​From failure to success


In this article you will learn

  • -What is failure
  • -How failure is the most important thing to happen to us
  • -60 tips to bounce back from serious setbacks and failures

From failure to success - Fail more and bounce back to even higher level of success and growth

You just cannot fail more – without trying more and if you try more - your level of achievement has to be extra-ordinary.

As per the wise definitions understand and accept and give new meaning to the following acronyms

F.A.I.L - First Attempt In Learning

E.N.D. - End Is Not The End, If Fact E.N.D -Means "Effort Never Dies"

NO – if You Get No As An Answer, Remember N.O. Means "Next Opportunity".

Failure is always a fantastic teacher – whereas success is the worst coach.

When we succeed in first attempt or very easily – many times it is what is called fluke.

Yet many of us start gloating and may not recognize or ignore several major near-misses which may cost us very badly in future

And as per the law of success – these would be the areas which needs our immediate attention and improvement ASAP – if ignored they may later turns out to be causes of bigger failures and setbacks for us.

Every time you succeed in your first attempt – instead of celebrating please feel scared and go through a microscope to find the mistakes made and areas of development.

Then you might start wondering - should you focused on failing while taking actions – absolutely not.

It is about trying your best plus more by giving your 100%.

And if in the attempt you fail – get up - learn the lesson and then move forward towards taking action for success again and again till you achieve your objectives.

Many times we are sacred to fail because we give too much importance to other people's opinion, approval and validation - at the cost of our desire.

World is full many-many people who have become global icons– these people were told – when they started [some names are given at the end of this article] - that they cannot be what they wanted and yet they become what they wanted to – after successive failures and consistently getting up and join the race

60 tips to bounce back from serious setbacks and failures

1.Do not buy your failure – you might not have succeeded in this attempt or last few attempts – but do not brand yourself as failure

2.Accept that success is not easy - if the goal you are pursuing is worthwhile – you have to put credible efforts and one try victory may not happen in many big battles

3.The short-cuts often facilitate failures - many times we go for quick-fixes – this too can cause failure. Accomplishing any task has some basic steps which cannot be bypassed

4.Do not wallow in your failures – it certainly hurts when we fail – give yourself time to experience the frustrations and disappointments but then you must get up and start all over if it is needed

5.Focus on your actions and not the results – whatever you are working towards, the ultimate results are just the outcome – if we focus on taking the right steps, monitoring and improvising – the success must follow

6.Re-framing and redefining your definition of success and failures – many times our expectations can cause us the pain and not the outcomes that we face

7.Revisit your goals – ask yourself whether they are realistic – face reality and not fantasies, do you have the resources to achieve them, find out the gaps and work on filling the gap. Sometimes goals themselves needs changing

8.Action re-take - create a log of learning from failures and create massive action plan that will make you bulldoze and achieve what you want

9.Realize that this failure is an opportunity in disguise – so look for it - as Einstein once said, "out of clutter, find simplicity; from discord, find harmony; in the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity."

10.Accept that failure is inevitable – you cannot go back and undo a failure – you can only take appropriate action in present focusing on future

11.Seek help of people

12.Please understand the golden principal of action do what you can and don't give a damn to what you can't do – so just do it

13.Do not be afraid to fail but rather build on your failures

14.Develop thick skin – do not listen to people who says – it can not be done believe that - it's okay to fail. But it's not okay to give up

15.Do not attach yourself to your plan – assume that you are not perfect – so both the milestones as well as the actions can be change if not realistic or not working

16.Have a simple fall back plan – that is every time you fail – you will get up and start walking again - success lies in seeing failure as a tool

17.Go beyond the oblivious steps – think lateral, convergent , divergent, innovative, creative , out-of –box or any other word you may give to beat the obstacle

18.Sometimes we are over confident and egoist

  • 19.Take responsibility for the missed opportunity
  • 20.Remind yourself that you are committed to get better
  • 21.Focus on what you missed – which made you fail
  • 22.View failure as the strong signal and feedback – for creating effective change in your perspectives, tactics, attitude and learning
  • 23.Use the emotions from failure to become stronger
  • 24.Reframe failure to motivate yourself
  • 25.Apply the skills from your previous failure
  • 26.Tell yourself - i can do it and i will
  • 27.Chalk out your plan
  • 28.Understand that the success is the result and consequence of - hard work and learning from failures and persistence
  • 29.Break down an overwhelming task - into smaller action-steps
  • 30.Have a dynamic plan
  • 31.Be ready to pivot – if your strategy fails
  • 32.Welcome changes pro-actively
  • 33.Become a great observer of future-trends
  • 34.Keep monitoring, tracking and improvising
  • 35.Celebrate your small wins
  • 36.Don't listen to people who discourage you or push you to give up
  • 37.Accept what happened
  • 38.Take total responsibility - own your failure - there's no shame in it
  • 39.Analyze what happened
  • 40.Focus on bettering yourself
  • 41.Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again – but this time more intelligently
  • 42.Avoid distractions, keep your eyes set on the goal
  • 43.Don't compare yourself to others
  • 44.Work on your weaknesses – never try to hide them or ignore them
  • 45.Reflect on where you started and how far have you come
  • 46.Stop foolishly believing you are the only one who has failed - remember that failure is a part of the process
  • 47.Seek advice and encouragement from a mentor or trusted professional in your field.
  • 48.Be honest and accountable for what you did as well as did not do.
  • 49.Create new opportunities for yourself - rather than focusing on shortcomings and wallowing in the grief of your failure
  • 50.Correct all mistakes (if possible) and move on.
  • 51.Challenge your standards – and – benchmark – with what is within your span of control
  • 52.Stop being a people-pleaser
  • 53.Take risks which are stretch but are not something huge that can paralyze you into inaction
  • 54.Keep experimenting newer ideas and newer ways - do not stop trying
  • 55.Spend your 20% time planning – the rest in taking actions
  • 56.Instead of perfectionism – go for excellence

57.Give yourself time to feel bad and good – give yourself 48 hours to either wallow in failure or to celebrate your victories and successes – then get back to recreating your life even more powerfully

  • 58.Let go of your need for approval from others – this can be practiced by self-esteem building actions
  • 59.Many times we are sacred to fail because we give too much power, importance to other's opinion, approval and validation - at the cost of our desire.
  • 60.Let's look at some famous people – who were told they cannot be what they wanted and yet they become what they wanted to – after successive failures and consistently getting up and join the race.
  • I.Oprah winfrey was fired from her first tv job because someone thought she was "unfit for tv."
  • II.Stephen king's first book – Carrie - was rejected by 30 publishers.
  • III.Walt disney was fired from his newspaper job because he "lacked imagination and good ideas
  • IV.Winston churchill failed sixth grade and was considered "a dolt" by his teacher.
  • V.Jerry seinfeld was booed off the stage the first time he tried comedy.
  • VI.Soichiro honda was rejected by an hr manager at toyota motor corporation when he applied for an engineering job, leaving him jobless until he began making scooters in his garage and eventually founded honda motor company. '
  • VII.Michael jordan said it best: "I have missed more than 9,000 shots In my career. I have lost almost 300 games. On 26 occasions I have been entrusted to take the game winning shot, and I missed. I have failed over and over and over again In my life. And that is why I succeed."

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