47 ways how to correct and grow from your mistakes

when-making-mistakes-triggers-great-growth-and-successwhen How to correct and learn from mistakes in life - How making mistakes helps us learn

In this article you will learn - 47 ways How to correct and learn from your mistakes in life

Making mistakes is a normal part of life - nobody can even question this because if you didn't make any mistakes you can never learn anything worthwhile nor you would be able to grow in life bigtime.

What if your mistake is huge and takes you longer to bounce back from and also to change your habits-behavior-mindsets - this is perfectly alright.

All our biggest blunders also triggers massive changes in many aspects of our lives.

Most ideal and most preached approach is to learn from your mistakes and try your best to do better next time around - this is certainly not easy - but if you are able to do it you would acquire very powerful wisdom as well as success-formula.

Have you ever found that you made a big mistake and then vowed that you will never do that again - only to do the exact same thing just a short time later - I have done this many-many times.

Most of the time I can never remember lessons from my mistakes in time [of-course- unless the lessons were too painful and which created permanent mind-map].

And I know that I am not alone in this - as in all likelihood - all of us have repeated some of our mistakes at one time or another.

But making the same mistakes over and over can also be very expensive and have very serious and negative impacts - especially - if it is due to your being careless and being passively-ignorant [that is not trying to learn] and for want of planning, practice and preparations.

Making mistakes is good when you are stretching yourself by taking actions beyond your current capabilities and in the realm of uncertain, unknown and VUCA-BANI environment.

Accepting your mistakes need courage - as you need to deal with your EGO and the more insecure you are - the stronger and more uncontrollable your EGO will be.

47 ways How to correct and learn from your mistakes in life

[for most of the one sentence tip - there are detailed do-it-yourself blog in this as well as in my 2nd website]

  • 1.Never try to go for quick-fixes and short-cuts while correcting your mistakes - as this could be one reason you made those mistakes.
  • 2.Understand that - although you made this mistake - you have the capability to bounce back and recreate your life - irrespective of type of your mistake.
  • 3.Do not start assuming that you can never get it right and stop connecting your self-worth with mistakes.
  • 4.Instead take complete ownership and accountability for your actions, decisions mistakes and their consequences.
  • 5.If you use excuses or blames to lessen the pain of failing or making mistake - understand that - not only you will prolong the process of getting yourself back on track but also that you will end up making even bigger mistake.
  • 6.Understand that it is your life and only your responsibility to find solutions and take actions whenever you are stuck
  • 7.It is always possible - that although you realize that you made a mistake - but are not exactly clear as to what wrongs you committed - seek guidance from people you trust and who have better wisdom.
  • 8.Understand the mistake and treat it like a problem to be solved - identify all the things that you could have done it better plus if given chance what you would do differently
  • 9.Find solutions and start applying these in your everyday life situations
  • 10.If you are overwhelmed and are not able to cope on your own - seek guidance and counseling from experts - for finding a way forward and action steps
  • 11.If you are unable to stop reflecting and overanalyzing and overthinking about your mistake - then take a break to look at this from different angle as - as this mistake might not be the real issue - but another deeper underlying one for which you need to explore the root cause
  • 12.Identify your big-dream and then identify immediate action steps - and then go ahead and take your fist steps with your commitment and agreement that should you make mistake - you will immediately focus on correcting and improvising - start looking at mistakes as opportunities to improve and grow
  • 13.Acknowledge your errors, your fears, your anxieties, your carelessness and casual approach - if there was any - which caused the mistake to be made
  • 14.Ask yourself tough questions - to identify - what went wrong- what you can do better next time - what you could have done but did not do - how can you avoid making similar or same mistake again
  • 15.Create a plan using the MECE principal - divide the plan into yearly, monthly and daily goals - create a robust tracking and monitoring plan
  • 16.Good leaders know that the bigger mistake is trying to cover-up or ignore their mistakes - understand that problems have a way of becoming transparent and visible - that is they can very rarely be hidden
  • 17.Be transparent about problems and mistakes- be the first to acknowledge your mistake- don't minimize the damage or seriousness - own the problem - even if you didn't cause it- offer ways to fix the problem-ask for feedback- learn from your mistakes- put safeguards in place-move beyond your mistakes
  • 18.Create a list of reasons - why you cannot affordto repeat this mistake again
  • 19.Write down all the ways you can maintain your self-disciplined to stay on track especially when passing through toughest phases
  • 20.Develop assertiveness and confidence to ask for clarifications and help - in case you are confused as to whattactic or tool will be the most effective in preventing further mistakes
  • 21.Find a practical way to make up for the mistake - when this can be done - as there are rare cases - when nothing you can do to make up for what has already been done
  • 22.Life mistakes you need to correct before it is too late
  • 23.Avoid career regrets by exploring and identifying what you really want to do with your work life and find a way to get it done
  • 24.Creating a plan to become financially independent - by investing, saving and stopping wasting money on show-off or for ego-satisfaction
  • 25.Limit your time wastage by avoiding watching news-channels and soap-operas and on and on social media
  • 26.Nurture and make up all the most important relationships
  • 27.Start a learning plan - by identifying and joining courses which can make you job-proof and recession-proof
  • 28.Spend quality time with your loved ones and adding positive value which they will cherish
  • 29.Get into healthy eating, sleeping and exercise habits
  • 30.Volunteer opportunities to benefit others around you and also to bring so much to your life
  • 31.Learn how to calm yourself down and practice relaxation techniques every day
  • 32.Focus on self-care - learn to relax and have fun
  • 33.Travel - when you are financially and physically able
  • 34.Stop trying to please others at the cost of yourself and your loved ones [irrespective of your reasons like out of obligation to feel better about yourself or to avoid abandonment] - instead find ways to love and please yourself then you will be able to give genuine care to others
  • 35.Simplify your life - get rid of physical, mental and emotional clutters
  • 36.Start facing the realities in your life - accept what is broken and dysfunctional candidly
  • 37.Begin to take responsibility for all of your actions, decisions and choices as well as their consequences
  • 38.Prioritize you're the role of relationships in your life - then nurture, cultivate and care for all the relationships you value
  • 39.Learn to let go of regrets, shames and feeling guilty
  • 40.Stop overthinking over-analyzing
  • 41.Learn to manage your anger and stress
  • 42.Give yourself time to grow and to know yourself
  • 43.Learn the art of making mistakes by growing through learning
  • 44.Maintain a learning and growth mindset - treat mistakes as learning opportunities - create better choices by experimenting
  • 45.Get over your fear of making errors and failing - acknowledge that the fear is real
  • 46.Make-up and applying the learning from your mistake in your everyday life
  • 47.Make a plan- think of past mistakes and solutions - identify how you dealt with each mistake - think of as many possible ways to fix the mistake -create a pros and cons list for each possible solution - decide on a course of action and do it - formulate a back-up plan
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