Why to Live a Minimalist Life 67 Tips for Creating Minimalist Lifestyle


In this article you will learn the following

-67 Tips How you can Live a Meaningful Joyous Life through Minimalist-Living

-What is minimalist-living

-What is not minimalist-living

- My definition of minimalist living - as per the way of living-life I have adopted since last few years

-14 collections of things that you can donate/give to create joy for others

Why to live a Minimalist Life

Minimalist living is - living in a way which gives you sustainable joy, happiness, freedom, satisfaction, mental and emotional fulfillment - in a true sense.

Minimalist living is not living like a pauper and in extreme wanting or sacrificing or compromising-with your comforts, joys, fun, happiness, growth and pleasures and values.

Minimalist-living is about having the ability to afford YET not indulge in wastages of show-offs.

Minimalist-living is living your life to the fullest.

To have a minimalist life - you need to consciously identify and focus on all those things [people, principal, dreams etc.] -you value and then removing all which distracts and obstructs.

Still the minimalist living is not for everyone - especially those people who have a compulsion to own things or to have more and more power/ fame/wealth - but that needs different remedies.

In this fast CHANGING disruptive and CHAOTIC world - many of people are feeling the urge to live meaningfully — the yearning to have less, to spend less, to do less, to need less - and living a life of freedom.

I have written this article - to create awareness how minimalist living - can actually make realize the importance real-happiness, real-wealth, real-health, real-bliss and maybe real-power.

My definition of minimalist living

[as per the way of living-life I have adopted since last few years]

There was a time - when having a big car, branded clothes, travelling business or first class, staying in high end star-hotels and owning latest gadgets used to excite and motivate me.

Now a days the less materialistic possessions I have - more freer I feel.

I do maintain a certain basic personal standards of living life of comfort, cleanliness, hygiene and order - no compromise there.

I avoid travelling in no-frill airlines [which only those who have experienced would agree that they are not at all cheap but in fact works out costlier than full-comfort airlines - minus the quality of service, facilities and comfort] - although if need be I can travel by crowded public bus standing.

If I am not going to use it regularly - I won't feel inclined to buy something to have trophies that just sit there - I have almost given-upon wasteful purchases and useless acquisitions.

I have not bought clothes for long time because I still have many new ones which I am yet to wear, neither I bought car after mine was got stolen few years back - I use cab services whenever needed.

Right now I have an opportunity to extend my flat to make it considerably larger - because the people are expanding - BUT I do not see the need to go for these expenses which will not have any value addition at all.

When we were 6 of us in my family living together - we were staying in very small place YET both my daughter and niece have done very well in their studies as well as in their profession - now they have moved out as per their profession's demand.

If you ask me - am I missing something living like this - YES - I am missing only having the company of daughter, my nieces, my sisters.

Having power, recognition and fame does not seem that exciting and compelling now a days- earlier I would have given anything to get it.

Real happiness now a days - happens from seeing accomplishments, success and happiness of others - more so if my loved ones do something that makes me proud - ALSO - when I am able to make real positive meaningful difference to someone.

It also makes me feel come alive - when I take some initiatives which has the potential to make world a happier, healthier and blissful place.

Looking back - I feel - that I should have priority to spending time more with my family instead of being so busy in my professional work.

I write blogs which can be of immense use to many people - but as I could not learn the insider's-trick of how to make them viral through internet, social and digital media - they are read by very-very small number of people - YET I am happy to be writing them for my own pleasure.

7 Benefits of minimalist living

  • 1.You may have more money in hand to spend - when you stop buying things that you rarely use and that too because you have it
  • 2.You can experience the real quality-living - because you are doing what you love most
  • 3.You will feel more blissful having the closest relationship with your loved ones
  • 4.You will also find that you have become physically more healthy
  • 5.You may enjoy Improved wellbeing
  • 6.Less anxiety and stress
  • 7.You might also contribute towards environment - by creating less waste

