36 tips turn your pain into inspiration and massive growth

the-relationship-of-pain-suffering-struggle-and-successall Why pain is essential for success - the relationship between Pain, suffering, struggle and success

In this article you will learn - 36 tips on How to choose pain to help you grow the best that you can be

Only by going much beyond your fears, your limitations, your handicaps, your comfort zones - you can create incredible and extraordinary accomplishments.

Your Success is Proportional to the Amount of Pain, struggle, sufferings, hardships, changes and failures - You Can endure and the learnings you apply - The Extent of your Struggle Determines the Extent of your Growth.

Broadening your horizons happens when you face the consequences of your own wrong/bad decisions actions and choices AND move forward beyond your failures, regrets, shames and embarrassments as well as bounce back from breakups in few relationships.

These struggles, sufferings and pains - of finding - answers and solutions in the realm of uncertain and unknown - makes you resilient, compassionate, creative, a better problem solver and it develops the courage within yourself for facing facts and reality.

Wisdom almost always comes from all your meaningful struggles, the pain of your sufferings, the hardships and setbacks, glaring failures and most blatant mistakes.

Through these experiences of trials, errors, and mistakes - your vision gets illuminated, your ambition becomes clearer, you gain inspirations and grow to achieve success.

You can only develop empathy, understanding and deep awareness of the suffering of others [which is a great leadership trait]- by experiencing the struggle and the suffering yourself.

Pains, Struggles and suffering also enables the abilities to manage your future-wise BANI [brittle-anxious-non-linear-incomprehensible] and your current VUCA space [volatile-uncertain-complex-ambiguous] - more effectively.

New creation is not possible without breaking the older ways - be it your mindset, your attitude, your perception or the global established ways of success - any change is a process of pain.

By creating correct changes in your behaviors, habits and mindset - you are able to create metamorphosis and disruptive changes - which benefits the large masses.

Pain is what is going to turn you into a champion - ask any great athlete - only if you let it drive you towards greatness - but if you focus on avoiding the pains of growth - you may remain stunted.

Running away from or pretending it is all rosy can't help anyone - feeling the pain and then taking actions to mitigate is the only healthy option for exponential growth.

Suffering can help you strengthen your willpower and also help you get out of victim mindset of Why does this sh*t always happen to me only - by realizing that everyone struggles and suffers.

All of us need to accept and understand - that not everything is going to be great all the time for you - as there are tragedies, setbacks, and challenges that happen in life that can stun even the strongest of us.

Life can be hard and sometimes even downright overwhelming - for many of us.

All of us have the ability to turn our pain into power.

When we recognize that whatever is making us uncomfortable could be the biggest opportunity for growth - we empower ourselves with best mindset and attitude.

You need to be willing to let go and learning to release your negative emotions - because keeping them bottled up will eventually lead to very serious consequences.

36 tips on How to choose pain to help you grow the best that you can be

  • 1.Start developing the mindset of a Champion [Champions are not the ones who always win — but those who don't give-up on themselves and who keep trying harder the next time and even harder the next time.
  • 2.Choose to Confront you fears by taking actions in the area of unknown and uncertain - taking a small simple step in that direction is good start
  • 3.Find all those things that scares you the most - then identify which fear needs to be dealt with in order for you to grow exponentially - then just go and do it
  • 4.Choose to do the work that most people avoid - but doing which can put you ahead of the race
  • 5.Create a disciplined state of mind and train yourself to continuously improve and grow - by taking actions towards your dreams
  • 6.Ensure that you are always aware of the pain of doing nothing - which is always lessor than doing and making mistake and failing
  • 7.Takes actions based on how they will help you move forward towards your dreams - and not because you want to impress others or for boosting your ego
  • 8.Understand when you dream big - you will not have the required capabilities - you need to painstakingly commit to develop them
  • 9.Start taking greater responsibilities and risks to increase your power and influence
  • 10.Stop succumbing to how others perceive you - instead start working on and trust your own capabilities - because if you live as per other's expectations - you will end up feeling empty and miss great opportunities
  • 11.Start Doing What People Say You Cannot Do - not because you want to prove anything - but only for the reason that it will propel your towards your dreams faster
  • 12.Understand that only your taking action gets results - otherwise it is just an illusion - and that when you become an action person it may not be always comfortable - as If you want a fulfilling life, show the world what you can give and If you want to improve, take the first step no matter how small it is
  • 13.Be aware of your detrimental habits - work on them and replace them with healthy habits
  • 14.Stop giving excuses and blaming to validate your inactions or failures - take ownership and accountability for your quality of life
  • 15.Learn how to crash - like the people who practice the martial arts - as informed failures to minimizes loss
  • 16.If you want to be happy, - explore the world - have a great family and do what makes you come alive
  • 17.Understand that to have luxuries and riches that very few have - you also need to pay the costs - which is your willingness to endure pain and sacrifice to make it happen
  • 18.If you want what one else has - you must do what no one else does - If it were easy, everyone else would be doing it - Keep going when everyone else wants to quit
  • 19.Understand that all meaningful struggles and sufferings are needed for you to be prepared for something bigger than you are doing right now
  • 20.Start Living day to day - Concentrate on the things that matter the most to this day - And if you mess up remember tomorrow will bring a new beginning - Let go when you should
  • 21.Don't absorb other's negative emotions -Avoid getting caught in other people's bad moments
  • 22.Be consistent enough - Clarify your priorities - stop chasing the wrong things
  • 23.Avoid instant gratification instead go for sustainable growth and progress
  • 24.When you do something and it didn't work out- improve your strategy and try again until you succeed
  • 25.Taking responsibility for a tough decision when being wrong could have unpleasant consequences
  • 26.Upgrade your skills and knowledge on every day basis
  • 27.Stop majoring in minor things - be intentional about every moment of every day - understand that as per this great saying -Your input determines your outlook. - Your outlook determines your output - and your output determines your future
  • 28.Create Balance - choose whom you spend your time with - choose your standards and values - stop tolerating the mediocre - choose excellence
  • 29.Focus on those things that produce the best outcomes - ignore all else - invest more and more into your self-improvement
  • 30.Get yourself mentored to upgrade your mindset, your skills, your abilities, your growth and income
  • 31.Ask questions to challenge as well as to expose ignorance and also to help others with the same concern
  • 32.Learn to Admit that someone else is better capable than you to lead - in certain specific situation
  • 33.Acknowledge being wrong and honestly accept your mistake
  • 34.Give-up the safe option - change your opinion for a better one
  • 35.Be yourself - even if that may mean coming out as an eccentric person - Follow your values
  • 36.Start collaborating with brilliant people - to make your higher calling- happen 

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