How to be Visible at Work

How to be Visible at Work

120 Tips on How to get noticed at work and in life. How to stand out in crowd.

Why is Getting Noticed Important - If you want to make yourself an outstanding success, you're going to have to stand out from the crowd – be it in your profession, your business, your competitors, your relationship and even for choosing a wonderful life partner.

If you are in the corporate world, chances are that many of you were bypassed for that promotion which could have propelled you towards the c-suite roles OR much bigger positions of power or for that prized posting.

Even though your current performance was par excellence and you possess almost all the competencies and capabilities needed for the future role.

Here I am not referring to skewed self-image that almost all of us may have up to certain extent, of being the best and being the most suitable.

Many times it happens [in spite of your bosses having recommended you] - because we were not in the sight of the senior leadership [the power that is] as they were not aware about your talents, accomplishments and potential AND the suitability for the next LEVEL - You got bypassed by your colleagues, who had better visibility.

I will never even suggest, that you go all out[ using few short-term result giving tactics YET irrecoverably harmful in long-term] - to be noticed by powerful movers and shakers within the organization –.

We would be actually focusing on, what you can do to ensure that – you remain on the radar of the decision makers – for all positive reasons and that THEY JUST DON'T HAVE MUCH CHOICE OTHER THAN TO GIVE YOU THE REWARD THAT YOU deserve.

It is about being focused on your fine-tuning your performance and enhancing your contribution to all the major stake-holders - in natural and subtle ways.

In lots of organizations, I have heard people complain, that only people who are flatterers of their bosses are promoted in their organization – could be true for few unsecured bosses*[as it is a individual thing].

Read about how to handle insecure boss, if that is the reason you are not getting further in the organization in my separate blog.

But believing and getting into this flattery mindset is the biggest damage that you can do to your whole life – especially to your career and profession.

In the long term and for exponential growth you need to be Always working on acquiring talent, skills, exposure and expertise on everyday basis.

The following 120 tips can help you ace that position, that interview, that job, that project or that life-partner

