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81 " Is it not possible to do anything without expecting about ""What is in it for me""?" Link
82 Which sentence can change a procrastinator's life? Link
83 How do I maintain strict discipline each and every day for the rest of my life? Link
84 Can we live a day without talking to the person we love? Link
85 " How should ""When you walk in a room" Link
86 How should a girl develop a sense of good grooming as she is going to join TCS Link
87 What mistakes killed your business? Link
88 What are the most common mistakes made by small to medium business owners? Link
89 What are the most common mistakes first time entrepreneurs make? Link
90 I'm 21 years old. I want to start a new business. I have INR 1 lakh rupees. What suggestions do you have to start an innovative business? Link
91 Which situations make you feel like you are going in circles? Link
92 Why does everybody see problem with our society? Link
93 Have you ever felt yourself as aggressive? Link
94 Do you usually think of ways to improve things or you just take things for what they are? Link
95 How do I keep myself motivated while others are enjoying and forcing me to do the same? Link
96 What percentage of your workday do you spend for learning? Link
97 Why can’t I lead a normal life as other people do? Link
98 How can I change my life within two weeks? Link
99 Did your laziness ever help you achieve something good in your life? Link
100 What is the definition of a cool person? Link