67 Tips How you can Live a Meaningful Joyous Life through Minimalist-Living

  • 1.Explore, introspect, sleep-over - to identify why you want to go for minimalist living - your WHYs have to have a very compelling and crystal-clear purpose
  • 2.Have clear standards and benchmarks and values - which you will not compromise
  • 3.Identify the all-powerful purposes - examples -spending more time with your loved ones and family, doing something for humanity, helping others, doing something meaningful, go for your passions that you never could go for earlier
  • 4.Find what essential you are ignoring - then Create space and time and focus for What is the most Important
  • 5.What type of Freedom you need and in which area
  • 6.With whom you will spend your life -What type of people you want in your life - socially, professionally and in friend circle
  • 7.What type of job or work [monetary or non-monetary] - which you can get and which will make you feel great
  • 8.What all possession you need for your comfort and what things are just occupying space and does not have any reason of being in your house and are cluttering unnecessarily
  • 9.BRAINSTORM WHAT NEEDS SIMPLIFYING - Your home, Your schedule, Your spending, Your friends, your profession/work/career, Your relationships, Your financial, Your mental-emotion-physical health
  • 10.Declutter you house [Focus on one room at a time] -Start with the visible areas first - Declutter by keeping only the essentials have only meaningful decorations - ask constantly - Do you use it often - do you need it - what will happen if you don't have this
  • 11.Set up a weekly schedule to Tidy up - your Working-desk, your wardrobe and any place that gets cluttered fast
  • 12.CHOOSE A STARTING POINT - think about your list - go through - What's causing you the most stress or anxiety right now -What area of your life is most out of alignment with your vision-What feels realistic right now, in this season of life
  • 13.Focus on your Hobbies and favorite pass-time
  • 14.What type of surrounding you want to live in
  • 15.How you want to spend your time
  • 16.What you would do in your leisure time
  • 17.What you can do which you always thought of doing BUT somehow you could not get the focus
  • 18.Introspect and find out how can you live a life of abundance with financial, emotional, physical and mental freedom
  • 19.Go through your relationships identify who uplift you and who makes you feel choked
  • 20.Get rid of urge to please, to satisfy and to get approval and validation from others
  • 21.Learn to stop bothering about what others say or think about you - no does
  • 22.Identify what burden of the world you are carrying on your shoulder - what is necessary and what is just stressful
  • 23.When you get the urge to buy something - try to Resist the temptation by finding - what if you don't get it THEN how you would manage
  • 24.Start small -if you are planning to get rid of your possessions - start with those you have not used AND someone can use it - give it as charity
  • 25.Slowly Train yourself to live with less - without sacrificing your basic comfort and security
  • 26.Identify what are your basic needs - what you don't need to buy or have
  • 27.Identify what you are passionate about - also find out how best can you engage in doing that
  • 28.Find people who make you feel joyous
  • 29.Get rid of people who drain you
  • 30.Become a pro-active Practitioner of reuse-recycle-
  • 31.When you buy something go for the best quality - as quality pays all the time
  • 32.Sometime lining minimally would feel tough - find what one thing can change this feeling into a good one - do that
  • 33.You have to UNDERSTAND that - it just does not happen - minimalist living takes many-many trails
  • 34.Create schedule so that you are able to spend more time in nature
  • 35.Minimize the use of gadgets - create days or time when you are not connected with any type of media - social or other
  • 36.Find one habit that is creating bad outcomes - work on that THEN go to next negative one FEEL good when you get rid of a bad one
  • 37.Also create healthy habits of mind and body
  • 38.Spend time with Kids as well as elderly - regularly
  • 39.Start spending more time doing what makes you energized
  • 40.Travel to exotic places - with your loved ones Or alone if you don't have any
  • 41.Travel in good class - if you can afford it
  • 42.Also travel like a backpacker on shoe string-budget - to get the thrills
  • 43.Have only those clothes which you feel most comfortable - choose colors which are make feel good
  • 44.Experiment with life - have fun
  • 45.Don't feel panicked from the fear - Go take action - fail and then get up again
  • 46.Cook meals - indulge time to time in your cravings for feed
  • 47.Ensure that your funds are being managed properly - with clear will - to avoid problems for your loved ones
  • 48.Maintain a handy emergency fund
  • 49.Identify your emotional triggers - learn to manage your emotions in healthy manner
  • 50.Remove stressors from your life
  • 51.Get rid of your EGO - so far it has landed into trouble only
  • 52.Now onwards take responsibility for your life -Stop making excuses and blames
  • 53.Think through and slowly let your guilt, shame, embarrassments, hurt, pain - GO - you did you best at that time. If possible make amends and symbolic atonement or make it up
  • 54.Get rid of the mindset of keeping something that you may use in few years
  • 55.Become a person who can repair many things at home - enjoy doing these chores
  • 56.Transform all your memories on the picture in a digital form - if possible put in your wall - creating a sequence as per the events from where you have photos till now
  • 57.Keep your all documents digitized and the paper-one safe - in the knowledge of your loved ones
  • 58.BRAINSTORM WHAT NEEDS SIMPLIFYING - Your home, Your schedule, Your spending, Your friends, your profession/work/career, Your relationships, Your financial, Your mental-emotion-physical health
  • 59.CHOOSE A STARTING POINT - think about this list - What's causing you the most stress or anxiety right now -What area of your life is most out of alignment with your vision-What feels realistic right now, in this season of life
  • 60.Focus on your Hobbies and favorite pass-time
  • 61.Learn to borrow something that you are going to use once - without going to buy that
  • 62.Create a qualitative time spending schedule and mindset
  • 63.Delegate as much as possible
  • 64.Eat simple and healthy foods
  • 65.Wear comfortable clothes
  • 66.Separate your wishes & wants from your needs
  • 67.14 collections of things that you can donate/give to create joy for others
  • I.All furniture's that you are not using
  • II.All clothes which are in good condition but you don't wear
  • III.All your books that you don't need but others can use
  • IV.All your utensils which you don't need
  • V.All your appliances that you don't need
  • VI.All your unused gifts
  • VII.All your old toys - unless you are going to feel miserable without them
  • VIII.Your bed-linen, pillows, quilts, blankets etc.
  • IX.Personal care items that you don't use anymore
  • X.Unused sewing, knitting and art supplies
  • XI.All your Medicines which are not being used - and which has enough expiry 

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