88 tips how to chill out and enjoy your life

the-art-of-chillingoutcan-you-remain-calm-in-negative How to chill out and enjoy life

In this article you will learn - 88 simple tips to chill-out and make your life fun and relaxing

Most of the people have to live with everyday minor and few major stresses in their lives - even the calmest persons among us experience moments of stress from time to time.

There are of-course healthy stress - which makes us alert and mindful of the actions which have to be taken for our well-being and growth.

Many of the minor stresses don't feel like stress as you would have seemingly manage to move beyond that.

But if you have not dealt with the root-causes of your stress correctly - then the stressors accumulate and turn into serious consequences - and may impact you mentally, emotionally, physically, professionally, socially, financially and relationship wise.

That is why ability and habit of chilling-out every day - mentally as well as physically - becomes very-very important.

There are many simple actions you can take on daily basis - till these become part of your daily practice.

Each one of us are differently programmed - that is why we also need different ways, means and methods to relax effectively and to chill-out.

Few of these actions can make you - more resilient, more focused, uplift your moods and may open up a world that you always wanted but somehow are able to not achieve it.

Many of these you can do while doing an important work with full concentration and without any distraction.

88 tips to chill-out and make your life fun

  • 1.If you are feeling stressed - stop pretending that you are not
  • 2.Accept that you are stressed and then identify your stressors - then find out what actions you can take to deal with this right now
  • 3.Notice how you feel - do you have brain fog - do you forget important stuff - do you get irritated easily - are you feeling frustrated - after a active day do you crash - do you feel like doing nothing for days - chances are you are stressed
  • 4.Become effective and efficient - finish your business/office/ professional work within 8 hours or less
  • 5.Learn to manage your energy to keep it at the optimum - till you relax
  • 6.Plan for next day to start your day right
  • 7.Learn to take power-nap of say 20 minutes every day midday a word on napping.
  • 8.Get into the company of people who are naturally jolly-natured and full of humor
  • 9.Make plans for your future by crystalizing your dreams into action-plans
  • 10.Make your life and needs simple
  • 11.Stop judging others as well as criticizing yourself
  • 12.Stop thinking about what others think about you - take measures as per my blog on this
  • 13.Learn not to take criticism and rejections personally - take measures as per my blog on this
  • 14.Learn to forgive whoever has harmed you in the past - for your own well being
  • 15.Practice saying NO assertively
  • 16.Create a peace sanctuary for yourself
  • 17.Enjoy the success and happiness of others
  • 18.Be polite, kind, respectful and humble
  • 19.Chill about the future by making plans on important events and taking the actions needed today - living in the future too much is making us stressed - chill out by spending more time in the present
  • 20.Understand that your goal is not to eliminate stress entirely - but to make it least harmful or even productive
  • 21.Find out if you are stressing yourself - unnecessarily - take measures as per my blog on this
  • 22.Are you a over thinker who analyses endlessly - take measures as per my blog on this
  • 23.When you face any crisis - ask how does it matter now - will this matter 5 years from now? Or even 5 weeks from now - and what can you do right now
  • 24.Train yourself to develop thick skin - take actions as per my blog on this
  • 25.Ask why should you care - if something is bothering you - which is not your prime priority
  • 26.Learn to say - it is not a big deal
  • 27.Ask yourself - if you are facing unprecedented or overwhelming situation -what would someone else [like your father - your role-model - your favorite cartoon character] do to find a new perspective and drag yourself out of your current negative, stressed and confused state and see things in another light
  • 28.Keep your phone on silent mode - time to time in flight mode when you don't want to be disturbed - turn-off most notifications
  • 29.Find ways to indulge in your healthy passions and personal pleasure
  • 30.Avoid people who are prone to drama and tantrums
  • 31.Focus on the major and larger than life-goals
  • 32.Avoid giving too much importance to insignificant issues
  • 33.Learn to have and enjoy quality time with your loved ones
  • 34.Stop wasting time, energy and thoughts on things those are of no value like - showing-off to impress others
  • 35.Be yourself - stop trying to live your life as per your perception of what others expect from you
  • 36.Try your hand in a creative activity
  • 37.Take a home project to create a meaningful improvement
  • 38.Buy a book that you have heard and read that
  • 39.Do your daily-chores and run errands at a leisurely pace
  • 40.Create a free time to deal with any long-term issues that needs taking care
  • 41.If you are a person who can write [write with pen and paper in diary no typing] - put your thoughts, feelings, emotions, fears, aspirations, dreams, anxieties etc.
  • 42.Learn to let go of your guilt, shame, regrets - check my blogs on these topics
  • 43.If you are a music-lover - start building a collection of songs and music - which can bring different positive emotions - make you feel like dancing, uplift you, motivate you, fill you up with love or relax you
  • 44.Create a specifically dedicated worry time - when you will take out everything that is worrying you - to work out a plan how will you minimize them
  • 45.Stop participating in gossip
  • 46.Take vacations on beach, mountain and river-side
  • 47.If you spend lot of time in toilet [which a large bunch of people do] - make that time your dreaming time
  • 48.Learn to relax your entire body by tightening the muscles of each part and then releasing the tension - begin from your toes and then get till your head
  • 49.Learn to make your neck muscle taut and then relax - use your palm to lift a handful of neck skin tightly and then relax
  • 50.Eat a big bite of dark chocolate - which is supposedly full of antioxidants and stimulates your brain to release beta endorphins
  • 51.Chew gum - if you like them - at times it can help you think better and may reduce levels of the stress hormone
  • 52.Go for a pet-therapy - by having a pet - anything which makes you feel connected
  • 53.Glace out of window - if you can't get outdoors
  • 54.Get into sun and nature
  • 55.Keep few aromas that - makes you feel good
  • 56.Learn to breathe correctly in a disciplined manner
  • 57.Train yourself to breathe right while sleeping
  • 58.Flash smile to people you meet
  • 59.Have a citrus fruits if your body is okay with it
  • 60.While bathing sing and dance to your own tune
  • 61.Join aerobic and dance classes
  • 62.Learn to experiment with cooking - bake cakes - try different cuisine
  • 63.Look at old photo albums with family
  • 64.Make your hand dirty by - gardening or say sculpting
  • 65.Wake up - drink plenty of water empty stomach
  • 66.Eat a healthy breakfast
  • 67.Watch TV only to relax and not to watch non-stop news
  • 68.Treat yourself to a relaxing bath or shower
  • 69.Think and do something that used to give you pleasure - like a you have missed out on
  • 70.Enjoy a night out (or in and get to bed early)
  • 71.Stop whatever you are doing and take a quick break- remove yourself from the source of your stress — even just for a little bit
  • 72.Find someone and talk about your problems
  • 73.Seek a company and spend time hanging-out with that person
  • 74.Exercise and dance
  • 75.Watch the rain or clouds or sun-rise or sun-set or be outdoors on full moon night
  • 76.Draw, doodle or sketching - never mind what the end product of your drawing turns out to be - keep this for future laughter
  • 77.Do pranayama and meditation
  • 78.Try self-hypnosis through YouTube video
  • 79.Play games any game - even online games - just to break the monotony and give a fun-thrill
  • 80.Get massage
  • 81.Help and support someone else
  • 82.Organize your space by tidying-up and removing clutter
  • 83.Visualize a future event with your taking the right steps
  • 84.Visualize a happy memory and anchor it - practice it as per my blog on this
  • 85.Wish someone send greetings talk with someone with whom you have not connected for long time
  • 86.Play team sports
  • 87.Have a picnic - even by yourself
  • 88.Take a break from social media - learn something new

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