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Stuck in Your Established Business / Start-Up Avail Globally Acclaimed Expertise

Stagnating ? in Business/Profession/Career-Overcome Specific Challenges - Customized Solutions - Get Breakthrough Results

- Increase the Probability of Your Success Exponentially by Minimizing Avoidable Failures & Mistakes AND Implementing Effectively.

Delivering Guaranteed-Results[Pre-Agreed]* Helping Businesses, Professionals, Schools, Couples, Housewives, Teachers, Parents, Individuals Overcome Their Challenges To SucceeD.

Claim Your Coaching/Mentoring/Counseling Gift-Session

Professionals, Business-Owners, SMEs/SMBs, Housewives, Couples - Claim your GIFT- Session [of either Professional-Business Mentoring/Coaching or Personal-Relationship Counseling] - Absolutely no strings attached.

If you are caught in the quagmire of life - in job-career, business-startup, relationships, stress, negativities, marital and break-up issues AND want to bounce-back.

AND you realize that – you need to do something different – BUT – the ideas, the directions, the options and the possibilities eludes you OR then ones those you get are not working.

Then go through a focused, intense and absolutely CANDID conversation for 45-60 minutes – for radically simple, different, practical yet disruptive perspectives – through a pre-scheduled video-conversation - on any of video-conferencing platforms.

I am sure - that you must have tried – all that you could think of – AND some of you would have succeed in your few attempts – also many of you did not get the results you were hoping for.

This session cannot be stand-alone – before this gift-session - you need to successfully complete couple of pre-works – your session won’t happen without completion of the assignments given.

Challenges definitely could be insurmountable in many of your cases and situations and circumstances.

AND I certainly can’t even suggest that I have all the solutions for all your challenges – simply because I have failed miserably in the larger than life goals that I have attempted AND also succeed in the realm of unknown and uncertainty and disruptions.

But what I will do is to help stimulate - actionable ideas, approaches and alternative directions – which could be radically different, disruptive YET can get us the outcomes we are looking for.

The focus of our this sessions as well as all future sessions would ONLY be on finding solutions, future-action-steps, improvements and improvisation – should you decide to continue further.

If you choose not to continue the sessions – You will still get some inputs – which you can use to create the blue-print for success.

Continuation of the next sessions depends on ONE NON-NEGOTIABLE elements – that is – you have to come-back to me AFTER you have already actioned WHAT we decided in the previous session – this is irrespective of outcomes that your actions produce.

Because we will have to keep on fine-tuning and improvising - till we find our unique solutions and formulas for the current obvious as well as unidentified predicaments.

What We Do

Business Turn-Around Solutions, Start-up Mentoring, Top Leadership Coaching, Cultural Transformation, Organizational Development, Business Up-Scaling, Real -Time Solutions for Business Challenges, Soft & Hard Skills Training, Human Resources Redefining, Customer Engagement, Brand-Enhancement.

Helping Businesses, Start-ups, Professionals, Schools, Couples, Housewives, Teachers, Parents, Individuals Overcome Their Individual Respective Challenges To Succeed.

Pro-Bono - Free Online Counseling & Free Online Business Mentoring for Start-ups – through our site and and through BYST of CII [Confederation of Indian Industries]

Customized Solutions to Business/Industry/Market/Product/Customer/Employee Challenges

"We Guarantee The Pre-Defined & Pre-Agreed Results"

WE have successfully mentored & DELIVERED PRE-IDENTIFIED DEFINED RESULTS IN companies from 1 Million USD Turn Over to 500 Million USD in both India as well as Abroad.

Tools used for Business Results - Results Focused Disruptive Thinking Based Business Solutions FOR ALL Entrepreneurs/Businesses - Both Start-Ups & Established Businesses using

  1. Business Mentoring
  2. Hand-holding
  3. Top Leadership Coaching
  4. Culture Transformation
  5. Organizational Turn-Around Solutions
  6. Online Counseling
  7. Helping Organizations Implement Action Plan
  8. Employee Couples Workshops to add value to the Organizations
  9. Soft & Hard Skill Training

Professional Profile of Subhashis Banerji

Subhashis Possess Rich and Diversified Global Senior Management Corporate Exposure [in TVS-Suzuki, GM, JC, Raymond] PLUS

Multifaceted Global Business Mentoring Experience [Consulting + Coaching + Counseling + Start-Up Hand-Holding + Training] across wide spectrum of Industries & Businesses.