  • 1.Write Down All Your Strength Areas - The Things You're Good At Or Known For — E.G. Ability To Negotiate Or Problem Solve
  • 2.Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone Of Only Focusing On Your Current Roles And Responsibilities And Pro-Actively Seek Challenging Yet Crucial Responsibilities
  • 3.Working On Your Capabilities, Skills, Knowledge, Attitudes Through Every Means Possible – Like Acquiring Qualifications, Reading, Watching Videos, Going For Courses/Certifications Etc
  • 4.Enrolling Mentor, Who Is Acclaimed For His Accomplishments, In Your Industry And Business-Field
  • 5.Becoming More Involved Around In The Organization's Activities
  • 6.Don't Actively Try To Seek Credit For Your Accomplishments – Let Your Regular Feats Speak About Your Capabilities
  • 7.Become Synonymous With Excellence
  • 8.Be Known For Being Dependable
  • 9.Whenever Possible And Appropriate, Give Credit To You Team As Well As Your Bosses In Public
  • 10.Help Others Grow By Coaching Them
  • 11.Join Professional Forums – Where The Top Leaders Of Your Organizations As Well As Prominent Business Leaders Are There. Actively Participate In Presenting Your Cases And Learnings In The Meetings, Conferences And Seminars
  • 12.Write Blogs On Your Professional Insight, To Help Solve Industry Problems
  • 13.Get Involved In Social Work, Volunteer
  • 14.Be Modest And Humble
  • 15.Don't Ever Involve Yourself In Office Politics And Gossip
  • 16.Never Badmouth Anyone
  • 17.Choose And Go For Hobbies Those Take You To The Different Cultures As Well As Makes You Challenge And Stretch Break Your Own Comfort Zone
  • 18.Compete With Yourself, Never With Anyone Else
  • 19.Be Yourself
  • 20.Learn To Be Assertive
  • 21.Set Clear Boundaries
  • 22.Identify And Live Your Values
  • 23.Always Honor Your Commitments – In Fact Promise Less And Always Strive To Deliver More
  • 24.Take Ownership And Responsibility For Your Actions And Decisions
  • 25.Stop Making Excuses And Blaming Anything Or Anyone
  • 26.Learn To Always Be A Professional
  • 27.Read And Learn To Observe/Notice The Emerging Trends – Then Go And Update Your Skills To Be Ready
  • 28.Learn And Be Ready For C-Suit Roles By Learning About Other Crucial Functions Like Marketing, Sales, Finance And Reading Numbers
  • 29.Contribute To Company Or Industry Publications
  • 30.Get Known As A Team Player
  • 31.Be A YES-PERSON - Don't Be Afraid To Stick Your Neck Organizational Or Societal Importance Tasks And Projects
  • 32.Polish Your Soft-Skills And Practice To Shine Your Leadership Qualities
  • 33.Apply Your Skills More And More, Those You Have Learn – To Develop Yourself Into An Expert
  • 34.Speak Up And Share Your Ideas And Suggest For The Improvement - Even If They Are Not Accepted
  • 35.Plan And Finish Much Before Deadlines
  • 36.Always Give Your 100%
  • 37.Ask Questions To Clarify
  • 38.Be A Great Listener
  • 39.Develop Empathy
  • 40.Learn To Accept Mistakes And The Resolve By Bouncing Back
  • 41.Be Ready, Be Curious,Be Willing.
  • 42.Be Grateful, Thank Others For Their Contributions
  • 43.Mange Your Energy Remain Enthusiasm
  • 44.Build Your Confidence
  • 45.Learn How To Focus And Concentrate
  • 46.Lean How To Turn Failures Into Opportunities
  • 47.Be Adaptable, Flexible And Welcome Changes
  • 48.Talk Less But Be More Of Action-Person
  • 49.Learn To Trust And Use Your Inner Voice And Intuition
  • 50.Become A Great Observer
  • 51.Create Awareness About The Business, Industry And World
  • 52.Learn And Customized The Best Practices Of Other Industries, Fields, Areas Into Your Life And Profession
  • 53.Love Yourself Unconditionally – But Ditch EGO And Arrogance
  • 54.Have Bid Dreams And Aspirations And Cultivate To Generate Passion For These
  • 55.Learn To Take Risk And Become Self-Reliant
  • 56.Be In The Company Of People Who Have Similar Values Like Above
  • 57.Mind Your Manners – Learn The Etiquette And Manners To Exemplify Yourself As Sophisticated
  • 58.Create A Classy Personality
  • 59.Carry Yourself With Poise, Be Gracious
  • 60.Learn How To Be Unique
  • 61.Take Tough Decisions
  • 62.Always Communicate In Simple Language, Stop Using The Technical Jargon
  • 63.Share Your Knowledge And Your Passion With Others
  • 64.Have Causes And Principals You Stand For
  • 65.Do Your Research
  • 66.Polish Your Creativity
  • 67.Work On Developing Resilience
  • 68.Dress The Part
  • 69.Engagement The Stakeholders
  • 70.Don't Do Anything You Don't Want To Do – Learn To Say No
  • 71.Voice Your Ideas
  • 72.Prepare For The Long Haul
  • 73.Mentor Others
  • 74.Be Committed To Improve Every Day
  • 75.Never Accept Status-Quo – Improve Work On Making Processes, Methods, Rules More Effective
  • 76.Do One Thing That Will Make Everything Else Unnecessary
  • 77.It Doesn't Matter What Others Think. If You Believe In Something And If You Can Create Value, Go For It
  • 78.Work Consciously To Create Your Personal Brand
  • 79.Ask Yourself "What's The ONE Thing I Can Do THAT WILL CHANGE MY LIFE IN BIG WAY FOREVER – In My Spiritual, Relationships, Health, Personal Life, Career, FINANCES ETC
  • 80.Be Consistent IN Your Efforts
  • 81.Be Disciplined -Overnight Mastery Is Simply Not Possible. Even The Greatest Players In Any Industry Would Tell You It Took Them Lots Of Hours Before They Got To Where They Are.
  • 82.Let Your Craft Become Your Primary Source Of Identification
  • 83.Mastery Takes As Long As You Can Bear It
  • 84.Cultivate Emotional + Social + Mental Intelligence
  • 85.Learn To Tell Story-Telling Presentations
  • 86.Sponsor A Contest & Create Your Own Contest – In Social Occasions
  • 87.Start A Blog, Interview Others, Write A Guest Post, Feature A Guest Post, Participate On Blogs And Forums,Join Comments And Conversations On Blogs And Forums To Boost Your Visibility In Front Of Your Target Audience (And Learn More About Them At The Same Time).
  • 88.Start A Newsletter, Write Articles, Make YouTube A Video, Do A Podcast
  • 89.Work The Influencers. Get On Good Terms With Industry Influencers And Help Them Find Valuable Contacts And Solutions To Their Problems, And Many Will Repay You By Putting You In Front Of Their Audiences.
  • 90.Present Yourself, Both In Person And Online, In A Polished And Professional Way
  • 91.Let Your Online Presence And Your Face-To-Face Demeanor Reflect Your Resume
  • 92.Maintain An Active Presence On LinkedIn
  • 93.Speak Up At Company Meetings
  • 94.Promote Others
  • 95.Decide What You Want To Be Known For
  • 96.Get Social, Bring Out Your Inner Dance Dream
  • 97.Develop Interests In Different Musics
  • 98.What Makes You Different?
  • 99.What Is It That Makes My Product Or Service Does, That Makes It Different? The Challenge Is To State That In 15 Words Or Less And It Needs To Light Up The Eyes Of A Prospective Client.
  • 100.Here Some Questions To Ask And Honestly Answer To Help You With This Task.
  • 101.What Makes You Distinctive From Your Competitors?
  • 102.What Have You Done Lately.. This Week.. Last Month To Stand Out?
  • 103.What Would Your Colleagues Or Your Customers Say Is Your Greatest And Clearest Strength? Your Most Noteworthy Personal Trait?
  • 104.Just Like A Corporate Brand What Features Do I Offer That Yields An Identifiable And Distinguished Benefit For My Client Or Customer. An Example Is How Some Companies Pride Themselves On Offering Lavish Personal Service, Complete Your Projects On Budget
  • 105.What Do I Do That Adds Remarkable Measured Distinguished Distinctive Value?
  • 106.What Do I Do That That I Am Most Proud Of Or I Unabashedly Brag About Or Shamelessly Take Credit For?
  • 107.Finally You Need To Ask A Rather Ego-hurting Question 'Why Do I Want To Be Famous For
  • 108.Interact With People Who Share Similar Interests
  • 109.Gradually Establish Deeper Connections With People Outside Of Social Media
  • 110.Use Social Media As A Gateway, Not A Final Destination
  • 111.So, You've Grabbed People's Attention On Social Media. Great. You've
  • 112.Do More Than The Bare Minimum
  • 113.Put Some Personality Into Emails, Applications, And Other Correspondences And Communications
  • 114.Start A Conversation With Someone New Every Day, Ask Meaningful Questions, But Don't Let It Feel Like Interrogation
  • 115.Smile And Make Eye Contact
  • 116.Practice Good Personal Hygiene
  • 117.Prepare And Practice Before You Step Out
  • 118.Provide Honest Answers About Yourself
  • 119.Make A Great First Impression
  • 120.Learn Necessary Social Skills

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