49 Tips How to Become a Person Who Identifies and Utilize Opportunities


In this article you will learn the following

-49 Tips How to become an empowering opportunist

-42 Traits to identify and beware-of - the predatory opportunists who are manipulator with very toxic and harmful personality disorders

-9 Types of different personality mindsets

Become an empowering opportunist

The word opportunist is considered by most people as negative one - BUT - here in this article I am differentiating between good-opportunist and bad-toxic-manipulating opportunist.

The tips given in this article is on - how to become a person who looks for opportunities, who is able to identify, notice and recognize opportunities AND who also is able to encash opportunities PLUS who works for the betterment of others.

All of us time to time might transit through the different moods and mindsets of being either - a pessimist, an optimist, a realist, an escapist or an opportunist.

As long as these are temporary and you bounce back from the un-resourceful and disempowering mindsets to an empowering one - it is perfectly alright.

Living a life with negative, harmful and damaging mindset - can have long-term impact on yourself as well as on people around you.

Pessimists often interpret negative events as internal, global, and stable - whereas positive events for them are temporary and unstable

In this article we will discuss - how to be a positive empowering opportunist - instead of being a predatory and harmful opportunist.

All the great thinkers balance optimism and pessimism - because always seeing the world through rose-colored glasses or seeing with catastrophic eyes -can become a perfect recipes for hurts, pains, stress, frustrations and disappointments.

Strategic cynicism has its advantage - that happens through being an aware cynic to be able to see through false hopes or scams and cons.

You can both be hopeful and expect the worse at the same time - so as to be prepared to deal with worst case scenarios as well as enjoy the journey when the going is good - to have a healthy mental state.

For your own as well as for your most loved ones - Be the good opportunist who takes every opportunity to contribute towards a greater good.

Being aware of the realities and how things work - actually works a lot in your favor.

49 Tips How to become an empowering opportunist - most of the one sentence tips have detailed do it yourself articles and answers among 900+ blogs in my two websites & 2000+ answers in my Quora page

  • 1.There are many ways to adjust our mindsets to promote a healthy, positive approach to problems.
  • 2.In fact, a combination of realism and optimism enables us to maintain positivity while bracing ourselves for disappointment.
  • 3.Fortunately, our explanatory styles can be changed.
  • 4.Identify what change you want to see happen - then take actions which facilitates and promotes such change -start small - where wherever you are right now
  • 5.Express yourself without becoming concerned about what others would think
  • 6.Learn to maintain both flexibility and direction
  • 7.Use the thinking tools to broaden your thinking and creativity as well as seeing the possibilities like - 6 thinking hats, decision tree, mind-maps, MECE and issue-tree etc.
  • 8.Train you mind to look for the opportunity as well as learnings - whenever you get stuck or face some very challenging situation or disruptive crisis
  • 9.Develop strategic opportunism to follow-through on you long-term goals
  • 10.Develop healthy and empowering habits of mind
  • 11.Learn to develop and use your 42 types of intelligence - read my blog on this
  • 12.Learn how you will bounce back from failures
  • 13.Learn to take calculated challenges
  • 14.Learn to be comfortable with uncertainties and fast changing professional, social, political, economic situations
  • 15.Read my blog - 35 tips how to be optimistic-realist - for additional tips on how to make your life blessed and blissful
  • 16.Explore and focus on what is working
  • 17.Solve all the nagging problems first - so as to give your full attention to what is most important to you
  • 18.Identify your larger picture and your core-values - base your major decisions. Priorities and actions on these
  • 19.Learn to experiment, try new ways of doing things
  • 20.Make your routine energetic and exciting - do something spontaneous that you have always wanted to do
  • 21.Be foolish to make mistake and learn to be wise
  • 22.Feel your fear and take actions to become courageous
  • 23.Be vulnerable and accept your mistakes, weakness and failures and then correct them to become strong
  • 24.Listen well - observe better and note down the ideas you hear or innovations that makes you excited - build on these
  • 25.Find ways to utilize and benefit by solving the problems that are being faced by masses
  • 26.Have an inspiring vision
  • 27.Whenever you get a spark of idea - take actions - if it fails does not matter as you will be able to develop resilience and a capacity for taking actions and risks
  • 28.Learn to identify trends - for what changes and are taking place in your professional, career and social front - take proactive action to upgrade your skills, knowledge and expertise to give the competitive edge and competitive advantage
  • 29.Never play politics to gain benefits - instead create situation that makes you conquer the world on merit
  • 30.Learn to recognize and seize the opportunities - don't worry about taking actions on false opportunities - it is about making your psyche tuned to the opportunities
  • 31.Develop the mindset of opportunistic entrepreneur
  • 32.Seek out new problems to solve - even if does not concern you immediately - proactively put yourself in new uncertain situations
  • 33.Innovate more - learn the best practices from the world from different field than yours and apply them in your situation - read more, learn more, update yourself constantly
  • 34.Create and maintain and nurture professional and social network - which is of very high quality
  • 35.Keep thinking about creating a new breakthrough technology or innovative discovery
  • 36.Focus on progress ditch perfection
  • 37.Become a great story teller - to enroll your supporters and funders
  • 38.Be a person who always notices new opportunities - regardless of the risks
  • 39.Become highly adaptable mentally and emotionally
  • 40.Be driven to succeed and make the world a better place
  • 41.Treat every chance to grow and improve yourself
  • 42.Keep yourself in the company of highly positive and energetic and successful people who motivate, inspire and uplift you
  • 43.Adjust, revise, change your expectations
  • 44.Start noticing and enjoying the small things
  • 45.Stop postponing happiness for big events in life -be aware of the smaller, more frequent aspects of life that uplifts your moods and psych
  • 46.Become a realist - learn to view things in balance and moderation
  • 47.Practice gratitude - learn to plan your day in such a way that you start the day on a positive note - Every day choose to do something creative
  • 48.Don't give a shit to small things don't sweat the small stuff - stop being major in minor insignificant issues
  • 49.Learn to identify existing find silver linings - whenever you become aware of going into gloom
  • 50.Find your happiness what's important is you feel happy and content about yourself and your decisions