Unparalleled Value-Addition-USP that Subhashis Bring to The Table - Designing and Implementation of Results Based Interventions

  1. Business Upscaling Strategies
  2. Turn-Around Solutions
  3. Market/Brand Rejuvenation + Customer Service Upliftment
  4. Penetrating Alternative/Tough Markets
  5. Complete Human Resources Reengineering
  6. Sustainable Culture and Change Initiatives

Major Achievements

  1. Taking an MNC from US$ 150 Million to US$ 225 Million by setting up 2 additional manufacturing plants - in 2 years
  2. Introducing the Culture of Lean Manufacturing & 6 Sigma in Garment manufacturing in an almost illiterate workforce
  3. Reduced Employee turnover from 60%+ to 20%+ in one year
  4. Brought down almost completely, the villager’s unrest for a Steel & Mining Major in 18 months
  5. Helped an FMCG major launch counter offensive against a powerful new entrant successfully
  6. Handled front-line on-job coaching for Indian Railways/FMCG Giant/Raymond
  7. Setting up of Policies/Processes/Bench-Marking/Performance Management Systems/ Evaluation Systems in the functions of HR/Production/ Quality/ Manufacturing / Recruitment etc, for company mentioned in point 1.
  8. Started from Scratch & Managed one Singapore Government Recognized Hotel Management Diploma School
  9. Conducted Attitudinal Changes, Personality Development, Breaking Bad habits, Creating Powerful Habits, Re-Programming Mind-Maps etc etc types of program for Students, Housewives, Teachers, Corporate Executives & Individuals by exposing them to The Most effective tools like NLP and many others - to retain these changes
  10. Done few Hardcore Negotiation Skills + Selling Skills workshop for people at senior level as well as people who only negotiate and sell
  11. Done Outbound/Adventurous/Team Building Training for more than 30,000 participants
  12. Done Leadership Training for more than 20K people in over 45+ organizations and in 10+ countries
  13. Done Training for Bankers from Branch Managers to AGM/GM for many banks covering around 1,000+ people in selling skills
  14. For one MNC in a marathon recruitment drive recruited around 200 middle- senior management cadre and around 600+ supervisor. From 5 countries in a period of 6 months.
  15. Established Raymond's out of India presence by Opening Retail Outlets, recruiting, training and Hand-Holding Sales of Raymond in Middle-East
  16. Designed & delivered skills program under Singapore's skills development program, considered one of the best and India is following that in its skill development design
  17. Trained more than 1500 front-line/direct customer selling people in diverse business and industries, such as, garments/medical equipment/automobile/ services sector/banks etc
  18. Conducted larger interventions for Service-excellence and Customer-Engagement programs also vendor management/vendor classification/vendor sourcing interventions
  19. Covered 75000+ Individuals in around 48+ organizations in more than 10 countries.

Designed & Conducted Development Centers/Assessment Centers/ADCs/360 Degree Feedback Centers for few very large organizations.

Done Job-evaluation, competencies identification for various job roles

Handled interventions for Workers to Top Management ranging from Conference Room to Outbound, 2Hours to 6Days to 18 Months, Students to Teachers to Housewives, Parents to Couples, Hard Skills to Soft Skills to Completely Experiential, Just for Fun to Creating Real Sustainable Change to Meditation

Was part of implementation in many Global Top Business Consultant’s & Big 4’s large projects.

Certified as NLP Professional(certified by probably the best Guru in the World Dr. Dick Mchugh) & on Leadership through Schuitema (South Africa), attended Art of Living, OSHO, Appreciative Enquiry (by Dr. Roland Sullivan) & Landmark Forum, ISABS [Dr. Udai Parekh] etc.

