Habits of Success


​​The only place You can get or find SUCCESS before WORK - is in the English Dictionary.

Although there are cases and people who got their initial success because of the following freak coincidences [in say landing a big contract, getting a dream job, or your perfect soul-mate or winning a big lottery]

  1. Of being at the right place and time
  2. Having the right connections
  3. Starting something [a business] on an impulse that is actually a disruptive and future idea and gaining immediate traction
  4. Investing in an unknown stock while it is in the bubble stage & its going through the roof AND YOUR EN-CASHING IT AT APPROPRIATE MOMENT [few lucky people did this with crypto-currencies like bitcoin]
  5. A chance meeting with a great influencer
  6. Getting an un-thought about legacy
  7. Impressing someone through a random answer or remark

Gaining above type of breakthrough might be easier [in case you are fortunate enough to get it through any of the above or similar chances] - but sustaining these initial bouts of success are not easy under any definition.

No-one can retain, continue and increase their successes without painstakingly following the basics* fundamentals laws of success.

Success can't be achieved within a short span of time or through a single decision or one action. Like no one can lose weight or have a slim body by exercising or going to gym, or get a new job with once created resume, run a successful business only if the customers brought whatever you are selling initially.

Why success is not a constant for those who had them, it is because of the following

  • I.Many successful people and organizations – when they start un-following those habits, that made them successful, start going down
  • II.When people acquire few negative traits and habits that dilute their success habits, also fade away

Success is something we achieve through making the right decision and taking the right action, day in and day out, day after day.

And not until you have gathered enough momentum to take you beyond The needed tipping points that puts you into successful class or level.

It is the accumulation of small successes that will give you huge success over time. And the small successes can be accomplished through your daily decision and action you take.

Ultimately it boils down your Habits [all the * marked ones are those you would find separate DIY tips in "from the heart of Subhashis" in success unlimited mantra.

Like what Vince Lombardi said, "Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so does losing."

Following 84 Success Habits can Tip the Scale in your favor

1.Habits of Mind*
2.Habits of discipline*
3.Habits of delaying gratification
4.Habits of being persistent*
5.Habits of strategic procrastination*
6.Habits of embracing change*
7.Habits of learning, relearning, unlearning continuously to have the right skills*
8.Habits of exploring options and choosing the most suitable one
9.Habits of not to give up and knowing when to give up*
10.Habits of Sticking with the basics*
11.Habits of simplifying to amplify life*
12.Habits of pro-actively* seeking to make you, your ideas and offerings obsolete before other do
13.Habits of Competing with yourself*
14.Habits of being adoptable and Flexible*
15.Habits of taking tough decisions*

16. Habits of turning complaints into action* 17. Habits of Practicing planned laziness* 18. Habits of Operating in your area of influence* - if Can't control - Forget it 19. Habits of Taking Ownership* - ditching blame game and giving excuses 20. Habits of Maximize their strengths & turning weaknesses into strengths* 21. Habits of breaking your comfort zones* 22. Practicing value based leadership*23.Habits of setting clear boundaries* around you with others24.Habits of bouncing back from failures*25.Habits of handling criticism productively*26.Habits of seeking help and enrolling mentors*27.The planned prioritization* - Ensuring to take actions as per 80/20, Practice to do the toughest tasks first if they are imperative as per this principal28.Habits of Saying No – being assertive*29.Habits of Involving Others and your team in problem solving, ideation and implementations plus empowering* them30.Habits of professional and social networking*31.Habits of accepting challenges* and taking risks*32.Habits of managing energy and not time*33.Habits of working hard and working smart*34.Habit of being yourself*35.Habit of developing confidence* and Loving Yourself*36.Habits of learning to handle difficult people and situations*37.Habits of developing resilience*38.Habits of being curious and being a great observer*39.Habits of being respectable and not likable*40.Habits of Letting go of your past and learning to live without regrets*41.Habits of being Laser focused*42.Habits of continuous improvement in followingA.Emotional Intelligence*B.Spiritual Intelligence*C.Social Intelligence*D.Spiritual Intelligence*E.Financial Intelligence*F.Mental Intelligence*G.Communication Skills*H.Negotiation Skills*I.Entrepreneur Skills*J.Presentation Skills*K.Asking the Right Question Skills*L.Selling Skills*M.Listening Skills*N.Entrepreneurial Skills*O.Enhancing Creativity* and thinking differently43. Developing Following Productive and Effective Rituals and RoutineA.Wake Up Early - Wake up earlier to have you own UNDISTURBED time -This is when most successful people spend time preparing themselves for the day. They workout, they exercise, they meditate, they read a book, they get themselves ready to start greatB.Off-course Not everyone is an early riser. If you can't get up early, it doesn't mean that you can't achieve the same success results - And you don't really have to make drastic change to get up earlyC.Exercise and Workout - To make you feel happy and reduce your stress level, to recharge your body and refresh your mind, to make you alert and energetic and also to increase your productivity. Workout twice a day. Once in the morning after we wake up, and once in the early evening after the office hour. You don't really need to go for heavy workout session until you feel tired and no energy after the session. You just need to exercise and make your body sweat.D.Schedule Time For Family, to Connect with our real inspirers. People who have great friends and family tend to live and go through their day happier. Spending time with people you love is just like putting money into your investment account. One will grow your wealth and the other will grow you as person.E.Taking breaks, vacations and relaxationsF. Getting enough sleep, eating healthy as well as indulging yourself in your cravings – time to time G. Reading every day in your field and diversely different areas H. Showing kindness to other people I. Day dreaming time to visualize big picture, success, future, introspection getting in touch with yourselfJ.Scheduling Me timeK.Practicing deep breathing, meditationL. Doing the boring yet essential stuff in parts M. Surrounding yourself with smart peopleN.Avoiding all the technology for the first few hour(s) of the day Writing and reflecting to identify your top 3 not negotiable activities for the dayO.Sending at least one hand written thank you note to practice GratefulnessP.Doing your day planning or planning for the most important task or best thinking while in the shower [I do this when I am sitting on the toilet seat]Q.Practicing silenceR.Spending Time in NatureS.Schedule everything – including grocery shoppingT.Drink huge glass of water immediately after waking up before brushing your teethU.Smiling every day, irrespective of whateverV. Believing that one amazing thing will happen every day. W. Learning to do your own Gemba-walk every dayX.Using technology to create effectiveness, productivity and additional time for youY. Stopping to micro-manage Have a powerful and inspiring Why for everything You do
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