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105 As an extremely shy person Link
106 What do you wish you know about love? Link
107 " It is said: ""You must do the thing which you think you cannot do"". Do you agree?" Link
108 What is the solution to sudden mood swings? Link
109 How can I stop comparing my life with others? Link
110 What should a 17-year-old focus on? Link
111 What were some shackles of your situation you broke yourself out of Link
112 Which is that one social issue you feel the most driven towards working on Link
113 Which habit did you do for a year (every day without missing)? How did it feel to maintain such a long streak? Link
114 What is the root cause of jealousy? Link
115 What is something you couldn't stand as a teenager Link
116 Could you explain the difference between the real meaning of love and what society has made us believe? Link
117 What insecurities about yourself have always driven you to do better in life? Link
118 Why do Indian have a negative attitude towards online dating? Link
119 What do you enjoy most about your job as a CEO? Link
120 How do you secure an idea while working with venture Builder/Startup factory? Link