Success Unlimited Mantra Profile

Success Unlimited Mantra Business Profile

Our Pro-Bono Endeavor

Free Online Counseling & Free Online Business Mentoring for Start-Ups

Our Business Arm

Helping Organizations & Individuals Get Breakthrough Results Thru Overcoming Challenges + By Increasing The Probability Of Success Exponentially And Minimizing Avoidable Failures, Mistakes + Effective Implementation Of Strategic Plans.

Delivering Guaranteed-Results [Pre-Agreed]* Helping Businesses, Professionals, Schools, Couples, Housewives, Teachers, Parents, Individuals.

Customized Solutions To Business/Industry/Market/Product/Customer /Employee Challenges

We Have Successfully Mentored & Delivered Pre-Identified Defined Results In Companies From 1 Million USD To 500 Million USD In Both India As Well As Abroad.

The Distinctive Edge

[Points 1-8 to Emphasize Business/Industry Mentor + Top Leadership Coach + Hands-on Implementer + Counselor + Soft Skill Trainer in a Span of 17 Years] + Point 9 to Highlight Corporate Senior Leadership Exposure in Few Countries of around 10+ Years

  1. Havehelped Create Leadershipin the Process/Technology/Market/Customer/Product/Thought /Services/People [in my last large Project While Working with 2 Different Owners in 3 Different Countries with Turn-Over of USD 125 & 200 Million Dollars respectively]
  2. Created & Implemented World Class Policies/SOPs / Systems & Processes/Incorporation of Global Best Practices in the Administration [ in the Ares of Office Management/Security/Medical-Clinic/ Housekeeping/Facilities HRProduction + Quality etc for a Garment Manufacturing unit of 4000 employees in Jordan
  3. Setting Up of Complete HR Function [except payroll and analytics] PMS/Talent Management [Talent Attraction + Talent Acquisition+ Talent Retention] + /Learning & Development [Setting up of a In-house Training-Center]/ Recruitment/ Reward & Recognition/Employee 
  4. Have Handled Almost All Types of Soft Skills Training from Workers to Top Leadership including 
  5. Started a Govt. Recognized Hotel Management Diploma in Singapore
  6. Brought-Down the Villagers Unrest in Two Big Units/Locations of a Indian Steel Giant
  7. Inculcation of Core Values to around 20,000+ Peoples in 9 Locations Highhandedly
  8. Creating a Coaching & Mentoring Culture
  9. Few milestones during my Corporate Tenure as Senior Executive
    1. EstablishedRaymond by Opening and Managing Raymond Exclusive Chains + Created Institutional Demand in the Middle-East Market which was Only European Brand Conscious
    2. Recaptured 30% market Share in 2 Years after 3 Complete-Product-Batches Failuresfor Jonson Controls Automotive Battery Manufacturing
    3. Collected Old-outstanding 98% of Bad Debt in Oman for General Motors

We will be Your

  1. Implementation Arm
  2. Demolishing Collaborators to Help You Break Outdated Processes, Practices, Systems, Procedures and Policies
  3. Your Sounding-Board - By Listening and if You Wish challenging
  4. Helping You Generate Disruptive Ideas
  5. Help You Experiment The Best Option
  6. Being Your Metamorphosis Ally to Help You Identify The Future Trends 
  7. Help You Develop Capabilities to Be Disruption-Ready
  8. We are Your Change-Catalyst to Help You Implement Big-Changes in Small Sustainable Bytes
  9. Your Up-Scaling Resource through Help You Discover the Organization's Inherent Resources 
  10. Being Your Objective Adviser by Helping Look at Challenges and Solutions From Client and Employees and Future Prospective