Other Certificates in DISC/SPIN Selling/” Adventures in Attitude” along with Administering all these tools, along with Thomas Profile, Enneagram, MBTI, FIRO-B, Belbin etc to large number of people

Trained for counseling by Sanjivini, one of the most respected social cause organization of Asia, helping domestically abused women.

Academically a Post-Graduate in Mathematics

Few Past Clients

Indian Oil, Dabur ,Tech Mahindra, IBG, Alstom, NTT Singapore, Oracle Singapore, TCS, Singapore Police Force, SCDF Singapore, ICA Singapore, Nestle, Nicholas Piramal, ICI, GM, VST, Johnson Matthey, Balco, J.K.Tyres, Oil India, Railway, NTPC, NHPC, BSES, NAB, Hero Honda, Jindal Steel & Power, Metro Tyre, GTC, Punjab National Bank, Asian Paints, Rico Auto, State Bank of Patiala , Perot Systems, Hewitt, Airtel, Hindalco, Tata Telecommunications, Maruti Suzuki, Dainik Bhaskar ,SBBJ, Mahindra & Mahindra, JCB, Escorts, Jay Bharat Maruti, Jindal Power Limited etc.

Capabilities Bouquet – A Snap-Shot of Sample List

Delivering Results – through Training/Mentoring/ Coaching/Strategizing/ Hand-holding/Consulting

Conducting Workshops [from discovering CLIENTS EXPECTATIONS /TRAINING NEED ANALYSES TO DESIGNING AND DELIVERING] in the following areas for the Business Owners/The Employees/ Other stake holders [sample list] =>

  1. Overcoming Entrepreneurship challenges
  2. Hard core Selling Skills
  3. Marketing strategies
  4. Negotiation skills
  5. Leadership
  6. Creating Selling Presentations
  7. Creativity & Problem solving
  8. Identifying, understanding & Adapting to change in the Business, Market, Technology & Consumer
  9. Networking for expanding business outreach
  10. Various basic soft-skills
  11. Creating a learning organization & importance of continuous leaning & improvement in survival
  12. Cost optimization
  13. Breaking into new markets
  14. Increasing sales in existing market
  15. Increasing the production efficiency
  16. Capability Building
  17. Talent attraction, talent recruitment & talent retention
  18. Creating strategies to beat the competitor
  19. Crating Culture of innovation
  20. Implementing the customized concepts & culture of Lean, 6 Sigma etc
  21. Customer Engagement

Further Value-Addition Areas in Functional Leadership Domain

  1. Marketing
    1. Finding your niche
    2. Creating your positioning in the market place
    3. Identifying the different marketing channels
    4. Identifying the right guerrilla marketing strategies for your own SME, as per your position
    5. Selling strategies
    6. Getting new customers
    7. Retaining your customers
  2. Branding
    1. Creating the uniform message using all the marketing tools and channels
    2. Spreading your message effectively
    3. Engaging your customers pro-actively
    4. Creating and sustaining the right branding strategies
    5. Using the power of digital technologies and channels
  3. Cost optimization
    1. Identifying the wastages
    2. Identifying the areas that needs to be invested in for creating a sustainable future
    3. Using the principal of Len Manufacturing and 6 Sigma to enhance your productivity and boosting your top and bottom line
  4. SME culture transformation
    1. Creating a culture of meritocracy
    2. Creating a culture of innovation
    3. Creating a culture of making yourself obsolete
    4. Building a learning organization
  5. Hiring the right talent
    1. Attracting talent
    2. Retaining best talent
    3. Organization capability building
    4. Engaging employees
    5. Making employees your major stake holder for mutual growth
  6. Creating leadership
    1. Building service excellence
    2. Building product excellence
    3. Building process excellence
    4. Creating leadership to drive leadership at every level, for a self-propelling organization
    5. Identifying and building future
    6. SME owner’s leadership essentials
  7. Creating excellence & niche leadership
    1. Process Excellence
    2. Manufacturing Excellence
    3. Organization Capability Building
    4. Customer Service Excellence
    5. Product Quality Excellence
    6. Brand building & Brand Leadership