations.

14 powerful reasons - why many women don't become influential-leaders 

  • 1.Many women develop psychological-issues hampering their personalities and subduing their aspirations [because of various social-and-family oppressions, restrictions and suppressions- this is kind of global phenomenon]
  • 2.Very rare [if at all any] - organization - recruits, handholds and mentors women to harness the tremendous power of women's natural leadership AND also to create meritocratic and impartial opportunities and pathways to make them go to the top
  • 3.Politicians like any other genre - are male-controlled AND they are least interested in correcting and balancing the skewed tilt and almost pathetically insignificant percentage of women
  • 4.Because of their social-status - and how they are treated by the males in their family as well as professionally and socially - many women get into the mindset of - I can't or it is not worth fighting
  • 5.Workplace discrimination - and women being passed for promotion is as prevalent as subtle sexual harassments
  • 6.Women facing - "have-to-fight" to "get-what-they-deserve" and what is their right - makes many women give-up lower-down aspirations
  • 7.Their get caught-up in managing - multiple-roles - that many women accept their role as house-wives, mothers, care-giver and suppress their big-calling [which although inculcates the right soft-leadership-skills and which males can never get automatically AND have to learn with through experiences and with focused concentration]
  • 8.Their being responsible of giving-birth and raising children also at times - plays havoc with women who have otherwise managed to create a space for themselves - in the business and professional world
  • 9.Many women themselves - undervalue, underrate and undersell themselves - I am giving the following questions with my reading[answers]
  • I.Who can become great leader - men or woman - BOTH can become great leaders.
  • II.Who have the best soft-skills to become wonderful leaders - women because of their types of life's experiences and exposures
  • III.Who does not recognize - their own massive inner strengths, power and potential - women.
  • 10. Women very rarely have or enroll powerful-mentors - to coach and guide them
  • 11. The other side of coin is - most women don't mentor OPENLY - other women
  • 12. Instead of using their uniqueness and creating a niche-leadership - they try to conform and compete with strengths which is typically-male-specific
  • 13. Restricted exposure and experiences [which happens as a result of all above reasons] - and which is an essentially needed prerequisite - makes many women not as competent
  • 14. There is not enough focus given by the media, the existing leaders, the top-leadership - to the efforts of accomplished women - to help motivate and inspire more women to come into leadership

43 remarkable soft skills and qualities women develop - through their journey of normal life [where they have to face - biases, impartiality, opposition, suppression etc. etc. of every kind and nature from almost every one]

  • 1.Listening
  • 2.Nurturing and Care
  • 3.Empathy
  • 4.Slow response - remarkable because they can think through - many factors
  • 5.Ability to handle pressure - learn not to cave-in
  • 6.Maintain self-identity
  • 7.Conflict-resolution and peacemaking
  • 8.Balancing various roles and demand on time effectively
  • 9.Trustable and dependable
  • 10. Can encourage better
  • 11. Collaborations and teamwork
  • 12. Dedication
  • 13. Networking
  • 14. Self-motivation
  • 15. Supportive
  • 16. Higher emotional intelligence
  • 17. Disciplined
  • 18. Manage and organize events better
  • 19. Take stand
  • 20. Are more likely to speak-up for fairness
  • 21. Possess some great values
  • 22. Compete against bias to prove their worth
  • 23. Resilience
  • 24. Manage and carry themselves better
  • 25. Take initiative during tough situation
  • 26. Display calm in times of catastrophe
  • 27. Focused on results
  • 28. Building relationships
  • 29. Analyzing issues plus Identifying and solving problems
  • 30. Foresee future impacts better
  • 31. Have natural compassion
  • 32. View work more holistically - and focus on work-life balance
  • 33. In spite of no encouragement - in the male-dominated world - the compete on equal terms and come-out winner
  • 34. They can wear many hats - naturally without getting overwhelmed
  • 35. Lead by example
  • 36. They are ok with doing mundane-thankless BUT essential jobs - through internal motivation
  • 37. Handle changes and adopt to change fairly well
  • 38. They are soft yet firm
  • 39. They can be great situational leaders
  • 40. Women make terrific mentors
  • 41. Millennial women are more educated than men
  • 42. They can be display very high level of Professionalism
  • 43. Highly creative - to find solutions - especially when their hands are tied with lack of resources

39 basic tips - on How you as a woman can come in big-ways to take leadership roles - How to encourage women to pursue leadership roles - Under this I have given few questions[along with general suggestions] to provoke, introspect and catalyze - the readers into taking actions

