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Guaranteed-Results* Helping Businesses, Professionals, Schools, Couples, Housewives, Teachers, Parents, Individuals Overcome Their Challenges To SucceeD.

Increase the Probability of Your Success Exponentially by Minimizing Avoidable Failures & Mistakes.


A. Pro-Bono

Free Online Counseling & Free Online Business Mentoring for Start-ups – through our site https://www.successunlimited-mantra.com/  and https://www.micromentor.org/  and through http://www.bystonline.org/byst/

B. Paid Business Mentoring

Results Focused Disruptive Thinking Based Business Solutions FOR ALL Entrepreneurs/Businesses - Both Start-Ups & Established Businesses

1. Business Mentoring

2. Start-up Hand-holding

3. Top Leadership Coaching

4. Culture Transformation

5. Organizational Turn-Around Solutions

6. Online Counseling

7. School Certification Programs

8. Couples & Teachers Workshops

9. Soft & Hard Skill Training

With your talented & exceptional teams you definitely create amazing solutions for Yourself & Your clients – BUT – does the implementation/execution of these solutions at shop floor equally dazzling and goes smoothly.

I am Your Implementation-cum-Execution-cum-Demolition Man

You must have experienced & seen that more than 80%+ Organizations fails in Executing Their Strategy - Even though they might have all of the following


  1. A fantastic Business Model
  2. A brilliant strategy
  3. Blockbuster product/service 
  4. Breakthrough technology
  5. A great team
  6. An existing market
  7. A fantastic business consultant, whose solutions are great

Some of the causes could be

  1. The business consultants solution is great but no synchrony & interface with the client organization
  2. There are markets but customers are not engaged
  3. Great team but no buy-in from a critical mass
  4. Focus on future strategies makes them neglect their revenue earning “business as usual”
  5. Organizational Leadership issues
  6. Not having a Third Party Strategy Mentor & Implementation Partner

In addition to above Why Organizations may fail to accomplish, which they have the capabilities for, may be few of the following

  1. Failure of Tactics
  2. Failure of Strategy
  3. Failure of Vision & Unclear Vision
  4. They may have a deadlinebut not a starting date
  5. They do not have MECE action plan [Mutually exclusive & Collectively Exhaustive] which covers all parts of the whole
  6. They lose momentum start with lots of enthusiasm, but lose steam on the way
  7. They do not follow-up on the implementation part because of multiple focus
  8. They fail to improvise, when plans do not work as per earlier

WE have successfully mentored & DELIVERED PRE-IDENTIFIED DEFINED RESULTS IN companies from 1 Million USD Turn Over to 500 Million USD in both India as well as Abroad.

Major Achievements

1. Taking an MNC from US$ 150 Million to US$ 225 Million by setting up 2 additional manufacturing plants - in 2 years

2. Introducing the Culture of Lean Manufacturing & 6 Sigma in Garment manufacturing

3. Recruited around 1,000 executives from entry level to top management within 6 months from 5 countries

4. Reduced Employee turnover from 60%+ to 20%+ in one year

5. Almost brought down the villagers unrest fir a Steel & Mining Major in 18 months

6. Helped an FMCG major launch counter offensive against a powerful new entrant successfully

7. In one of my milestone Consultancy Project I have had the privilege of doing the following [in course of taking a company from 150 Million USD to 250 Million USD through handling complete setting up of 2 New Units handling all aspects of HR/Production/ Quality/Manufacturing.

8. In One of our Prestigious Project as far as HR is concerned We handled the following areas

I. Recruitment the Top to Workers Level from Interviewing in 6 Countries

II. Training Center Set-up

III. Implementation of Lean Manufacturing Systems

IV. Complete Total Quality Management System

V. Complete Total Preventive Maintenance

VI. Executive Coaching for Entire Top Leadership

VII. Setting up of Performance Management System

VIII. Setting up of Appraisal system IX. R & R X. Employee Engagement Process

XI. Complete Quality Processes

XII. Skill Up-gradation

XIII. Salary Evaluation & Correction

XIV. Grievance Prevention

XV. Setting up of performance linked career path

Few Clients

• Covered 75000+ individuals in around 42+ organizations in 10+ Countries •

Tech Mahindra, IBG, Alsthom, NTT Singapore, Oracle Singapore, TCS, Singapore Police Force, SCDF Singapore, ICA Singapore, Mahendra Satyam, Dabur , Nicholas Piramal, ICI, GM, VST, Johnson Matthey, Balco, J.K.Tyres, Oil India, Railway, NTPC, NHPC, BSES, NAB, Hero Honda, Jindal Steel & Power, Metro Tyre, GTC, Punjab National Bank, Asian Paints, Rico Auto, Nestle, State Bank of Patiala , Perot Systems, Hewitt, Airtel, Hindalco, Tata Telecommunications, Maruti Udyog etc

Our Value Addition Focus-Areas

1. Complete Business Turn-Around Hand-holding


3. Executive Coaching

4. Start-ups & Established Business Mentoring

5. Creating Process Leadership & Excellence

6. Creating Thought Leadership & Excellence

7. Creating Manufacturing Leadership & Excellence

8. Capability Building Thru Creating People Leadership & Excellence

9. Creating Service Leadership & Excellence

10. Creating Product Leadership & Excellence

11. Creating Business Leadership & Excellence

12. Creating Social Leadership & Excellence

13. Creating Quality Leadership & Excellence

14. Creating Customer Leadership & Excellence

15. Creating Brand Leadership & Excellence

16. Creating Operational Leadership & Excellence

17. Creating Marketing Leadership & Excellence

18. Creating CULTURE TRANSFORMATION - like Lean Manufacturing Thinking /6 Sigma Way/Learning organization



21. Talent attraction, talent recruitment & talent retention

We do this working at the site with the Top/Major Stakeholder



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