Create a Magnanimous New Year for You and Your Loved Ones


​Like Legendary Tennis Player Arthur Ashe said, we ask God "Why Me" only when we are in trouble.

BUT We never ask God "Why Me" when we have great time. Therefore here it is to wish you the following in this New Year 2018 and beyond for-ever so that you can always say "Why Me" in happier times

  • 1.May you discover the strengths that are uniquely yours
  • 2.May you challenge your myths, beliefs & limiting mindset about yourself and break them
  • 3.May you break your comfort zone and stretch yourself to reach out for the stars
  • 4.May you reinvent yourself by unlearning, relearning & continuous learning
  • 5.May you create opportunity out of all the difficulties, setbacks & challenges to grow exponentially
  • 6.May you face your fears and make your fear – fear you
  • 7.May you look for, recognize the emerging trends and create a great future for yourself & your loved ones
  • 8.May you build, nurture & create wonderful understanding relationship with all those who matters to you
  • 9.May you become so capable to be always loving, giving & caring
  • 10.May you have the wisdom to see the laughter in even the darkest aspects
  • 11.May you acquire power to influence without authority
  • 12.May you empower yourself & others to live the life you have always wanted
  • 13.May you learn to discover possibilities & en-cash them
  • 14.May you heal yourself & others through encouraging them to become what they are capable of becoming
  • 15.May you get 3153600 seconds of Happiness, 52 weeks of Peace, 12 months of Love, 365 days of Success this 2018 and always

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