  • 1.Few questions to ask yourself
  • I.Women may not always realize how poised for success they are in leadership roles - but their potential, abilities and what they can accomplished -are undeniable.
  • II.More women — mothers in particular — need to realize their worth and recognize in their own minds that they truly are natural leaders
  • III.If Only Women Knew They Were Natural-Born Leaders - But do they themselves consider them having leadership caliber
  • IV.What if they believed in themselves
  • V.What if they could train their minds differently
  • VI.Studies show that once women land leadership positions they excel - often surpassing men - because they already have very refined levels of soft skills necessary for effective leadership.
  • VII.Women need just to identify and master their unique strengths - wherever they have shown this - they have demonstrated that they have just as much capability as men to lead and run - in any sphere of life
  • 2.Seek opportunities that may look like stretch - but have great exposure and learning opportunities.
  • 3.Keep yourself updated with the latest and most-applied skill - as in this digital world - new skills and roles gets created as fast and disappear even faster
  • 4.Walk the talk - lead from the front
  • 5.Start Creating a culture of Inclusion through conscious efforts
  • 6.Authentic genuine transparent and straight-forward Communication
  • 7.If your current work environment doesn't make you feel supported - seek a different opportunity - because to be an effective leader - you need to be able to ask for and able to practice what you believe in
  • 8.Be committed to excel - not be mediocre
  • 9.Proactively seek and embrace change
  • 10. Dare to be yourself and have courage to be different
  • 11. Have the heart to be mocked and ridiculed - when you go for your big dreams
  • 12. Take risk in experimenting - which comes from your intuition
  • 13. Influencing others through setting example
  • 14. Be very-very disciplined
  • 15. Go for unconventional ideas - break the rules to challenge the status-quo
  • 16. Sharpen your emotional and social intelligences
  • 17. Compete on equal footing - don't expect to be given softer roles
  • 18. Be competent through constantly learning and making your yesterday obsolete by reinventing yourself continuously
  • 19. Continually honed and fine-tuned - all your unique strengths
  • 20. Create Strategic Vision- use Creativity and Innovation to polish your Critical Thinking and Problem Solving skills
  • 21. Be dependable and become epitome of Trustworthiness
  • 22. Identify and understand your leadership strengths - Make your character synonymous with integrity and other strong core-values
  • 23. Be comfortable with - working with men, managing men, and negotiating with men
  • 24. Be a coach and mentor to your team
  • 25. Create your succession plan through delegation and training and hand-holding the juniors
  • 26. Never Compromise with Who You Are - maintain your own identify and purpose
  • 27. Develop resilience
  • 28. Be humble - treat everyone with disrespect
  • 29. Enforce no compromise culture - with integrity, quality and safety
  • 30. Play to your strengths - manage your weaknesses
  • 31. Help others become better
  • 32. Be impartial and transparent
  • 33. Find and enroll mentors plus get yourself coached by the best
  • 34. Never compare yourself to others
  • 35. Practice professionalism
  • 36. Create a Sassy and Classy personality
  • 37. Support - do not criticize
  • 38. Take care of yourself
  • 39. Be comfortable with leaving your comfort zone and challenging your assumptions

Aspiring Leaders - what you can do to become a great leader​

The initiation into Leadership - is all about being a B.I.T.C.H - acting B.I.T.C.H.Y and becoming B.I.T.C.H.yer to develop yourselves into remarkable leaders.

How many of you would like to be considered - Suave, Refined, Polished, Graceful, Charming, Elegant, Classy, Royal.

Do you want to be - an outstanding leader - there is a very simple formula for all aspiring leaders - Is this only about feminine and women leadership – absolutely NOT - it is applicable for men equally.

This is the Synopsis of my talk delivered at WEF - the women economic forum annual conference at New Delhi.

Let me define each letter - of this acronyms B.I.T.C.H.yer - which looks similar to insulting-words used by unsophisticated

B = Bold - meaning Assertive*

I = Impressive - through polished communication*

T = Tough - meaning resilient*

C = Conscientiousness - meaning delivers Excellence

H = Highly-powerful - creating power through professionalism

Y = Yearning or have a very-very passionate dream which is larger than life

E = Exceptional - meaning cherishes and celebrates his/her uniqueness

R = Respectable*

S = Smart Executor or Implementer

49 Qualities to develop on How to start our journey to be a great leader - the basic steps- all the points mentioned above and following - have separate and detailed Do-it-yourself blogs and YouTube videos

  • 1.Being assertive
  • 2.Developing phenomenal level of confidence - by stretching yourself beyond comfort-zones
  • 3.Being yourself
  • 4.Taking risk
  • 5.Facing Fears
  • 6.Accepting and correcting mistakes
  • 7.Bouncing back from failures - fast
  • 8.Taking full responsibility for own actions, choices and decisions
  • 9.Enhancing your unique strengths
  • 10. Being respectable - to make people respect you for who you are
  • 11. Letting go of past mistakes, failures, guilt and shame
  • 12. Learning to handle difficult people* effectively
  • 13. Saying No* even to the most powerful people – without jeopardizing your relationship with them
  • 14. Gain cooperation from others
  • 15. Claiming your rights
  • 16. Being comfortable with yourself*
  • 17. Expressing what you feel in appropriately way
  • 18. Stop being taken for a ride or taken advantage of - prevent anyone from manipulating you
  • 19. Handling put downs and insults effectively*
  • 20. Setting healthy boundaries for others*
  • 21. Respond to pressure effectively – by calmly handling difficult situations and people
  • 22. Make healthy choices* - choosing the choices* which you want and not doing anything under pressure or threats
  • 23. Taking healthy decisions
  • 24. Asking tough questions - to clarify and understand
  • 25. Sharing your views honestly
  • 26. Handling abusive relationships - getting toxic people out of life
  • 27. Becoming a role-model* for your children/juniors/seniors
  • 28. Creating great impressions through delivering results - making results speak for you
  • 29. Developing a Classy, Sassy & Assy personality*
  • 30. Becoming a transformative leader* - meaning going for larger than life causes
  • 31. Developing entrepreneur* spirit, habits and mindset
  • 32. Practicing to be a true professional, an expert and master in some niche areas
  • 33. Becoming epitome of reliability, dependability and bankability
  • 34. Displaying high level of integrity
  • 35. Giving credit to others
  • 36. Self-confident but not an egoist
  • 37. Developing finesse in manners and etiquettes
  • 38. Creating power without authority over people
  • 39. Yearning to achieve something big and meaningful
  • 40. Living your passion
  • 41. Not trying to fit with crowd BUT standing out through demonstrating role-model qualities
  • 42. Not focusing on being likable
  • 43. Becoming a person who loves, respects and accepts himself/herself
  • 44. Treating everyone with dignity and respect
  • 45. Have comfortable and close relationship with others
  • 46. Loves and is fully comfortable in own company
  • 47. A team player
  • 48. A Story telling Presenter
  • 49. Astute communicator

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