42 Traits to identify and beware-of - the predatory opportunists who are manipulator with very toxic and harmful personality disorders

  • 1.Now a days the world is full of predatory opportunists - which is true especially for India in its current situation
  • 2.This type of opportunist - is a manipulator, a person who tries to take advantage even the most inhuman situations as well as creates these conditions deliberately.
  • 3.They don't have any plan to do any good - except helping their friends
  • 4.They would make tall claims - without ever demonstrating any supporting and corroborating evidence
  • 5.They take advantage of every person especially the weak ones - without any remorse
  • 6.They are expert in subtly creating opportunities to abuse or exploit others
  • 7.They are what is described as disturbed characters - who are not bothered about rightness or wrongness of something when they see an opportunity for personal gain or profit
  • 8.They are driven by personal need of power, glory, money and control
  • 9.They are highly hypocrite and project what they are on to others - if they are coward they will call others coward - if they are selling their country they will accuse others of doing it - if they are tyrannical authoritative dictators they will call others
  • 10.They create lies and suppress truth
  • 11.They use all powers that they have - unfortunately many people also looking for power and to satisfy their greed join them and support them
  • 12.They have a very high false sense of entitlement
  • 13.They can never take responsibilities
  • 14.They look for gratifications all the time
  • 15.For them it is all about me, myself, mine - generally relationship does not matter to them unless it is giving them advantage
  • 16.They are first to blame others and make excuses - when things go wrong
  • 17.They also take credit of others shamelessly
  • 18.They have weak personality and can be fooled by flattery anytime
  • 19.They don't have any sense of boundaries - they never respect anyone's boundaries
  • 20.They have the mindset of always taking - never giving something back
  • 21.They often have narcissistic, megalomaniac and other personality disorders
  • 22.They thrive on show-off and publicity - they always want to be in limelight - they will even hg limelight from others
  • 23.They will drop names if it suits them
  • 24.They will also invent false grandiose accomplishments and qualifications - for which there is no evidence
  • 25.They are always focused on making others lose
  • 26.They treat relationship as transactional
  • 27.They will get you in trouble
  • 28.They always downplay others success and accomplishments
  • 29.For them either you are with them or against them
  • 30.They always want you to agree with them
  • 31.They act differently around other people
  • 32.Most of the time they talk about themselves
  • 33.They break their promises almost as a routine - in fact they will never remember their making one
  • 34.They will have visible not psychopathic traits
  • 35.They are cold and calculating and utmost selfish
  • 36.They have complete absence of empathy, guilt, regret
  • 37.They can be highly charming
  • 38.Many of these characters get into positions of extreme power
  • 39.When they attack you - you can be sure that they have seen your weakest link
  • 40.They use emotional and other types of blackmail techniques
  • 41.They present the persona which favor them at that time - and they can become opposite in another situation

9 Types of different personality mindsets

  • 1.Pessimists - 1. Defensive Pessimist 2. Depressing Pessimist 3.Realistic pessimists
  • 2.Optimists - 1. Unrealistic Optimists 2. Realistic Optimists
  • 3.Realists - who are focused on cold facts
  • 4.Opportunists - 1. Predatory and harmful opportunists 2. Positive empowering opportunists
  • 5.Escapists - person who is removed from reality and might engage in unhealthy full time day-dreaming to ignore and avoid the reality [dreaming of good things which would happen through miracle or how the current situation could have been different if certain things had happened]
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